Should You Choose Cyber Security As A Career?

We are breathing in a tech-savvy world, where everything is only a few clicks away. You can order food online, pay utility bills, transfer money to family, and even do online trading. Likewise, businesses are storing confidential information and performing tasks online. With dependence on technology, we are making ourselves vulnerable to cyberattacks. After all, hackers of the 21st century are smarter than anyone else, which means keeping software, hardware, and data security are more crucial than ever.

Are you wondering how? Here the concept of cybersecurity kicks in, protecting companies and individuals from data breaches. It is the practice of securing all electronic data, networks, and computer systems from cyberattacks. These attacks sabotage business processes, access, steal, and extort money from users. Only a few people know how to tackle cyberattacks, and demand for these professionals is likely to increase by 62%.

Therefore, starting a career in cybersecurity can have enormous payoffs for your career. If we look at an updated salary comparison online, we can see that the average salary of a cyber security engineer hovers around $95,000 per year. With that in mind, let’s dive a little further and explain the importance of cybersecurity and why there is a massive demand for such skills.


We live in a world of extraordinary connectedness as every year, and we see more devices connected to the internet. It has become a matter of concern for everyone – government, business owners, employees, and large companies. In short, every part of our life tracked online, whether it be health records, financial information, or the time we get home.

With relevant data, machines can understand us better than anyone else, and if this information goes in the wrong hands – everything could be at stake. Cybercriminals are attacking systems due to a lack of security, increasing the need for cybersecurity experts.


Usually, a chief technology officer takes responsibility for managing all technological process to combat the security concerns. Feel free to learn more about it if you want to interested in this career option. First of all, identify your strengths and evaluate your interests. It will help in determining the security position, which is the perfect fit for you. Alongside CTO, there are a plethora of career paths – have a look below.

  1. Cybersecurity Engineer: Designs and develops networks that act as a shield against cyberattacks.
  2. Security Auditor: Administers the security of systems and suggests ways for improvements.
  3. Application Security: Protects application from threats using hardware skills.
  4. Forensic Analyst: They dig into malware to see where it came from and what it does to the systems.
  5. Cloud Security Engineer: Provides security on cloud servers and platforms.

These are some fast-growing careers in the world of cybersecurity.



To progress in a tech field, here are six technological and technical skills you have to learn.

  1. It is essential to begin by gaining programming fundamentals. You don’t have to be an expert programmer, but good enough to understand the programing language.
  2. You have to think like a cybersecurity criminal and find ways on how to break into the systems. It will allow you to recognize glitches and predict the vulnerability of systems.
  3. Familiarize yourself with logging and monitoring procedures to detect threats immediately.
  4. Learn defense tactics to protect the networks in the middle of cyberattacks to ensure the damage is equal to nothing.
  5. Web application security techniques help in protecting websites against malware and HTTP traffic. Thus, you have to learn how to place barriers between the target server and an attacker.
  6. Do you know how to secure data? Every person in this field has to learn data encryption for securing data. Make yourself familiar with cryptographic access control to ensure data is the right hands.

Moreover, ask yourself questions – how an employee gets paid? How do companies store data?  How can it fail? Curiosity establishes the willingness to learn and encourages individuals to find answers – an ideal way to excel in your career in this field.



In the growing competition, everyone looks for prospects that offer competitive market salaries, job security, opportunities for growth, and a safe working environment. Alongside these primary elements, a career in cybersecurity has a lot more on the plate for you!

  1. The opportunities for growth in this field are dependent on technology rather than your boss. The more you progress with technological innovations and modern solutions, the more quickly you can bag promotions.
  2. You will get a chance to work directly with cyber teams on systems you never imagined. From robots, cars, to websites – you will be serving millions of users.
  3. It’s a dynamic career, keeping people hooked by throwing different challenges and putting them in complex situations. As a result, you need a broad skill set to understand the modern security challenges.



Believe it or not, but we are moving into a technological era. In the coming years, everything would be happening virtually through online forums, making security a significant concern. That is why the concept of cybersecurity is skyrocketing, while the need for cyber experts is sprouting. If you are a tech-savvy person, then don’t mind giving a shot to this career. Alongside excellent opportunities, it also offers extensive salary packages.


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