Constructing an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Disasters are scary to even think about, let alone happen for real. Perhaps a malfunctioning flash drive with some unimportant data won’t exactly ruin your day, but the crash of an enormous database containing information about hundreds of clients is a positive nightmare. Preventing such dreadful scenarios is always the best strategy, but what happens … Read more

How To Use Purdue VPN [ & Why]

The virtual private network (VPN) technology allows users to join a private network from an existing public network. In its functioning, the Purdue VPN creates a secure tunnel between the Purdue University resources and your off-campus computer or mobile device.  By so doing, it will allow you to access university resources and services that have … Read more

AdBlocker Ultimate Review | Best Ad Blocker App?

AdBlocker Ultimate Review

When browsing the internet, you are likely to encounter numerous ads popping up in your digital space. If you don’t block them, these unnecessary ads will keep interrupting your online experience. Sometimes, they may occur due to malware or unwanted software on your device. However, you can fix this problem with AdBlocker Ultimate. This guide … Read more

What is IT Problem Management?

In the IT landscape, professionals are increasingly taking on more robust and complex jobs to look after their business operations. As the world grows increasingly innovative and digital, tasks like IT problem management are becoming more common. However, there are still plenty of business leaders that don’t understand what this phrase actually means.  For those … Read more

5 Ways POS Software Will Help Your Business

In this article, we will cover the 5 ways pos software will help your business.  POS Software is otherwise known as Point of Sale software is a hub where everything about business merges together. These business operations like sales, inventory and customer management. Have a central hub for major business-related tasks makes running a business … Read more

Avast Or Bitdefender – What antivirus software is the best option in 2020?

Avast Or Bitdefender – What Is Better For Computer Safety In 2020?

In this full comparison between Bitdefender and Avast , you will see what both antivirus companies offer, and how both programs compare in terms of malware protection, impact on system performance, user interface, costs and more. Do you know that almost half of computer users worldwide have been, or will be, infected by malware? Do … Read more