Corsair Scimitar vs Logitech G600 – Which Is Better?

High-performance gaming mice are becoming more and more common as prices for the chips that run them fall. When a user is gaming, the mouse performance is one of the most critical components of the PC.

When it comes to Corsair Scimitar Vs Logitech G600, these mice are best for MMO players. Due to their high level of performance and comfort, both of the mice are some of the best gaming mice you can get. With so many great mice available on the market, it can be hard to decide which one is best for you.

In this article, we will compare the Corsair Scimitar vs the Logitech G600. We will see how these mice stack up to each other in terms of price, performance, ergonomics, and industrial design. We will also go over a few use-cases where each mouse really shines.

There are dozens of gaming mouse brands with literally hundreds of different models between them. Therefore, the best gaming mouse can be really hard to find. When it comes to a brand’s performance or reliability, Corsair, and Logitech really stand out from the crowd.

A gaming mouse, or even a regular mouse, by one of these companies, is always going to provide a better experience than a similarly-priced alternative.

Both Logitech and Corsair are very popular brands and for a good reason. So, their products are at the top of the list when it comes to the best mouse for MMO games. 

Gamers, particularly MMO players, are very serious about the mice they use. These players generally want a mouse that is designed for the application. MMO games are extremely popular right now, and the Corsair Scimitar and Logitech G600 are some of the most popular mice among them.

These mice are not what you would call understated. If you are in the need of a mouse that has many more buttons than the standard 2 or 3, then the Corsair Scimitar and Logitech G600 are two really great choices to consider. 

These mice are built specifically for MMO players, so there are plenty of extra buttons to run all those macros. That does not mean you have to use those buttons for macros, MMO, or even games.

Graphics designs use these mice because they offer a quick way to access the many keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop and other professional design programs.

Design – Corsair Scimitar vs Logitech G600 

Because of all the buttons, these are not small mice. As you can see, these gaming mice are somewhat bulky, so they are best for users that have a medium to large hand size.

The Corsair Scimitar is 117mm long and the Logitech G600 is 116mm long. Both mice are around 75mm at their widest point side to side. They both have the same 42mm height and 71mm main button spacing. 

Both the Corsair Scimitar and Logitech G600 have 12 buttons on the left side. Also, both mice are wired mice that feature braided cables.

Tracking Sensor – Corsair Scimitar vs Logitech G600 

The most important component of a gaming mouse is the mouse tracking sensor. When it comes to Corsair Scimitar vs Logitech G600, both mice have high-DPI (Dots Per Inch) sensors that provide ultra-smooth input. 

These mice have adjustable DPIs that can range from 8200 to 16000 DPI. Most users will be most comfortable with the lower setting because the higher the DPI, the more difficult it can be to control.

Buttons – Corsair Scimitar vs Logitech G600

 When it comes to a mouse, the buttons are obviously very important. Both of these mice use traditional mechanical keys that have great tactile feedback and that classic click sound.

In total, there are 17 buttons on the Corsair Scimitar and a total of 20 on the Logitech G600. Those figures include the main mouse buttons. The G600 has a scroll wheel that tilts side-to-side, acting as 2 buttons.

These tilt buttons are programmable as well, just like the rest of the buttons on the G600. So, when it comes to button count, the Logitech G600 wins. Also, this mouse has something Logitech calls a ‘G-shift’ button.

This is a button on the far left side of the mouse that lets you activate an alternate function for each of the 20 programmable buttons on the mouse. So with the Logitech G600, you can program up to 40 custom functions.

Comfort – Corsair Scimitar vs Logitech G600 

Finally, we need to discuss comfort. Just about any mouse, you use for a short period of time is going to feel relatively comfortable. It’s only when using a mouse for a long duration that you will really start to notice any ergonomic issues that a mouse’s design may have. 

In contrast, the Logitech G600 can be a bit odd if you are not used to its somewhat nontraditional shape. 

Also, the G600 will feel a bit awkward if you have smaller hands. This applies even when you are using them in a palm grip. With this mouse, if you have smaller hands you may find yourself accidentally clicking the left key often.

Corsair Scimitar Vs Logitech G600

For MMO players and gamers in general, both the Corsair Scimitar and Logitech G600 are amazing mice that have plenty of programmable buttons and adjustable sensitivity.

The Logitech G600, however, wins out when it comes to the number of programmable functions. The G600 includes more than double the amount of functions than the Corsair Scimitar. But remember, the Scimitar is more comfortable over longer periods of time.

Corsair Scimitar Features

The Corsair Scimitar features an 8mm Key Slider macro, 12 optimized mechanical buttons that are designed to pro player specs, and a 12000 DPI optical sensor for precise gaming. The mouse also features dynamic multi-color backlighting that provides nearly unlimited lighting customization.

Logitech G600 Features

The Logitech G600 has 20 buttons and is a highly customizable mouse. The software is easy to use and is specifically designed for mastering your favorite MMOs.

It has 12 thumb buttons, a clickable scroll wheel that tilts, and DPI and profiles switching.  The Logitech G600 features a high-precision 8200 dpi laser tracking system. 

Is Corsair A Good Mouse Brand?

Corsair makes a vast array of gaming mice that are designed for different types of uses ranging from FPS (First Person Shooters) to MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games.

Corsair mice have a high quality of design and manufacture. Even their lower-cost mice have excellent built quality. Corsair mice are often less flashy than other gaming mice from Logitech or Razer.

How Heavy is The Corsair Scimitar Pro?

The Corsair Scimitar Pro weighs 147 grams. The Scimitar Pro is considered quite a heavy mouse. It has a large design and is very ergonomic, with a smooth arching shape that fits against the palm nicely.

Are Corsair Mice Good For Gaming?

Corsair products are top-of-the-line. The Corsair brand is known for building high-quality hardware that looks good but is also functional.

Is Logitech a Good Mouse Brand?

Yes. Logitech is known to be one of the best makers of PC peripherals. From speakers to webcams, and everything in between, Logitech has got you covered. Logitech devices generally have an understated design with high levels of performance and reliability.


These days, gaming peripherals are becoming more and more common. With the components used to make high-end gaming hardware falling every day, there is a wide range of gaming mice to choose from.

The mouse is probably the most important aspect of PC gaming other than your graphics card and CPU, and when it comes to the Corsair Scimitar vs Logitech G600, they are both really great for MMO players.

These mice both represent an excellent value and feature great performance. When it comes to comfort, however, the Corsair Scimitar is the clear winner.

As prices continue to fall, gaming mice are becoming more common. If one is not well-versed in all of the terminology and features of the high-performance mouse market, it can be difficult when deciding which one to buy. When a user is gaming, the mouse performance is one of the most critical components of the PC.

The Corsair Scimitar and Logitech G600 are both great mice that include MMO-specific features that can be useful for much more than playing video games. Both of these mice are comfortable, but the Corsair Scimitar has a more traditional shape that will provide more comfort than the G600 over long durations.