DangoBuds Wireless Earphones Reviews – Scam or worth it

When they are out and about, people like to listen to things on their smartphone. Perhaps it is their favorite playlist of tunes while they are out running or working out in the gym. Maybe it is listening to a fascinating podcast or audio book on the train into work.

Maybe it is while the kids watch the cartoons on TV, and you are dying to catch up with the latest season of your favorite show on Netflix. Everyone uses their smartphones as an audio tool these days. 

The thing is, while you might enjoy listening to that new Nicki Minaj track or that fascinating TedTalk, others might not, and for that reason, you need a quality set of earphones.

Quality is key here – poor quality earphones distort the sound and make everything sound tinny and terrible. You probably want something wireless as well – no one wants to get tangled up in wires anymore. DangoBuds may well be the answer here, and we are going to explore them in a little more detail to let you know whether they are a scam, or worth it. 

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What are DangoBuds Wireless Earphones?

DangoBuds are wireless earbuds designed with the perfect listening experience for users in mind. Crystal clear sound and active noise control mean that taking phone calls is easier and listening to music, TV shows, podcasts, and whatever else you listen to is much more enjoyable.

Because they are wireless, there are no wires to mess about with. The earbuds are quickly and easily linked to your smartphone using the Bluetooth function, so audio can be streamed easily. They can also be linked to your computer, tablet or other devices, providing there is a Bluetooth option.

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How Will These Earbuds Help Me?

Quite simply, the DangoBuds wireless earphones will give you a much better audio experience, whatever you use them for. The sound quality is superb and they feature a complete noise block, meaning that the sound of traffic, screaming kids and your spouse snoring in bed next to you will no longer interrupt whatever it is that you are listening to.

They are comfortable to wear, with three silicone in-ear tips, in sizes small, medium and large so anyone of any ear size will be able to wear them without the worry of them slipping out and getting lost. 

Finally, because they are wireless and work up to ten meters of the device that they are connected to, you are not tied to one place or getting wrapped up by annoying wires.

What else should you know about earbuds?

Wireless earbuds really became popular back in 2016, when iPhone manufacturer Apple made the controversial decision to remove the headphone jack from their new devices. People panicked understandably; how would they be able to listen to music?

Fortunately, today there is a range of quality wireless earbuds such as the DangoBuds available so that users can listen to music without having to worry about wires.

They connect via Bluetooth and are usually charged by putting them in the charging unit, which doubles up as a handy storage box. This is then usually connected to a computer or socket via a USB cable, which is the only time a wire is needed.

However, with the DangoBuds, there is no wire at all – the box itself IS the charging port, which means you can put them in your bag and leave them to charge in just one hour!

Are earbuds dangerous to the ears?

There is no conclusive research or information to say either way. Continual listening on high volumes of over 60 percent could cause damage to the ears and hearing capacity, but sensible and moderate use in terms of length of time and the volume is not thought to damage the ears. Some people are concerned about the use of Bluetooth, but this has shown no signs of being harmful to human health.

Who needs the DangoBuds wireless earbuds?

Quite simply, everyone and anyone who listens to music, podcasts, audiobooks, or streams movies and shows on their cell phone, or makes calls needs these. They allow you to hear clearly and not miss out on anything important.

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They are particularly good for those who like to listen to music while they are out and about because they are wireless. When you are out for a run or lifting weights, the last thing you need is your wires to get wrapped around you.

It can be a huge safety issue as well as being annoying. The problem is that many popular brands of earbuds fall out of the ears easily too, but there is no such worry with the DangoBuds. They have three different sized tips, so everyone will be able to find one that fits.

The Technical Details

  • They connect to your phone or other device using the Bluetooth function
  • Rapid charging – between 40 – 50 minutes
  • Active noise control for crystal clear sound
  • Four hours running time
  • One touch functionality
  • HD microphone
  • Handy carrying case
  • 10-meter range
  • 72 hours standby time
  • 50mAh rechargeable Li-Ion batteries


What Are The Advantages Of These Wireless Earbuds?

  • Noise suppression and crystal-clear audio
  • Easy and quick to charge, so you can use them while out and about
  • Last for a while after being charged
  • Can be connected a number of devices via Bluetooth
  • Wireless
  • Easy to use – you do not need a degree in engineering to work out how to use them
  • One touch functionality – you can change tracks, answer calls and flick through your playlist easily
  • They are CE tested, so that you know they are safe and up to standard

Are There Any Disadvantages To This Product?

