Costs To Hire AngularJS Development Company

Application development becomes more and more popular among entrepreneurs who want to represent their business in the creative way. Furthermore, the technologies of today allow us to create apps of any complexity, size and functionality. Each of these complicated tasks can be perfectly done with an outstanding framework AngularJS. 

Why AngularJS Company: Brief Overview

The team that works on Angular tries to adopt the most modern tools and technologies that are about to make the application or the website development faster, easier to develop, understand the functionality, and test. AngularJS is a great complete package for building even the most complicated products. The AngularJS software engineers are highly productive and are never afraid to face new challenges in AngularJS development.

This article is a guide into the price comparison of the AngularJS development companies in the three parts of the world: USA, Asia and Europe. Needless to say that software development was never a cheap pleasure. But outsourcing the app development may greatly benefit the way your business grows. Before we go deep into numbers and dollars, you should figure out the number of several aspects that affect the cost of the app development.

What affects the cost of the app development?


The richness of the functionality

The price of your application will vary depending on the number of functions and features that you want to implement into it. The more feature-rich you want it to be, the more influence it will have on the development budget.


Operational Storage

Another aspect to consider is that every Angular application usually stores an amount of data. Accounting for this storage is important because it is considered to be a relational concept which means that the more the data, the more it will cost.

Who do you need to hire in order to gather a good and reliable team?

If you are about to hire an AngularJS team, you should realize who you need to have in it.

  • Front-end developer – the price for this person starts from $25 per hour;
  • Full-stack developer who has an understanding with AngularJS, NodeJS or similar technology – hourly rate starts from $30 per hour;
  • Back-end developer who is dealing with the database programming – the price starts from $25 per hour;
  • DevOps engineer and user interface designer who creates the necessary visual view of the app – for both of these members of the team the price starts from $50 per hour.
  • Testing engineer – the price for this segment starts from $15 per hour.

How much does it cost to hire the AngularJS development company?

When you are determined to have an amazing website or application, it is recommended to analyze at least 5 different companies in the market. Where to find the best AngularJS software developers? Here are some of the freelance portals that seem to be quite a good option.


  • Vast tech talent pool – consists of more than thousands of profiles of the qualified offshore developers.
  • Quick hiring – it may take you less than a week to form an offshore development team of freelancers and to employ them.
  • Remote cooperation – you pay only for the development services and do not spend any overhead costs.
  • Direct communication – this freelance portal gives the opportunity to communicate with your workers using video chat.

It is clear that the best service or the best company means, as a rule, that you have to be ready that the price of your project will be flexible. If you want to know the average estimate for an Angular web or mobile project, then you can expect the range from $500 for a rather simple website or application to $20,000 for a highly-customized, feature-rich application or website that can perform outstanding things like video streaming, social networking, etc.

As it was said above, the overall cost to develop a website or an application entirely depends upon the size, complexity, type, specifications. Also, an important thing to take into consideration is the geographical location of the developers’ team.


Asia is the region where technologies grow so fast that the world can barely come up with them. Asia has almost the biggest number of offshore software developers compared with other regions across the globe. In 2018, only in India, this number amounted to almost 3 million.

Another attractive outsourcing destination is China. The great advantage is that the chinese government supports the technical sector of the country and encourages people to work in such a way. 

India is in fact the leading software outsourcing country in Asia. It is also at the top of the list of the digital nations of the world. In 2016, India was nominated as the second country in the world with the greatest number of STEM graduates – 2.6 million. The average developer hourly rate in India is $30.

The 2020 price rates in other Asian countries are:

  • Bangladesh: $25
  • China: $25
  • Malaysia: $30
  • Nepal: $25
  • Philippines: $25
  • Sri Lanka: $25

United States

According to, the average hourly rate of a software engineer in the United States is rather expensive. It goes up to $46.24 per hour. It is more expensive than in Asia. But the price of the development cost in the US also depends on the location, namely on the state. For example:

  • California: $57.07
  • District of Columbia: $48.07
  • New York: $52.15
  • Texas: $44.42
  • Washington: $53.22


Europe is considered to be the most expensive region for hiring AngularJS development companies. When we talk about Western Europe, the rates are very different according to the country:

  • Germany: $56
  • France: $82
  • United Kingdom: $71
  • Sweden: $67
  • Netherlands: $60

According to the statistics, the research showed that at the beginning of 2019, Eastern European countries like Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, and Romania are now among the top 5 global software development centers. 

The average hourly rate for a software developer in the Eastern European countries is lower than in Western. To my mind, such a differentiation can be quite easily explained: people haven’t heard enough about these countries. The prices are below:

  • Belarus: $28
  • Bulgaria: $34
  • Croatia: $25
  • Czech Republic: $34
  • Hungary: $39
  • Poland: $40
  • Romania: $26
  • Ukraine: $37


To sum everything up, the average cost of the application development in countries of Asia is rather lower than in the United States or Western Europe. However, hiring any outsourced developers is the most cost-effective decision.

In fact, you must be careful when you are choosing a country to outsource software development. Do not hurry to sign a contract with the first company you’ve found. Do an analysis, read the feedback of the clients and only then draw a conclusion for yourself. Also, keep in mind that working with Asian or American companies might be a little bit difficult because of the time zone differences.

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