Choosing the Right Smartwatch

There are plenty of smartwatches available, but not all are suitable and useful for you. Know the tips to choose the right one that serves your needs.

These days, you can find dozens of options while looking for fitness wearables. The options can leave you confused, making it hard to choose the right one for you. Knowing the different features and options can help to identify your needs better. Here is some basic information, helpful tips, and quick guidelines to determine the basic features you should look for while buying a smartwatch.

Fitness Features 

Smartwatches have advanced sensors including ambient temperature sensors, an accelerometer to estimate body movements, a magnetometer to track motion accurately, and many others to track different aspects of human health and fitness. Consider the following basic health tracker while purchasing a smartwatch:


Blood Oxygen Monitoring

Whichever smartwatch you choose to buy, make sure that it supports SpO2 monitoring. SpO2, or oxygen saturation, is the measure of oxygen level that the blood hemoglobin carries. This has become a crucial thing due to the COVID pandemic. Many watches support this feature, even the lower-priced ones. Though the accuracy may vary based on the product, at least it will give an approximate reading which can indicate any breathing trouble.

Tracking the Heart Rate and Sleep Duration 

Most smart wearables have real-time heart rate trackers as well as the ability to track sleeping patterns, total sleep time,  whether there was an interruption in sleep, deep and light sleep analysis, regularity, etc. Some advanced watches have ECG sensors, though it is not necessary for everyone. 

Built-in GPS

During outdoor workouts, if you want to leave your phone behind and still want to track your route and distance information, you should get a smartwatch that has a built-in GPS. LTE models serve this purpose. They allow the user to connect directly to the general telephone network. But the LTE variant of a smartwatch is expensive. 

Stress Tracker

Some watches have the feature to track your stress level. Nowadays many smartwatches offer features like breathing exercises to relieve stress or anxiety and help the user to calm down and regain composure.  

Tracking Hydration Level

A hydration tracker is another feature that you should look for in your smartwatch, especially if you are someone who needs to improve their water consumption routine.

Sports or Workout Modes

If you are a fitness buff, an athletic or workout mode is a must for you. Wearables with these features offer proper data on the time taken for sports or exercise, energy consumption, total calorie burn, steps walked, pace, heart rate, oxygen consumption at the time of workout, etc.

Although most smartwatches do not offer running analysis features, some brands have this option. It is really helpful to get your data on ground contact time, regularity, running efficiency, flight time, etc.

Extra Features for Women 

Many watches offer extra features for women, like the menstrual cycle, ovulation phases, and pregnancy tracking features. 


Features, app support, and quality all affect the price of the smartwatch. A budget-friendly one may not provide all the advanced features and accurate data you would get in an expensive watch, but it will offer some basic features like heart rate monitoring, sleep trackers, continuous blood oxygen level monitoring, step count, notification options, call options, etc. that are quite sufficient for many people as not all of us need all the advanced options.

With the increase of smartwatch users, a lot of brands and models are now offering great features and options on a friendly budget without compromising the quality a lot. Even many smartwatches under $50 offer all of the features the average user might need. 


Most watches are designed mainly to serve as companions of smartphones. That is why making sure your smartwatch is compatible with your smartphone is very important.

While some smartwatches are capable of working with only one smartphone, many watches can operate with multiple devices. Some can even work with both an android and an iPhone at the same time. 

But not all smartwatches offer support for all apps. Before deciding on a smartwatch, ensure that it supports at least most of the core apps of your phone.


Most smartwatches have an electronic visual display, either backlit LCD screens or OLED displays. These allow you to view images, photos, apps, videos, and other content in better, brighter, and richer colors and resolutions. We suggest you buy an AMOLED touchscreen smartwatch that has an anti-fingerprint coating and 2.5D glass with a bigger display and better resolution. 


When buying a budget option, choose one that supports removable or interchangeable straps. Ensure that the strap is comfortable and durable and made with good quality materials. Thin watches are easier to wear all day long.

Avoid purchasing a watch that has cumbersome clasps that require a lot of effort to open and close. Standard buckles are much easier to use.

If you want to protect the display from scratches, a sapphire glass display can be a great choice. Corning Gorilla Glass DX+ displays also serve this purpose. These types of screens protect the display even when it gets hit by hard or sharp objects. 

Another important aspect of the design to look for is water resistance or ruggedness. Choose one with a 5 ATM waterproof rating, which can survive pressures up to 50 meters. At the minimum, it should have an IP68 waterproof rating to provide some protection. But not all waterproof watches are swim-proof, so if you are a swimmer pay some extra attention to make sure it can handle it.

Battery Life

Watches with rich and better options do not offer a whole week of battery life. Features like AoD or Always-on Display, activity tracker, 24/7 heart rate monitor, GPS or navigation options, high-resolution display panel, whole night sleep trackers, and so on drain the battery faster. These features use more battery power, resulting in a faster reduction of battery life. If you want to enjoy the longest battery, you can go for a black-and-white display, although it may not be as convenient.

Although battery life depends on the user’s habits, get the one that provides at least two to three days of battery life; otherwise, you will have to charge it frequently. Many watches have electronic or transflective paper to reduce the consumption of power. Some smartwatches guarantee long battery life that lasts up to 30 days after a single charge, and 20 more days if it supports time and activity tracker only. Many bands have a button battery system for the time to support the longevity of battery life.


Connectivity is one of the most important aspects that you need to consider when buying a smartwatch. There are plenty of wearables that have good features and a great look but have connectivity issues and need to frequently reconnect to steps, heart rate, and other data, which can be quite a hassle. Some even are worse and have problems reconnecting smoothly. 

Operating System

The operating system of the smartwatch varies depending on the brand and model. Wear OS is a smartwatch operating system for android watches; formerly it was widely known as Android Wear. Asteroid OS also serves as the operating system of many android smartwatches. Tizen and Sailfish are Linux-based OS. Several smartwatches of the Samsung brand use the Tizen operating system. Sailfish OS is used in sailfish smartwatches. Watch OS is developed by Apple inc to run the Apple Watches. Every OS has some pros and cons. Convenience and preference of use vary depending on users.



Don’t forget the personalization option. You can enjoy many customization options like the band or strap color, material, face color, size, or even finishing. Most smartwatches offer these customization options. 

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier and convenient. So rather than choosing a smartwatch based on the features that seem alluring but have no use in your daily life, buy one that will serve you daily and improve your lifestyle. 

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