How to Download From a Public Instagram Account? [Stories, Videos, and Posts]

Love using Instagram? And wish to download the stories, videos, and photos? Well, we have come up with an updated 2020 guide that can help you with easy steps to download stories, photos, and videos on Instagram in bulk.

However, before you start downloading the Instagram content, you need to ensure that you take permission from the creator. 

Please know that these methods will help you in downloading the content only from a Public account. Jasmine, an educator who offers the best product management courses online, says that she has long been looking for a workable method to save cooking videos on her phone, but found no success as yet.

Well, here, in this article, we will help Jasmine and you with easy steps to download photos, posts, and videos in bulk on both your phone and computer. Having said that, let us proceed and take a look at some steps to download Instagram stories, videos, and photos. 

Instagram – Download the posts in bulk

Stanley, who works with TFTH, and handles a meme page on Instagram, says that it is a pain to take Screenshots from multiple pages for posting content on his page. Well, if that is the trouble you are experiencing, too, here is something that you need to do.  

In this first method, we will help you with some steps to help you download the videos and photos of Instagram in bulk. These steps will work just fine on both Windows 10 and macOS. However, there is one prerequisite. You should have Google Chrome installed. Let us take a look at the steps below: 

Open the browser, Google Chrome. Now, download an extension from Chrome’s web store, i.e., the Downloader for Instagram + Direct Message.


Once you are done Installing the extension, you will have to open Instagram in a new Chrome tab.

Next, open the profile with the posts, videos, or photos you have to download. 

After the profile loads in front of you, you can one by one hover onto the videos and the photos. Following it, you will have to press onto the Download button. Once done, you can save them on your computer.


Now, what to do if you wish to download Instagram stories from some accounts? Again, open the profile that has that story. Open their stories, and press onto the Download button. Once done, you will be able to save the story that is playing on the screen.

If you want to download all the stories from a profile, you can press onto the Download all button. Following this, all the stories, so updated by the said Instagram account would be saved.


Terresa, an associate who offers do my homework services online, says that she likes saving some videos from Instagram to see during her travel time, but it is a pain to download the videos individually.   

Well, if like Terresa, you are experiencing the same problem, here is what you can do. If you wish to download your videos and photos in bulk, you can press on to the Download all button present at the top-right corner.

There, you can select the range of pictures that you want to download. You can even customize the advanced settings as required. After it is done, press onto Download. 

Instagram -Downloading the videos, stories, and photos on the phone

Jason, an educator who works with FineGrades, says that he has long been looking for something that works to download the photos, stories, and videos on the phone.

Well, yes, the last method that we discussed above this works only for computers. So, if like Jason, you wish to download Instagram stories, photos, and videos, then here are the steps you need to follow. 

On your phone, visit the site 

On the home screen, you have to tap on the hamburger icon. Next, click on Tools, and then following it, hit Instagram Downloader.


If you want to download a photo from a specific account on Instagram, you can open the account with your Instagram app, select the photos, and then tap on to the three dots icon towards the top-right corner. Following it, you have to tap on to the Copy link. 

Now, you will have to revisit Press onto the Download photo, and then you have to paste the link in the blank space. Once done, you can click on the Search menu. After that, the photo will appear in your results. Click on Download, and you can proceed further.

You have to follow similar steps when you have to download a video on Instagram. Copy the link, paste it under Download video, and that’s it. 

If you want to download the stories on Instagram, you can press on the website’s Download stories button. In there, you will have to enter the username of the Instagram account whose stories you have to download.

Following that, you will be able to see all the fresh stories of the person. This menu will also present the past stories, i.e., only the Highlights. You have to press on the Download menu from under the post that you have to store on your phone, and you are sorted. 

You can follow these steps and download content from Instagram accounts.

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