How Content Marketing Can Bring You At Rank

Content Marketing is all about creating relevant, valuable, informative and consistent content. The goal of creating content on website is to drive organic and targeted audience towards your website. Learn more digital marketing strategies of 2021 with Advance Digital Marketing Course from Amritsar Digital Academy.

A quick tip for small business owners- Keep struggling, don’t lose hope, try hard to find engaging content for your website or social media platforms, stay consistent and there you go. You are now ready for knowing some advanced tips of content marketing that can help in leveraging the business sales to the next level. 

5 Best Content Marketing Strategies

Tip #1 Workshops or Webinars

Content marketing is not only related to online marketing but you can also opt content marketing strategies in offline marketing processes. A balanced form of planning content marketing strategies be it offline or online is effective for brand building. 

Talking about online content marketing tips is to provide webinars and conferences with the users and employees respectively. It will help your customers to know more about your product and how it can be used . With conferences you can stay in touch with your employees and plan strategies and share some ideas with your team regarding brand and product. It will also break all the geographical barriers that restrict your business to stay in limited boundaries. So now it’s time to build good business relations with all the required authorities to get better results in future.

Tip #2 Content+ Email Marketing

Email marketing is another technique to stay in touch with your existing customers and make them aware of the latest events and promotional messages about the business. It is more effective technique that gives a personalized touch of promoting your product and makes them aware with all the latest deals, new product launch and many other interesting events. Try to make your email marketing campaign a attractive one and content over it must be engaging for your customers.

Tip #3 Value Your Customer Data

Customer data is valuable asset of any business. It is best way of getting more customer inflow towards your business. Fir keeping them engaged with your business you can offer them with your business newsletter, notifications about recent events with different medium, offering them freebies, launching new products, discounts on products. Keep on providing them something they adds some worth to their life. This is the best way for getting more conversions converting your passive audience to your potential customers.

You can also this valuable data fir retargeting of Ads in future.

Tip #4 Promote Instructional Videos

Provide complete knowledge of the usage of the product to your customers is very necessary. Don’t worry you don’t need heavy software, be a master of video editing, professional camera for this. Just a smart phone is enough to shoot instrumental videos. This is let your customer understand the product easily and more effectively than a user manual.

Different types of instructional videos are requires for different kinds of businesses. For instance if you are selling a software then you can post screen recording videos of

 How to use it? What are its features? And so on.

For the editing of the video with smart phone I would strongly recommend free designing tool Canva. It is extremely easy to use and looks like professional editing done with heavy software. 


Tip #5 Earn High Quality Backlinks


Backlinks are top most ranking factor used by Google. If your website’s backlink profile is healthy there are likely more chances of getting higher position for targeted keywords in Google ranking. 

Organic backlinks can be earned from high quality content on your website. 

Tips to write high quality content

  • Content must be detailed- even minute things about the topic must be covered
  • Check out how you can stand different from other competitors while writing on same topic
  • Topic must be chosen as per the demand of the audience
  • Blog outreach & Pre-outreach
  • Create Backlinks to content by pitching relevant sites



Given content marketing strategies will help you to build an impressive brand image and trust over your audience. Give some time to opt these techniques don’t rush to work on all these techniques at once. It is suggested to firstly understand the motive of your business and then plan your Content Marketing strategy accordingly. 

These content marketing techniques can play a major role in boosting your brand authority.

Hope you like all these content Marketing strategies. Comment us below with your favorite content marketing strategy and why it is your favorite?

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