How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Pc – Do It In Easy Steps

How to connect bluetooth headphones to pc is a fairly common question these days. Indeed, almost every latest computer is equipped with a wireless module. At the same time, people often call up with friends, relatives, colleagues, and so on in Skype or other programs.

It’s much more convenient to use a wireless headset that will allow you to talk with a person, while you can freely move around the apartment or house and perfectly hear the person you are talking to. Very often, these headphones are used by fans of online games. And just to watch movies or listen to music you do not need to sit at a computer, but you can freely move around without restrictions.

But, since such equipment was primarily created for phones, the question arises: how to connect bluetooth headphones to pc ? The answer is simple – you can with the bluetooth module installed on the computer.

What is bluetooth headphones?

bluetooth headphones

Wireless headphones are a headset that synchronizes with a computer via bluetooth connection. They enable the computer user to get rid of the wires that hold him at the system unit and limit mobility. How to configure and how to connect bluetooth headphones to pc using a wireless connection? Very simple!

How to connect bluetooth headphone to PC

Before you connect the headphones to the computer, you need to make sure that they are equipped with a special adapter that transmits a signal. Since different bluetooth devices may have a different signal transmission method, it is very important that the adapter does not have to be purchased separately, and it comes in the basic kit.

Often, you can connect headphones to a laptop without a bluetooth adapter, because most models have built-in signal transmitters.

So how to connect bluetooth headphones to pc?

Preparing a computer to connect a wireless headset

bluetooth headphones

First of all, it is worth noting that the vast majority of laptops are equipped with wireless adapters. But, this can not be said about stationary computers. Therefore, if you have a regular PC, then for a start you will have to buy and install a Bluetooth adapter. Read how to choose the right Bluetooth adapter here .

There are two types of bluetooth adapters:

  • External – connects to a USB port.
  • Internal – connects to a PCI slot.

Next, drivers must be installed on the PC and laptop. They allow the adapter to work correctly and manage it. Without the appropriate software, connecting a wireless Bluetooth headset to a computer is simply not possible. You can check the drivers in the device manager.

You can open this tool as follows. Press the Start + R keys on the keyboard at the same time. In the window that appears, write devmgmt.msc. Click OK.

In the window that opens, simply find the line “Network Adapters” or “Bluetooth Radio Modules”. Open a branch.

If you can’t find the Bluetooth radio modules, open the network adapters. Find “Bluetooth Devices” here. If there are none, but the equipment is uncertain, then driver installation is required. After installing the software, you can proceed to the main question, how to connect bluetooth headset to pc.

Immediately it is worth noting that the instruction set is included with the headphones that describes in detail the process of connecting the device. If for some reason you do not have such an instruction, then follow these steps.

More adapter connection facts

Plug the adapter into the USB port of your desktop PC. No additional software is required to recognize this unit. If this data transfer format has not been used before, the PC will install the necessary driver from its own database.

If there are problems with recognition of the adapter, a corresponding warning will be displayed in the lower right part of the computer. In this case, the search and installation of the driver will have to be done manually using the Internet network.

Battery Installation

Since bluetooth devices can be connected to a computer without using wires acting as a signal transmitter, they need a portable battery that will support their work. Install it in the case of your headset and turn it on with the help of a special switch, if it is provided in your model.

A signal to the fact that the connection of the wireless headphones was successful is the blinking of the indicator light on the headset body.

Establish a connection

connect bluetooth headphones to pc

Turn on the headset by holding the power button until it flashes red and blue (colors may vary depending on the model). You need to hold for about 10-15 seconds. Thus, the detection and pairing mode will turn on. Next, on the computer in the system tray (the area in the lower right corner of the desktop), find the Bluetooth icon.

And now the final step is to establish a connection. Open the computer’s bluetooth menu and add your connected device to the system. If the PC asks for a PIN code , enter the combination “0000” or “1111” in the special window. After the PC confirms synchronization with the device, the device is ready for operation.

Now you know how to connect a wireless headset to a computer via Bluetooth. Of course, sometimes, depending on the model of the device, the process may differ slightly and have its own secrets, but, as a rule, everything happens in the same way.

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