How To See Durability in Minecraft [No Mods]

How To See Durability in MinecraftAre you trying to find out how to See Durability in Minecraft without Mods? In this guide, we will give you the ultimate shortcut.

Minecraft is one of the few games that demands so much attention from players, such as the durability of items.

You need to be aware that your tools, weapons, and armor may wear out over time and need to be replaced or repaired. Check out how to show durability in Minecraft.

A bit about Meincraft durability

According to, empact America, As an indie game, Minecraft has won millions of fans worldwide. It is currently one of the most played games in the world and one of the most successful in youtube gameplays.

The game is based on an open world made of blocks, and in this block universe, you have two game options, a simpler mode where you venture only with buildings and explorations that can be realized in surprising ways or in survival mode.

How Do You Find The Durability of An item

One of the things that most dazzles Minecraft players is the variety of items they can get during the game. There are thousands that can be found or created by the players themselves. Such items have durability, wear, and may even break, but to avoid, it is necessary to keep an eye on durability.

Commonly you may notice a small bar just below the object icon, and this bar indicates its state by color; green means “ good,” yellow “ medium ” and red “ bad.” You can also choose to see exact numbers just by pressing the “ F3 ” and “ H ” keys.“Mouse over the item, it will show the exact durability numbers.


Where to check the durability of my items?

All durable items in Minecraft have a bar that shows their condition. They will not be visible if the item is at 100%, but one use is enough for it to appear. The bars indicate the degree of wear of the items also by the colors, which go from green (right) to yellow (medium) and eventually red (bad). The better the material of the item, the longer it takes to wear out.

Colored bars on items determine their durability

How To See The Durability Of an item in Minecraft 1.14

There are two methods for fixing items in Minecraft. The simplest of these is the good old crafting, joining two already weakened items to create one with more excellent durability. For example, by joining two Iron Pickaxes, you will have a new Iron Pickaxe, which will last for the sum of both Iron Pickaxes.

This method is especially useful for freeing up inventory when you have two or more identical worn items, but any incantations will be lost in this process. Only two items can be joined at a time, but the process can be repeated.

Step 1: Pick up two relatively worn items.

2nd Step: Put them in your Crafting Area or on a Desk.

Step 3: Take the resulting item from these two items and add them to your inventory.

Simple repair by joining two worn items - how to show durability in Minecraft

The second method is more complicated. It involves fixing your items using an anvil. The advantage of this method is that it retains any charm in items, allowing you not to lose an excellent enchanted tool, weapon, or armor. The disadvantage is that it will cost experience points and depending on the level of repair and charms, will be many points.

For more complicated repairs you will need an Anvil

After you create an Anvil, you will need to have some of the same material you used to create this item to repair. For example, Iron for an Iron Pick or Diamonds for a Diamond Pick. You can also use another worn item and in this case, even unite the spells of different items into one tool, weapon, or armor, but again at great cost.

Step 4: Create an anvil using 3 Iron Blocks on the top row and 4 Iron Bars completing an I shape.


If you do not know how to make Iron Blocks, they are made with 9 Iron Bars, filling the entire Crafting area of ​​a Worktable.

how to show durability in Minecraft

Step 5: Right-click on the anvil and you will see a window with 3 free spaces, like this: [] + [] => [].

6th Step: Place your worn tool in the first slot and the material or second tool in the second. The order is not important.

Step 7: Check the cost of experience points and see if you can afford it. The better the tools and charms, the higher the cost.

Step 8: Take the resulting repair or join the item and add it to your inventory.

We hope this post firmly helps you to understand how to show durability in Minecraft and fix the weapons. What was your biggest Minecraft achievement? Comment Below.

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