The Default Gateway Is Not Available In Windows 10: How To Solve This Problem

Almost all of us have Internet at home, and on many occasions, we suffer from errors such as that the default gateway is not available, an unidentified network, or the ethernet cable is not connected in Windows 10. For this reason, we have proposed to propose the maximum amount of useful solutions to solve our connection problems.

For this reason, in this article, we will explain what to do when our system indicates that the default gateway is not available. It is an error that may arise in Windows 10. We will indicate what we can do to fix it.

Sometimes the solution is as simple as restarting the router or our own equipment, and on other occasions, the problem results in more serious results such as having to acquire a new router or otherwise, a new network card. 

It is not common that the errors we get are due to hardware failures since these devices are generally quite reliable and relatively simple to manage.

Reason of the error: the default gateway is not available

gateway is not available

The error “the default gateway is not available” may appear at any time on Windows 10 computers. Generally, this error is caused by a failure in the router that gives access to the Internet, although sometimes the culprit can also be the Windows itself or a bad configuration of the network section.

The reason for this error may be due to various circumstances, among which are:

  • Our router is being updated: it may be that at any given time, the firmware of our router is updated, and we temporarily get errors like this.
  • The router is off: normally another message will appear, such as “the network cable is not connected,” although it is also possible to see the one in question.
  • Firmware or port failure: precisely, this error is not one of those that we must pass. It is not very common to obtain it so that it may be perfect due to an error in the firmware of our router or even the malfunction of the connection port
  • Error in the configuration of the adapter: in the part of our equipment, it may also be due to an error in the configuration of the adapter.

How to fix the problem when the default gateway is not available

When we use our devices, various problems can sometimes arise. Errors that can make what we try not possible. This is something that happens on any platform and can also happen when using network devices or related configurations.

In these types of cases, the reasons can be very diverse. Sometimes it is simply a configuration issue. At other times it may be due to a failure caused by some type of malware or system incompatibility.

We are going to focus on Windows 10 as it is the latest version of Microsoft operating systems. However, this error is not exclusive to this edition. It is possible that it also appears in Windows 7 or Windows 8. In any case, the recommendations that we are going to mention are generic and could also be used in those versions.

Check your network adapter driver first

The problem may be due to the network adapter drivers. It is true that in recent years, the compatibility has improved markedly, and it is increasingly less necessary to install drivers or maintain them. However, it can still be a problem, especially if we are using older devices.

Therefore as mentioned above, the first cause may be in the network adapter drivers. Our advice to rule out this problem is to reinstall the drivers. In case we don’t have them installed, we do.

To uninstall it, you have to open the Windows 10, Device Manager. Then we go to Network adapters and click with the second mouse button on the one that interests us and click on Uninstall.

In the event that we are connected by Wi-Fi and this problem arises, a solution we can try is to forget that network. It is a simple process that can help solve it. To do this, we go to SettingsNetwork and Internet, we enter Wi-Fi, Manage known networks,  and click on Stop remembering. Later we reconnect again.

# Solution 1: The simplest is sometimes the most effective

Windows firewall

We can also disable the Windows firewall. It is possible that it is generating a conflict that causes the error that the default gateway is not available in Windows 10. This software is very useful to protect the security of the computer, but sometimes it can also cause problems.

# Solution 2: Restart router and/or computer


Well, even if it seems silly, the first thing we should do is restart, first the router and then, if the problem persists, the computer.

Not having the gateway available, is indicative that the connection between the equipment and the router is not correct since the gateway is precisely the IP of our router and is necessary to connect our computer to the Internet to through him.

Restarting both devices, we will be able, on the one hand, to reload the router’s firmware, thus solving possible bugs that have occurred during its operation, and on the other, restarting our network adapter so that it tries to obtain a new IP from the server. DHCP of the router.

# Solution 3: Change the connection port or try another device

Another mandatory measure before we start testing configurations is, of course, trying to change the Ethernet port cable to verify that the problem persists. Another interesting practice may be to try to connect another device, either via Wi-Fi or cable.

  • If we continue with the same problem, in other ports or other connections, it is certain that the problem is in our router.
  • If, on the contrary, we have been able to obtain an IP address without error correctly and with Internet access, it will mean that the error is on our own computer.

