Top 4 Secrets of Successful Companies during COVID-19

Working from home can be quite challenging. Everyone must be familiar with it up till now. Due to the global pandemic, remote-working is being promoted on a greater scale.

Even in the post-COVID period, there are certain Secrets That Successful Companies Won’t Tell You. One of them is promoting certain strategies and techniques that keep their employees productive and focused while getting critical work done.

As an aftermath of COVID-19, the business landscape of 2020 has undergone drastic changes. Working from home means that you are constantly surrounded by distractions.

This causes hindrance in successful interaction with employees on zoom and other work platforms. Read on to learn more about some of the most effective ways to keep your employees and yourself productive during these challenging times.


1.Productivity Tools and Tech Equipment

Successful companies have prioritized providing their team with the right kind of productivity tools and tech equipment. These tools and equipment include tracking apps that help the management, such as the tracking app of Airtable, Slack, Trello, etc.

Zoom has been specifically used during the COVID-19 to help with video conferencing. The employees can stay connected and productive while working remotely from the safety of their homes.

Tech equipment also helps the managers and employees to understand what is going on while staying on the same page. Many apps can also be used on smartphones, meaning that employees can stay connected to work while waiting in long queues at grocery stores. Connectivity is the key to success during COVID-19.


2.  Regular Check-Ins

Another secret of successful companies and businesses during COVID-19 is that they establish regular check-ins with their employees. Regular check-ins are essential for the fostering of employer-employee connection.

In fact, the establishment of daily check-ins ought to be made a priority during these challenging times. Even if it is established on a single daily phone/video call. An instant message or email can also do the trick for establishing that connection for an additional sense of normalcy. Such check-ins can be done on an individual or group level.

The setting of virtual office hours can help the employees in staying connected, motivated, and productive. It is also recommended to learn more about some Expert Tips for Work From Home Security.


3.Support Dedicated Workspaces

Suppose you want to run your business with success during the post-pandemic era. Many employees are still working from home. In that case, it is crucial to support the establishment of dedicated workspaces.

Managers and employers should encourage the establishment of home offices, which means that the employees dedicated a certain space to their homes for work only. It can include setting up your laptop in the corner of the living area where the office work will be performed.

This setup will separate the office work from the communal space at home and help the employees stay focused and away from distractions. Some successful companies have even gone to offering a certain sum to their employees to establish such dedicated workspaces at their homes.

Working from home can be quite distracting; especially, if you live with an extended family involving kids and pets. The closure of schools, daycare centers, and nursing homes has added to the challenges of working from home.

It is crucial to find a temporary space at home that can serve as a dedicated workspace. It might be a walk-in closet or the basement. The purpose is to find a workspace to mentally focus on your office work while separating yourself from the rest.

4.Importance of Dressing Up

It might sound unimportant to get dressed while you are working from home. However, dressing up plays a crucial role in getting productive at work; especially, when working from home. Staying at home in your sweatpants can bring your comfort, but it will also make you lazy.

An appropriate and suitable dressing will do the psychological trick of boosting your mental alertness for getting focused on work. Successful companies and businesses have made it mandatory for their employees to get dressed up while working remotely from home. Apart from staying mentally active and focused, getting dressed up also saves from embarrassment during emergency calls with clients and colleagues.


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