What Is The Best Dpi For Fps In My Mouse? Learn The Pro & Sensitivity Configuration

We know how to play Fornite on PC, but sometimes we play on a computer that is not ours and we know something strange is happening. Is it fair to blame the mouse after losing? Sometimes yes, in fact. Configuring our mouse to play Fortnite is essential to take our long-awaited victory. But what is the best dpi for fps gaming? And more importantly, do we need a specific mouse to play FPS games accurately?

To start, we recommend playing with a keyboard and mouse that are comfortable and that resist those long gaming sessions. A mouse like the MSI CLUTCH-GM50 is also easy to configure. With this peripheral and the VIGOR GK60 keyboard, we have everything ready to play at the highest level. If we know how to configure everything … and what needs to be configured.

Ok, but what is DPI?

Dpi For Fps

While the DPI are the dots per inch that the sensor detects, something like resolution, the sensitivity of the mouse is based on four aspects: the X and Y axes, ADS and look. While the DPIs help us to see how many movements the sensor detects, the sensitivity is not strictly affected by any change in them. Depending on the game, the sensitivity of the vertical and horizontal axes may change. That is, nothing of “less DPI, less sensitivity.”

There are different websites and tools that allow us to check all these elements to the millimeter, but we must bear in mind that we are not worth the same for all games. In some we will be required a greater number of IPR than in others knowing the best dpi for fps and Fortnite games?

How to Know the best dpi for fps games?

Mouse DPI is one of the most common questions to those users who are beginning to understand about peripherals, especially mice, is whether there is an optimal DPI range to play, especially in games that require higher accuracy, such as first-person shooter (FPS).

There are a number of factors that influence how accurate a mouse can be and one of the key variables is its sensor implementation, so some may even use the same sensor model but have completely different performances, such as the PMW3310 mouse used. On Zowie mouse, which have an absurdly lower Lift-off Distance (LOD) than Ducky mouse, which use the same component.

The accuracy of sensors in different DPI ranges

One of the few features that hardly change from one implementation to another is the accuracy of certain mouse DPI ranges, so unless a sensor is absurdly poorly implemented, the tendency is for mouse DPI ranges to become increasingly more inaccurate as they grow and may vary according to the capabilities of each model.

A good example we can use is the Razer DeathAdder Elite PMW3389, considered as one of the best sensors in the world. It supports a native maximum resolution of up to 16000 DPI, however, as we increase the values ​​the accuracy drops. Using the mouse in DPI ranges below an average of 8000 we can say that the sensor is quite accurate and consistent, however when we move beyond this limit the quality of the tracking drops exponentially.

To have a good benchmark we can use PMW3310 again in another example. This sensor has a native maximum resolution of 5000DPI and we all know that it is considered an excellent model as it is used in Zowie mice, which is a reference in quality in e-sports. However, if used in ranges above 3200DPI, the PMW3310 loses much consistency and accuracy, suffering mainly from jitter problems, which we can see in Ducky Secret at 5000DPI. This is exactly why Zowie only allows up to 3200DPI ranges in its mice.

The evolution of sensors

It is quite common to see users pointing to the little difference in accuracy that top of the line sensors have over others, however, this is easily explained by the stagnation of the market in the production of new models, and after all, even cheaper sensors like a PMW3330 are already able to deliver excellent accuracy over conventional DPI ranges. This is exactly where we realize what sensors can and should still evolve: higher DPIs.

One of the reasons why new sensors are getting better and better at high DPI is precisely the evolution of monitor resolution, after all, it is not as interesting to use 800DPI on a 4K monitor as it is on a Full-HD monitor, because the amount of pixels in the screen is much larger, which causes the cursor to move at a slower speed.

Why not use less than 800DPI?


The main reason why you don’t use DPI ranges below 800, like the 400 we usually see natively implemented, is because you are probably going to suffer from the famous pixel skipping, which is often related to the low capacity of the sensor at register high speeds, but can also be seen at speeds too slow.

When your sensor is working at 400DPI, it is literally registering 400 points with every inch it travels. The higher the sensitivity used in a game’s settings, the more you are forcing a greater distance to these few 400 points, meaning the space between each recorded point gets larger as you increase the sensitivity, causing the pixel skipping. and destroying its accuracy in small movements.

The effect can be seen in the video below, although the author’s explanation is not as accurate.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/TcjfPKftJBQ” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

But then, what is the best dpi for fps gaming?

It is quite difficult to tell which is the best mouse DPI range without performing some tests on it, however if you prefer not to look for technical reviews about it, what we can guarantee is that any sensor with the least quality these days needs provide as much accuracy as possible between a minimum of 800 and 3200DPI. If you use a Full-HD monitor, you will hardly need more than this.

