How To Disable Avast Temporarily Or Permanently

So avast Has been annoying you to? Find out how to disable avast temporarily and/or permanently.

First let’s review what is avast anyways.

Avast is an antivirus that we can install for free on our system . When with enough features such as real-time protection, browser protection, RAM among some others.

Its protection is divided into module or shields as they call it, and we will have the possibility of deactivating each of them individually or jointly. And also in different terms from less to more days and even definitively.

Avast has a simple and intuitive interface, although it is possible that at the beginning we have certain difficulties in finding the really interesting options.

In this article, we will see how to deactivate Avast temporarily or how to deactivate any of its modules permanently.

How To Disable Avast Temporality 

To begin, the first thing we will see is how to deactivate Avast temporarily. This action is quite simple and quick to do:

  • We must go to the taskbar and identify the Avast execution icon.
  • If we do not locate this icon on the right side of the bar we will click on the up arrow button
  • The icon that interests us is the one that is shaped like an ink stain or a dove. We must right click on it
  • Now we must place ourselves on the option “ Control of Avast shields ” to extend the options

We will have to choose one of the options that we will have available:

1- Disable for 10 minutes

2- Disable for one hour

3- Disable until the computer restarts

4- Disable Avast permanently

In any case, with this action, we will deactivate all Avast modules simultaneously and for the same time interval. It is the most general and fastest option the program has.Avast

Deactivate an Avast module temporarily

We can also do this action individually in each of their shields. Let’s see how we can do it:

  • To open the program interface, double-click on the icon in the taskbar or on the icon located at the start or on the desktop
  • We must place ourselves on the side tab “ Protection ”
  • We will have four different modules available
  • To deactivate one of them, we must click on the green button and the same options that we had in the previous section will open.Avast

We can also do this from the program configuration:

  • First, open the ” Menu ” button located in the upper right
  • Then choose ” Options “
  • In the new window we must place ourselves on the side tab “ Components ”
  • If we click on the green button of each module, we will obtain the same deactivation options.
  • To accept the changes, we must click on the ” Accept ” button at the bottom of the window

Uninstall an Avast component

In addition to deactivating Avast components, we will also be able to uninstall them individually.
Disable Avast To do this, we must follow the same steps as in the previous section until entering the configuration of each module.

We extend the arrow next to the module deactivation button to open this option

  • Click on “Uninstall component”
  • We will have to confirm about the pop-up window that comes out and the process will take place
  • To reinstall them we will only have to click on “install component ” again.

As you can see, deactivating Avast is a task without too much complication. In addition, it gives us the possibility to uninstall each of the components as well.

Now you know how to turn off your Avast! or pause the shields. Be cautious and activate the protection as soon as possible so that your device is not exposed to the dangers of the Internet.

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