# Solution 4: Problems in our computer: problem solver

Well, if we have followed the procedure in the previous section, we will have identified that the problem can be found in our specific team. Let’s try the Windows troubleshooter to see if it is able to fix the problem easily.

We go to the right area of ​​the taskbar to right-click on the network icon. Then click on “troubleshoot.

Now we will follow the steps of the wizard, which will vary depending on the problem you have detected. Sometimes this assistant is able to solve the problems we have.

In addition to this, Windows has a few commands to force the appearance of some problem solvers that may make us the task we need.

Let’s go to “Start” and type “CMD” to click on the search result ” Command Prompt.” We will place these commands one by one and press Enter each time we put one:

msdt.exe -id NetworkDiagnosticsNetworkAdapter

msdt.exe -id NetworkDiagnosticsWeb

Finally, msdt.exe -id NetworkDiagnosticsInbound

# Solution 5: Problems in our computer: restart controller manually

What we are going to do is try to restart our connection using this procedure:

Let’s go to “Start” and type “CMD” to right-click on the search result “Command Prompt” and choose the option “Run as administrator.” This way, we will open the Windows command terminal.

Now we will put the following commands in order:

ipconfig / release

Then ipconfig / flushdns

ipconfig / registerdns

And finally ipconfir / renew

In this way, the network adapter will have requested all the network information back to the router.

Now we try to connect to the Internet again.

# Solution 6: Problems in our computer: create a new network adapter

new network adapter

If you still show us that the gateway is not available, or the unidentified network message, we are going to carry out a slightly more extreme process, and it is to reinstall our internet controller from our computer from scratch.

We will place ourselves on the start button, and we will press on it with the right button. We will choose the option “ Device Manager.”

A window will appear with a list of devices in which we will have to look in the upper area “ Network adapters.”

Click on the arrow to display the information and then locate the brand and model of our network card. Right-click on it and choose the option ” Uninstall the device.”

The other items on the list will not matter; the only important one is our adapter. It will be gone, and now, in the network icon of the taskbar, an “x” will appear in red.

Do not panic, we will go to the option ” Action ” in the device manager, and we will click on ” Search for hardware changes .”

Our network card will reappear immediately in the directory, and a new adapter will be configured to restore the connection.

If in our case, we have an external network adapter or using an expansion card, we may also need the installation of the corresponding drivers to ensure that the controller works correctly. Knowing the brand and model of the device, we can go to the manufacturer’s page to download them.

#Solution 7: The network cable is not connected

We leave now outside our team because already, in principle, we have made all the checks within it. At this point, the error may be due to the bad network cable. The crimp of the wires may have broken or not make good contact.

In this case, we only have to buy a cable, compare another, or try if the router gives us Internet access via Wi-Fi.

# Solution 8: Router problem

Router problem

As we have said, it is possible that the router is being updated, we will notice it immediately if we access it, if we see its lights turning off even though it is connected to the power supply, or simply because it has a light dedicated exclusively to notify that the System is updated. In this case, we must NOT restart the router; we must wait for the procedure to finish.

Occasionally, due to sudden power outages, the firmware configuration is corrupted, or the update fails. In this case, what we will have to do is a complete reset to the router to restore the factory settings of the equipment.

Normally most routers, after this procedure, automatically connect to the Internet and assign an IP address to the equipment connected to them. On other occasions, we will have to be the ones who make a small configuration through an assistant if we enter the team.

Initial configuration of a router after a reset

The first thing we will have to do in this case is to obtain the IP address of the router or gateway. For this, we are going to go to “start,” and we will write “CMD” to open “command prompt.”

Now we will have to place the “ipconfig” command and press Enter. We look at the IP address that is located on the “Default Gateway” line.

We must take this and place it in a web browser to access the router. Immediately a page will appear where you will request a username and password, or we will directly enter the wizard

The configuration process will always be quite simple and intuitive.

Performing the procedure, all the Internet connection of your home would be completely restored, and you should not have to connect.

In short, these are some solutions to the Windows 10 error when you report that the default gateway is not available. But sometimes the simplest can be the most effective. We can try the Windows troubleshooter or even simply restart the router. Sometimes it is the best and can help solve many problems.

If you do not feel like doing all this, it is best to talk to your network provider to see what solutions you propose.

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