Is EaseUS Safe – Get To Know One Of The Most Reliable Data Recovery Software

Have you lost any precious data due to a problem with your machine’s software or hardware? If so, then there is no doubt that you will need a data recovery program. Without such software, it is almost impossible to recover lost data on Windows without any help.

There are several companies and software that do this work for you, but today, we will get to know the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, which is one of the most trusted in the industry, with 15 years of experience in the field, and also one that we tested and can be used by the average user.

Why DO I Need EaseUS Data Recovery Software?

The occasions when such software will “save your life” are diverse, such as data that has been erased improperly, damage to the hard disk, formatting, partition loss, system crash, human error or virus attack, among others cases of data loss.

Since each case may require a different action, we use the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard because it works as one all in one. For example, if the problem is Partition Recovery, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will recover data from damaged partitions, but if the problem was deleting important files without any backup, such as emptying the Recycle Bin, that program may also recover deleted files and so on.

Is EaseUS Safe?

The EaseUS Wizard is a program for Windows and Mac aimed at recovering files thrown in the trash, lost due to software failure, formatted machines, damaged disk, virus attack or any other unknown reason.

For both platforms, there is a free trial only and a paid version. In its free version, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard allows you to recover up to 1Gb of data. However, if share the software to social media, you could recover up to 2GB of data FREE of charge. 

It has a very clean and easy interface, even for users who have never used such features. To use it initially, you have to choose if you want to recover something deleted, present in any partition, or if you want to do the full restore.


If you want to find content from any partition or folder, you should open integration with Windows Explorer to find the destination to scan. Next, thumbnails of the lost files will be shown so you can redeem them. For full recovery, you can search for absolutely all file types, or from a list, and you can select only the formats you want to find.

The application recovers data from partitions formatted with original file names and storage paths. It is also capable of restoring those data you thought were lost forever in system crashes.

How To Use The Program To Recover Lost Data?

Using the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is easier than you might think. Generally, such work could only be done by one person in the area, a technician in assistance, but this is past water. Everything just got simpler and easier to do. Also, this extremely simple and safe free software does not require the users any kind of experience in recovering lost files.

You need to do 3 simple steps:

Step 1. Select on the device the area in which the lost data was located.

Where did you lose the files? Find the place on the disk where the data was lost to start the file search.

EaseUS Data Recovery Across Multiple Drives

Step 2. Choose File Type & Start Scanning

Run a quick or full scan on the device of your choice: Quick Scan / Deep Scan. You can always pause or stop the data recovery process to resume it later. If necessary, you can export and import scan results.

Step 3. Get the recovery results.

Filter the files you want to recover after scanning. If in doubt, you can open a preview of any file before starting recovery. Get everything you need for data recovery. You can also see previews of audio and video files before saving.

Does the EaseUS data recovery wizard have the ability to download and try to use it? Judge for yourself:


  • easy to understand in an intuitive interface for an inexperienced user;
  • 100% safe for source data;
  • fast and accurate scanning through the use of optimized algorithms;
  • convenient to use – you can pause the scan and start the search later:
  • The saved scan result can simply be imported to resume recovery without re-scanning.

What are the files on which the program can restore media?

The recovery wizard works with data on the following media:

  • PC: Recovery of hard drive, external hard drive, and SSD on PC, laptop or servers, even formatted partitions.
  • Memory Card: Recover lost data from a damaged memory card, including SD card, CF card, micro-card, and much more.
  • USB Stick: Resuscitation of lost data during a failure on a USB drive, flash drive, manual drive and other removable media due to accidental deletion, formatting, virus attack, etc.
  • Other Digital Devices: Retrieving lost data from a digital camera, mobile phone, iPod.

In what cases can we hope for the return of lost files?

  • Accidental deletion
  • Formatting
  • Hard drive failure
  • File corruption due to virus attack
  • System failure
  • Section loss
  • Data recovery from a RAW partition.
  • Many other cases of data loss and recovery.

In addition to the free, there is a version of “Pro.” Powerful EaseUS scanning algorithms efficiently recover deleted data by scanning every byte on disk.

Our Final Words On EaseUS Data Recovery Tool

return of lost files

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has been able to perform its tasks efficiently. Quickly analyzed data (in folders, accomplished the task in seconds), tracking lost files from folders and hard drives.

It showed that it is equipped with a robust system that scours files, even going after those that have been deleted by other cleaning software.

The well-designed interface, clean and fully focused on only three functions (file, full and folder recovery) makes it completely intuitive to use, even with an English version only. Apart from all the advantages presented, there is also no need for technical knowledge to explore the program. The buttons are quite organized. The user just needs to know what to do and click on the option of interest for the software to start recovering the data.

The restriction is due to the slow rescue of hard disk files (C or D, for example). In the test, the program took more than three hours to begin the recovery process. This has not prevented or hindered the use of the system, but for those in a hurry, it can be a negative point.

Overall, the program is still one of the best for easily recovering missing files from the machine. And to accomplish the task, the user need not be an expert. Worth the download!

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