Dying Light 2 Release Date and Its Latest Updates

Dying Light 2 developers state: “We announced the game too early, but it’s not in production hell.” The studio admitted that they ran into problems, but now everything is going well. Immediately following the announcement that news of the Dying Light sequel will be shared on March 17th, the Community Manager at Techland tweeted with fans and answered a few questions.

In particular, the developers admitted that they should have presented the game to the public later and wait until production progressed a little further. However, they reassured that everything is fine with Dying Light 2 at the moment, and the studio is happy to share the details with fans.

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The announcement of Dying Light 2 took place back at E3 2018 but, since then, there has been not much serious news about the game itself, except for one gameplay show. Since then, the developers have stopped working with Chris Avellone (Fallout 2, Planescape: Torment), the art director and screenwriter left the company, and the studio staff anonymously spoke about production problems for two different investigations in the media.

The “Big” Investigation

On February 23, The Gamer published a large-scale investigation of the situation in Techland, the Polish studio that develops Dying Light 2. Journalists spoke with 10 former and current employees of the company who gave comments anonymously, as well as Pavel Marczewka, President of Techland.

Key issues for Techland, according to former and current employees, are poor planning, autocratic governance, and a toxic corporate culture. The Gamer sources believe that the main cause of these problems is the leadership of Techland, namely its president Pavel Marchevka. The developers describe the situation with the saying: “The fish rots from the head.”

Marchevka, according to Techland employees, works as an “eye of Sauron”: he personally monitors almost all departments of the studio, interferes in their work, and forces them to redo various aspects of Dying Light 2.

Pavel Marchevka is convinced that ideas for Techland games should be borrowed from games of other developers. Therefore, the studio staff is almost forced to use other people’s suggestions and mechanics. Especially closely, Marczewka follows another Polish studio, CD Projekt RED, and Techland associates his fixation on the success of CDPR with a disease.


Latest News

On March 17, Techland released a video with a short message to fans. Employees of the company read out several tweets from fans — aggressive and not too aggressive ones — and assured them that they perfectly understand their concerns, but they are not ready to share the details yet.

They stated that development is going well, but they would welcome any fan support. In addition to addressing the players, the video showed several gameplay shots and the date “2021” immediately after the phrase “Stay with us.” Whether this means the game will be released before the end of the year is unclear.

Techland also launched its Discord channel, where fans can ask their questions to developers. They promise to be answered in a series of short videos of the AMA format (ask me anything).

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