Do Computer Privacy Shields Work?

Privacy while using your computer is important; you don’t want your personal or confidential information landing in the wrong hands. People snooping at your screen only need a few seconds to pick up confidential information. In most cases, you may not even realize that it’s happening till it’s too late.

Do Computer Privacy Shields Work?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be confidential information you’re protecting; you may just find it annoying to have people snooping around on your monitor as you use it. Either way, a privacy shield is exactly what you need.

Using a Laptop in Public

Working remotely has gotten popular over the last few years. People can work away from their offices, as long as they have their laptops and a juicy WiFi connection. Working in a cozy restaurant as you order coffee and a snack has become commonplace.

There are co-working spaces mushrooming everywhere that allow independent professionals to work together in a shared space. As trendy and comfortable as this is, it exposes your work to people who happen to pass by or those sitting next to you.

Even when you’re working in your company’s office, the co-workers you share the workspace with may peep at what you’re doing. Working in an office that serves the public like a hospital or a bank is also a risky environment where confidential information can be seen and used to grossly invade a client’s personal information.

If you tend to work in public, a privacy shield for your laptop is very helpful in safeguarding confidential business and personal data.

How a Privacy Shield Works

Privacy shields or filters are made of thin plastic materials that are either permanently or temporarily installed on a computer screen. The former uses sticky tape while the latter clips on, and this allows you to either have it on or get rid of it at will  

A privacy filter allows only the person looking directly at a computer screen to see what’s on it. People looking from the sides cannot see anything. This is made possible by the use of polarized blinds or tiny louvers that distort the display for people viewing it from the sides.

Why You Would Want to Use a Privacy Shield

Here are some reasons why investing in a privacy shield would be necessary for you:

To Protect Your Privacy

Hacking is one of the biggest threats to cybersecurity for companies and individuals. A study by the Clark School at the University of Maryland revealed that cyber-attacks happen every 39 seconds on average. Global data breaches result in millions of dollars in losses so it’s not something that should be ignored.

Hacking doesn’t just happen digitally; it is also done visually as well. A hacker only needs a few moments to look at what somebody is doing on their computer to pick up valuable information they can use to hack and steal data.

The money you’ll use to get a privacy shield for your computer is a small price to pay to protect you against costly data breaches!

To Protect Your Screen

Your computer screen is susceptible to scratches, smudges, and fingerprints as long as you actively use it. A privacy shield will act as a barrier against these and keep your screen looking pristine and new.

To Protect You from Glare

Glares on your screen happen when the light in the room or from the sun outside falls on the screen, bounces off it, and onto your eyes. Glares make your screen hard to see and so cause your eyes to strain. A privacy filter with an anti-glare coating removes the glare and gives you a comfortable viewing experience.

Privacy Shields with Blue Light Filters Included

Modern computers, smartphones, laptops, tablets, flat-screen TVs, and fluorescent lighting all use blue light technology which provides better displays and saves energy. Unfortunately, blue light exposure, especially at night, is harmful to human beings. That is why privacy shields that also come with blue light filters are so useful.

The Dangers of Blue Light

Blue light from the sun is good for you because it regulates your sleeping patterns, keeps you alert, gives you positive moods, and improves your cognitive functions. The problem comes in when, even after the sun goes down, you continue to expose yourself to blue light from digital devices.

Excessive exposure to blue light damages your eyes. It is one of the main reasons that cause digital eye strain, a condition where you experience sore, dry, and red eyes, backaches, neck, and shoulder pains. Blue light also leads to the increased risk of developing macular degeneration, a condition where the cells of the retina break down and cause blurry vision.

When your eye detects blue light at night, it tricks your mind into thinking it is day time. Therefore, your mind remains alert and keeps your body active. When this happens, catching sleep becomes difficult because your body has not gone through the natural winding down process.

Lack of sufficient sleep opens a Pandora’s Box of developing other health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, obesity, depression, and some types of cancer.  

To avoid all these negative consequences, you will need to install a blue light filter on your computer and other digital devices.

How a Blue Light Filter Works

Blue light is found between the ranges of 380nm and 470nm on the electromagnetic spectrum. Blue light filters are made with special coatings that block light in this range. They do this all without affecting the quality of the display of your screen.

A blue light filter will give you the freedom to work late into the night all while protecting your eyes, preserving your sleep, and keeping health complications at bay.

To find out more about how and why you should protect your screen’s privacy, you can read Ocushield’s guide to computer privacy. They also offer high-quality privacy shields with blue light filters, anti-glare coatings, and protective barriers.They come in different sizes and styles for your laptop, monitor, and Macbook.

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