We can’t seem to find any downsides to this product aside from only being able to purchase them from the official website. 

Frequently Asked Questions About The DangoBuds

Q: How do the wireless earbuds work?

A: There is no wire, so you need to go into your Bluetooth setting on your phone or device and connect it to the DangoBuds. Once it is connected, you can listen to music or take calls through the earbuds with just one touch. 

Q: Do these burn through the charge quickly?

A: These have a running time of around four hours, making them ideal for everyday use.

Q: How long do they take to charge? 

A: They take just 40-50 minutes to charge.

Q: Does connecting this to your smartphone drain your battery life?

A: Bluetooth uses minimal battery life so it should not be draining your phone. If it is, this is a problem with your cell phone rather than the DangoBuds.

Q: How will I know if they can connect to my smartphone?

A: If your phone has a Bluetooth function, it will work. 

Q: I don’t have a smartphone. Can I use them with my laptop computer?

A: Yes – if your laptop, desktop or other device has Bluetooth, the earbuds will work

Q: What is active noise control?

A: The active noise control feature takes stock of the noise levels in your environment. It then uses opposing sound waves to block out any background sounds. This means that you can hear the noise emitted from your DangoBuds much more clearly. 

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Where can I buy the DangoBuds?

The DangoBuds are currently only available on the official website and not on Amazon or any other third-party websites. The official manufacturer website provides plenty of information about using and caring for your earbuds.

How to order:

The ordering process is simple. First of all, you need to decide exactly how many pairs you want to purchase. Maybe you want a backup for the car or office or are buying some for a gift as well as for yourself.

The more pairs you order, the bigger the discount you will get. When you buy one pair of the earbuds, you will get 50 percent off – that’s half price! If you order two pairs, you will receive a fabulous 56 percent discount, three pairs see you get 56 percent off the original price, making them superb value for money and a great gift option.

There are no hidden fees when you get to the checkout either with shipping fees; the shipping costs are clearly listed depending on the number of products that you purchase. Hurry though, as the offers are not guaranteed to last forever, and you could end up paying more if you wait too long. 

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A range of secure payment options are offered: PayPal, Stripe, as well as the usual credit card options of Mastercard and Visa, American Express and Discover. 

Once you have ordered your earbuds, you will receive an email with confirmation and an order number. A short time later you should receive a shipping message telling you when the product is due to be dispatched and when you should expect to receive it in the mail. There will be a link in the email so you can track where it is, which is a useful feature. 

If for any reason you are not happy with the product, Quality Performance Ltd offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on the DangoBuds. Simply send them back for a full refund or replacement. It is important to note that any shipping costs incurred would not be refunded. 

Who makes this product?

The manufacturer and retailer of this product is Quality Performance Limited. 

How can you get in touch with them if there is a problem?

Their contact details are as below:

Quality Performance Ltd,

377 Valley Road,

# 1123

Clifton, NJ 07013

Contact email: [email protected]

Telephone: USA & Canada: 866 206 0629

Great Britain: 0330818 0883

Australia & New Zealand: (02) 5133 5689

What are other customers saying about this item?

Generally, the online reviews for this product are favorable. They are good quality, reasonably priced and easy to use. What more could someone want from a set of earphones?

People have worn them for jogging, cycling and everyday use and have not experienced any of the typical problems associated with inferior earbuds – they stay put in the ear even with vigorous activity and the sound quality remains good.

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Final thoughts and evaluation of the DangoBuds Wireless Earphones

In comparison to other in-ear audio devices, the DangoBuds offers great sound quality and ease of use at a reasonable price.   Using Bluetooth, the earbuds can be connected to any Bluetooth-enabled device, allowing you to talk on the phone to your friends, take work calls on the go, stream your favorite show, listen to music and audiobooks wherever you are.

You do not have to keep taking them out of your ear or worry about them falling out because they sit comfortably inside thanks to the different sized fittings, and the high-quality lithium batteries charge quickly and efficiently in their portable charger and storage box. All in all, if you want a good all-round audio product, these are a product worth spending your cash on.

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