What Is Big Data Storage? [Everything You Need To Know]

Organizations and companies use big data storage analytics to obtain all kinds of advantage from the metadata and patterns that are hidden within the data. Big data storage is a storage architecture that is engineered specifically to manage, store, and retrieve extremely large datasets or ‘big data.’ Big data storage systems can allow for the … Read more

The Default Gateway Is Not Available In Windows 10: How To Solve This Problem

The Default Gateway Is Not Available In Windows 10: How To Solve This Problem

Almost all of us have Internet at home, and on many occasions, we suffer from errors such as that the default gateway is not available, an unidentified network, or the ethernet cable is not connected in Windows 10. For this reason, we have proposed to propose the maximum amount of useful solutions to solve our connection problems. … Read more

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Pc – Do It In Easy Steps

how to connect bluetooth headphones to pc

How to connect bluetooth headphones to pc is a fairly common question these days. Indeed, almost every latest computer is equipped with a wireless module. At the same time, people often call up with friends, relatives, colleagues, and so on in Skype or other programs. It’s much more convenient to use a wireless headset that … Read more

How To Improve Stream Quality Obs – Optimal Obs Settings For The Stream (Different Power Options)

Hello, dear readers of techpages.net. Today we will consider the initial setup of OBS and discuss how to improve stream quality obs. I will try to tell you as quickly as possible and informatively about important points, choose the optimal settings for different computers for each encoder: NVENC, x264, Quick Sync, and AVC Encoder for … Read more