Creative Ways To Use Exit Pop Examples For Your Business

Exit-intent popups are one of the many ways to keep visitors on your website. When visitors are about to leave your site, they’re presented with an offer (like a “subscribe” button) to make them stay on the page.

These popups allow you to connect with prospective customers at the exact moment when they are most likely trying to leave your webpage. Keep reading to learn about creative ways to use exit pop-ups for your business.

What Is Exit-Intent Pop Up?

Exit-intent popups are one of many pop-ups – a small, animated box that appears briefly on the screen before a visitor leaves your website.

The goal is to persuade the visitor to stay on the page by getting them to complete a single action or buying in-depth information. Either way, it will help you build your list.

Exit intent pop-ups can effectively communicate a message and secure conversion rates by offering an incentive back on site as close as possible to where potential leads were about to exit.

Exit-Intent Popup Best Practices

Many popup builder companies in today’s market offer exit-intent popups to give visitors a call to action, hopefully persuading them to stay. There are also valuable practices listed below.

Have A Concise Message With A Clear Benefit

In order to get your message across, it’s best to keep it short and sweet. Use clear language that is simple for the reader to understand without clicking through additional links. Make your title clear and benefit-oriented: “Get My Proposal Now” or “Download Free Ebook.” After all, they’re on your website for a reason – they’re likely interested in what you have to say. Convince them to stay with a short, clear title that tells them exactly what they’ll get if they opt-in.

Ask Only For Relevant Information

The key to maximizing your success with exit-intent popups is to ask for only relevant information. It’s tempting to ask for a lot of data, but it will only hurt you. This is the last thing you want people to see before they leave your site.

Target The Popup

It’s important that you target your audience carefully in order to increase conversion rates and earn more leads, and this means using specific messaging. Your messages should speak directly to them and offer a clear incentive – not be generic and vague, but geared directly toward those who are looking at your popup at that moment.

Try Gamification

In order to make the most of your popups, try implementing gamification into them. For example, if you want people to subscribe to your email list, create a popup with a “countdown” timer, and give them an exclusive deal once it expires. They’ll be motivated to convert to get that deal.

Use Social Proof, A.K.A Reviews

Exit-intent popups work best when you use strong social proof. Show testimonials from previous customers or ask them to give you a rating on the app. This will help people feel confident about the offer and make them want to subscribe to your list.

Generate Urgency

Finally, time is running out, so you need to be persuasive to persuade people that they need your product right now (in other words, there’s a deadline). By offering some sort of urgency in the form of expiration date or limited-time promotion, you’ll be able to drive more conversions than before.

Ways To Use Exit-Intent Pop Ups

Advanced implementation of exit-intent strategy can give even better results than before. Here are some examples of creative ways to use exit-intent popups for your business.

Turn Abandoning Visitors Into Subscribers

You can get customers to stay on your site by offering discounts, special offers, and even signup from a website you’ve built yourself. These pop up boxes appear when a user is going to leave the site. This can effectively attract new visitors once they’ve seen the offer in action.

Prevent Cart Abandonment

According to a study, 68% of visitors who add items to the cart, and have made it to the checkout page, never actually complete their purchase. However, if you show them a pop-up with a discount offer once they are going from the checkout page, you will be able to get the customers back and convert them into leads or revenue.

Offer An Incentive

Create a popup that incentivizes users who have already signed up for your e-mail newsletter service. This will help you increase the number of people who have subscribed to your services and got accustomed to the idea of receiving promotional emails.

Remind Benefits

A great way to get people to stay on your website is to remind them of the benefit they will receive by signing up. This can be done through a pop-up that shows all the things they have access to after signing up.

Recommend Alternative Products

You can also recommend alternative products, like “if you don’t like the product we’ve recommended, please note that we have a full range of other products to choose from.” This simple reminder can help boost sales.

Handle Common Objections To Buying

Once a person is in the buying mood, it can be hard for them to go back. You can use exit-intent popups to handle any objections that might come up on the way to the checkout page. For example, if someone is having trouble choosing between two similar products, you can suggest they just buy both because it’s cheaper.

The Bottom Line

Exit-intent popups can be an effective way to increase the number of leads that you’re able to acquire daily. This is because they are perfect for targeting certain audiences and getting them to convert.