If you think 3200DPI is still too little for you to use in games I suggest you increase your sensitivity in the game settings in question, because if you don’t know if your mouse sensor offers the most accuracy above that, it is better do not risk it.

The configuration of the Pro

One of the first steps that we usually carry out when we are thinking of configuring our entire team to play better is also a very logical thought in the competitive world: take a look at the configuration used by pro players . Ninja, Myth, shroud or summit1g are some of the best known Fortnite players internationally. They are also the most “copied” by the community.

In the case of Ninja, we find that the streamer brings his mouse to 800 DPI and a sensitivity of 0.08, 0.57 and 0.40 (sensitivity X / Y, ADS and look). If we look at the shroud configuration, we see that he uses the mouse at 400 DPI , with a sensitivity of 0.13, 0.65 and 0.56 . Myth has his mouse at 600 DPI, with sensitivity of 0.08, 0.70 and 0.50.

Accuracy and efficiency

Actually the configuration of our mouse is completely subjective. Following the experts, it is clear that our DPI settings should be at 800 or 400-450. The lower it is, the more control. And with greater control, greater precision. Precision is the key in any shooter worth its salt, and that includes Fortnite.

The mouse ADS sensitivity provides greater control at 0.40 or 0.50, perfect for moments of more action. The sensitivity of the sight reduces the speed when aiming with rifle-type weapons, and it is generally recommended to set it at 0.45.

It is also important to think about comfort, something that not all mice provide. An ergonomic mouse that allows our hand to adapt perfectly is key when enjoying long gaming sessions. The perfect example is with the MSI CLUTCH-GM50, a mouse that, without falling into the complex designs of gaming mice, has those specifications that make a difference.

Not only does it allow us to choose from millions of colors for lighting, but we can also configure even the smallest detail to adapt to Fortnite.

With an ambidextrous mouse we have maximum comfort. Its ergonomic design helps make the movement more precise, and thanks to OMRON’s special features it reaches 20 million clicks.

How to configure DPI and mouse sensitivity?

configure DPI

Most of the mice that we find in the market today have quick accesses to configure their sensitivity. The most gaming include software to configure even the smallest aspect. Others, however, do not have buttons or a program to help us, so you will have to pull the control panel.

In that case we will have to look at what options the operating system allows us and, in any case, uncheck the function of improving the accuracy of the pointer.

How to know that the mouse is ready for Fortnite or integrated with best dpi for FPS before coming to us? Very easy. If we slide the mouse over the mat and our character makes a complete 360º turn, we are facing the appropriate configuration.

The idea is that our character moves fluently at the slightest sway of the mouse, but always with precision. In the SPF, the naturalness of the movement and accuracy are sought above all. Yes, although Fortnite is not a realistic graphics game, that the interpretation of the mouse to the turns is “realistic” helps a lot.

It’s not always the mouse’s fault

We may have managed to configure the mouse in the best possible way, and yet we still find defeat more times than we would like. Why? Because not everything is to leave the mouse ready. There are other elements around our Fortnite game that can leave us in the lurch.

We cannot forget the dreaded matchmaking . The system that tries to pair with players or teams of similar level is not perfect. As much as we analyze our statistics from previous games, Fortnite’s cross game gives trouble. And that, in theory, its matchmaking is based is input-based .

That is, it only matches us with those players who have the same means as us. If we play with mouse and keyboard, they will only match us with players with mouse and keyboard. Yes, even if we are in front of a PC, we play with a remote, they will match us with players who play with a remote.

Another very different thing, and that also affects us, is the input lag . This assumes the time that passes from when we give the order from a source, such as a key on the keyboard or a click on the mouse, until what we have ordered appears on the screen.

If we perceive that the action happens with some delay, it is time to check that everything is in order. We will first have to update the mouse drivers . If we already have them updated but we still notice the delay , we will have to try to reinstall them.

Input lag problems are not just something that affects the mouse or keyboard individually. We have to ensure that our team is ready before falling into chopped floors.

The perfect setup for the ideal team

Mind you: the mouse is not everything in Fortnite. We have to take into account the rest of our hardware equipment and configure it to our needs. A mouse designed for SPF is just the beginning. We also need a perfect keyboard, a monitor and, of course, a computer. All this, with the best possible configuration to get away from any problem of input lag, delay or lack of graphics.

The ideal pair for our MSI CLUCH-GM50 is the VIGOR GK60 keyboard, perfect for professional players. This peripheral has a detail that will delight the most exquisite: WASD keys in metallic style. Resistance proof of millions of uses.

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