Tips On Choosing The Right Cooling System For Your Computer Server Room

A computer server room plays a vital role in any business environment. It houses computer servers essential for powering and maintaining proper functions of the computers in that network. These servers emit a lot of heat when in operation hence the need for an efficient cooling to ensure the temperature is regulated for optimal and proper functionality.High temperatures are likely to affect your computer servers, making them slow or potentially leading to their destruction affecting the entire network. Therefore, it is essential to maintain these servers to help the system run effectively and avoid damage that may be costly. Some of the tips to help you choose the right cooling system for your computer server room include;

Consider the size of the room

Your server room’s size is essential when deciding which cooling system is better equipped to serve your organization. Smaller cooling systems are adequate for smaller server rooms since the demand for cooling is not high. With bigger rooms, much bigger and powerful cooling systems are required since the area to be cooled is much larger and this will strain smaller cooling systems. Ensure you choose a cooling system with the ability to cover the entire room and provide adequate cooling to the server systems and supporting devices. This consideration also ensures you are not spending more on buying several different systems to cater for the room.


Size of your servers

To select an ideal cooling system, you will have to consider the server sizes required for your server room. The cooling system’s size will heavily rely upon the size of the servers since this determines the cooling demands. Much bigger servers require more powerful systems to effectively cool them while the smaller servers have lower cooling demands. This factor is true since bigger serves emit more heat as compared to the smaller ones.

Understand the different types of cooling systems available

There are different types of cooling systems in the market that are designed to help in cooling operations. These designs use different mechanisms to help them carry out their functions. For example, exair vortex tubes cool a room by forcefully removing warm air from the room and replacing it with cold air through a generation chamber. The other types of cooling systems include pumped refrigerant, blanking panels, use of indirect air evaporative systems and chilled water systems. Depending on the organization’s structure and preference, choose the cooling system that is most effective for your operations.


When choosing a cooling system, having a budget is vital to help you choose the best technology and design within your means. Purchasing the cooling system should not be primarily determined by the initial cost but by value for money. The system should meet your server rooms’ needs and work efficiently and with minimal costs. Consider other added costs such as running the cooling system and maintaining it, as some may have an initial affordable price but have high maintenance. Having all these considerations factored in ensures you look at the cost as a whole, helping you make an informed decision.


Consider the maintenance needed for your cooling system and how often this will be required. It would be best if you chose designs with minimum supervision to ensure you do not disrupt your computer server activities due to regular maintenance routines. Systems that need frequent maintenance are not only costly to manage but pose a massive challenge as this means you either have to shut down your servers during the process partly or entirely to prevent them from potential damage. It is also vital to consider the cost of maintenance to ensure you are not spending so much money in the process.


Different cooling systems have different warranty plans. Therefore, choosing one with a reliable warranty is essential as it directly speaks to the potential service the system offers. Companies that make superior products offer more extended warranties as they are not worried about incurring more cost to mend their systems in case of a mishap.

Seek professional advice

Before choosing a cooling system, ensure you seek professional advice to determine your servers’ best cooling strategy. Professionals can also determine whether the cooling system requires work to complement your HVAC system or works independently. They can help you decide on using fans or vortex tubes to ensure you place the correct cooling system the room requires. A professional will help you save on time by providing recommendations within your budget. Since they often solve such issues and know their operation and technical difference, they can recommend the latest technologies, hence helping you choose a cooling system that provides room for growth.


Choosing a cooling system should not be done in a hurry. Ensure you set aside time to window-shop and select the correct cooling system for the room. You also get a chance to compare prices during the window shopping period to help you have a rough estimate of the expected cost. By having such details, you are likely to avoid bad investments and get value for money.

Check reviews

Reviews are essential in helping you get a clear picture of how a cooling system works. They also provide unbiased feedback on which company is reliable and the durability of the product. You can tell the strategies that are more reliable and what challenges people with different systems are facing. It ensures you put everything into consideration before buying a plan. User reviews can also help you decide which type would fit your computer service needs. However, when considering user reviews, ensure you pick expert advice to help you narrow down your choices so that you objectively check reviews with options in mind.


When deciding the correct cooling system, it is essential to put in mind other things such as the location of the server room, the types of machines in the room, the structure of the room, and whether or not the AC system is independent of the room or connected to an AC in other areas. All these factors ensure you are selecting a cooling system ideal for your server room.

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