Destiny2 Error Code Anteater [Detailed Repair Guide]

Error code Anteater usually occurs alongside Error Code BEE. If you are a hardcore Destiny2 player then you must have come across one or two Destiny2 errors and one of them might be Error Code Anteater, dealing with these errors can be quite frustrating since there are no exclusive fixes,

What is Error Code Anteater?

As per the official Bungie forum, Error code Anteater appears to you when there are “interruptions between host and client connections which are caused due to circumstances outside of Bungie’s network.” Error code Anteater usually occurs alongside Error Code BEE. Since there are no fixes offered by Bungie, we have to solve the errors on ourselves, so let’s try and fix by using the following solutions:


Popular Solutions

1. Switch Internet Service Providers

There are hundreds of solutions however most of them end up fixing the error for the short term however for many users the error code Anteater was solved by just switching to another service provider.

Switching ISP’s may not be an easy task since it involves termination fees, installation fees and various terms however you have to look for faster internet services to Fix Error code Anteater.

2. Switch to LAN or Wired Network 

If you are using WiFi or mobile data to connect to the internet for playing Destiny 2 then it is recommended to use wired internet, Users who have switched to LAN connection have reported that Error code Anteater disappeared for them after switching.

If you have LAN cable then do vice-versa of the above method i.e. use wireless internet connection and check whether your problem is solved or not. If the problem continues then try other mentioned methods.

3. Connect Console Directly To The Router

Destiny2 error code Anteater or any other errors you might be having can be resolved by just having a good connection between your console and Destiny 2 and that can be achieved by directly connecting your console to the router and eliminating any other median in between,

Please follow the appended steps:

  • From the router settings page, proceed from Home > Toolbox > Firewall.
  • Create a new Firewall level within your Router settings. (name this “Destiny 2”).
  • From the Router settings page, proceed from Home > Toolbox > Game & Application Sharing and configure the following settings:
  • Enable UPnP.
  • Disable “Extended Security”.
  • Disable any “Assigned Games & Applications” settings.

4. Reboot and Clear Cache

Most of the error code reported by users has disappeared after a full system reboot of clearing cache.

Rebooting of the system differs for Xbox One console/play station 4/PC, which can be done using the following method:

Xbox One

  • Press and hold the power button of the Xbox one console to shutdown it completely.
  • Remove the external power supply element from the power port of the Xbox. Press the power button on the Xbox multiple times to remove all the remaining power and by doing this we can clean the cache.
  • Plug-in the power supply element in the power port and restart the Xbox one.

For play station 4 [PS4]

  • The first step is to turn off the PS4
  • Remove the power cord
  • Wait for 4-5 minutes.
  • Insert the power cord again
  • Reboot the PS4.

This error usually occurs on gaming consoles. The quickest way to fix is to restart your console. If the issue persists after rebooting your device, try to install the latest system and game updates. 

Replace or Update your Internet Components and Devices

Most of the errors encountered by gamers in Destiny2 appeared due to bad internet connections which are caused by bad components and devices used to connect to the internet.

So if your devices are more than a couple of years old we at Error Code Guru recommend you to buy or replace the types of equipment by yourself or by contacting technicians from the cable company.  Hopefully, these methods will fix the problem faced by you.

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