Cowin E7 Pro Review – The Amazing Bluetooth Wireless Headphone

Buying cheap Chinese headphones is a real lottery. Many break after two days, others have a terrible sound, some lose pieces daily, or the fabric that covers the ear pads peels in less than a month. Do not panic! Here is our cowin e7 pro review, one of the best wireless headphones that is giving more talk these days.

In fact it is one of the best bluetooth headphones that you can buy today, and that I have used intensively for a week to tell you the best and the worst of these headphones.

This is one of the most popular bets of the Chinese brand of headphones Cowin, known for offering quality headphones at low prices, as already demonstrated with the Cowin E7 (which was a bombshell last year) and now it is the turn of the Cowin E7 pro.

The first thing you should know is that it is a bluetooth headset with an on-ear headband, although these types of headphones are the ones I like the least (the best ones are the over ear, those that cover your entire ear).

I have to admit that for the price they have and what they offer you cannot ask for more.

Let us begin with the cowin e7 pro review!

cowin e7 pro

Benefits of buying these Cowin E7 pro bluetooth wireless headphones.

The first thing to keep in mind is that these are headphones with bluetooth connectivity, and very cheap noise cancellation, with very good features that only some high-end headphones offer (it is difficult to find headphones that offer both for so little price).

I will describe the analysis of these headphones based on my experience as a musician and user.


The first thing that is obvious to the Cowin E7 pro is its size, they are too big to be headphones on ear.

To the touch they are quite well-constructed, both the headband lining and the earmuff pads are made of imitation leather, they are very soft, soft and to my surprise, very comfortable.

The rest is “good plastic”, that is; It is not the best material in the world, but its construction is quite good.

They are adjustable in height (to adapt to all head sizes), and the area of ​​the earmuffs are also rotated (not only to adapt it to your liking, but also for convenience when transporting it).

These headphones also have a built-in microphone , so you can use it as hands-free for your Smartphone.

They are very light and do not weigh anything when wearing them.

In the area of ​​the earmuffs are the control buttons (increase and decrease the volume, answer calls …)

cowin e7 pro

Technical characteristics

 Impedance: 32Ω Frequency : 20 Hz-20 kHz Weight : 300gr  Power supply : lithium battery

 Compatible: iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphone PC, MP4, MP3, etc.

Built-in microphoneYes, to receive and make calls.


The most important basic specifications of the cowin e7 pro:

  • External noise cancellation
  • Wireless technology and possibility to use it with cable.
  • Built-in microphone
  • Comfortable fit, soft ear pads.
  • Rotating in 90 degrees.
  • Hi-Fi with deep bass.
  • Built-in volume and music controls.


The performance:

The fire test arrives!

After a whole week wearing these bluetooth headphones I have to say that in general it has passed the test.

I’ve tried them to listen to music, to watch TV, to walk on the street, to talk on the phone, to watch movies and even with my musical instruments.

After that week of intense testing I can say that it has a pretty good surround sound quality (it has good bass and medium frequencies are very well balanced).

The autonomy is quite good, the Cowin E7 pro fulfill what they promise (between 28-30 hours).

It carries the APTx codec. The codec is the way in which the audio signal is compressed, and the APTx model is the best in the market . Any earphone that is worth buying should have this type of codec.

These are headphones with bluetooth connectivity and NFC technology (the NFC allows your electronic devices to connect to each other just by bringing them closer).

The active noise cancellation also fulfills its function very well, even in very busy places and with a lot of traffic, you can listen to music quietly.

They are charged using the USB cable , even if your battery runs out you can use it as a classic wired headset and listen to music while charging.

From our cowin e7 pro review what we don’t like about this bluetooth headphone

Yes! You read that right, now I’m going to tell you what I don’t like about these wireless headphones.

In my opinion, the Achilles heel of these headphones is latency . Latency is the time that elapses from when you give a signal until your device receives it.

And this means? It means that if you are watching a movie with your Cowin E7 pro the image will go out of balance with the sound .

As with the hands-free function , so that the latency does not affect too much, you must have the mobile phone nearby (in your pocket) and it still shows. As for the sound quality of the microphone, it’s pretty good.

Do not worry! Latency is a common fault in ALL bluetooth headphones (up to € 500 models) with the difference that in other brands of headphones it shows very little (such as these Sennheiser HD4.40 BT ) but in the Cowin it shows a little plus.

Another aspect that depends on the taste of each one, is that they are large headphones  (on ear), when carrying them in your bag or backpack they are a bit cumbersome.

And of course the paste of ALL the models on ear  and is that they exert pressure on the ears , so if you want some headphones for intensive use (more than 2 hours) the on ear you will have to take them off every so often to rest.

Our opinion from cowin e7 pro review

I have told you with total sincerity the pros and cons of these bluetooth headphones, but is it worth buying the cowin E7 pro headphones?

Yes, if you are looking for cheap bluetooth headphones with active noise cancellation and very good value for money.

These are cheap headphones with many functions that only offer some high-end models, but at a price more than cheap.

Frequently asked questions about Cowin headphones.

How is the normal Cowin E7 different from the E7 pro?

The Cowin E7 pro have active noise cancellation, improve the sound and design with respect to the previous E7.

Who do I recommend these Cowin for?

For people looking for cheap bluetooth headphones, with noise cancellation and simply want to listen to music either on the street or on the PC.

Which bluetooth headset model is the best in terms of comfort to wear for many hours and has noise cancellation?

There are many, but I have tried if there are some that stand out with difference in terms of comfort and noise cancellation (even inside an airplane) those are the Bose Quietconfort 35 II  (these are in the high price range).

Comparison models cowin e7 pro, cowin se7, cowin e7, cowin e8.

In this table you will find a comparison of the main models of cowin headphones.

Model Autonomy Built-in microphone Noise Cancellation Bluetooth
cowin e7 pro
30 hours Yes Yes 4.0 See on Amazon
cowin se7
30 hours Yes Yes 5.0 See on Amazon
cowin e7
cowin e7
30 hours Yes Yes 4.0 See on Amazon
cowin e8
cowin e8
20 hours Yes Yes 4.0 See on Amazon


The Cowin e7 pro are that type of headphones that we can highlight for “good, beautiful and cheap”, with the plus of bluetooth and active noise cancellation.

If you want them mainly to listen to music, they are cheap and you are not going to use it more than two hours in a row without resting, these are perfect for you.


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