Entrepreneurs Guide to Choose the Best Tools for Their Business

Entrepreneurs need a few arms in their arsenal to work successfully on their startups. These include digital tools that can assist them in managing their workflow, handle multiple tasks, and do a lot more within minimum time. While numerous tools are available in the market, it is not always possible for entrepreneurs to check them all out and see which one works best for their business.

That is where our guide for entrepreneurs to choose the best tools for business comes in. We help them easily find out which type of tools will work best for their business, how to find these tools, and what to expect from them.

Project Management

First on our list is a project management tool. It is crucial for business success and allows users to easily manage their tasks with ease. You can use a decent project management tool to scale your business. Some free tools you can use to manage your projects include Trello, Monday, ClickUp, Freedcamp.

These are free project management tools that allow you easy access to content and task management. If you have teams working remotely, they can easily update their statuses on the project management tools, and you can see them as and when needed.

Accounting Software

Next on our list is the accounting and budgeting software. This software are essential for an entrepreneur that is handling teams or working with clients. Billing, budgeting, and financial management are a few tasks that not everyone can easily manage without the right tools.

That’s why accounting and financial management tools are crucial to business success. If you are looking to manage their account needs instead of hiring an accountant to do that, you can do so with all-in-one accounting software tools like Freshbooks, Quickbooks, etc. These tools also make life easier by integrating business intelligence tools like Google data studio and Microsoft Power BI. 

Email Marketing and CRM tools

You need clients, and client acquisition is not easy. That’s where email marketing software comes in handy. Some of the best email marketing tools you can use for business include ActiveCampaigns and MailChimp, and if you are looking for an email marketing and CRM tool, then the best one is Hubspot.

If you want to manage enterprise campaigns, then Salesforce is a great place to start from. All these enterprise-level tools help you easily manage your clients, keep them in the loop, and even call prospects directly through your CRM software.

You can also use free CRM tools that are open source to manage most of your tasks, such as Mautic. These are self-hosted tools, so you need to keep them on your own servers and manage them for easy marketing of your projects and client acquisition.

Audio Books

Audiobooks are not tools. They are just books that any entrepreneur needs to stay on track and get more information while on the go. Books are necessary, but in our fast-paced world, finding books to read is difficult. You can listen to audiobooks on the go or when you are doing house chores or even workouts.

Audiobooks are great for any business that would want to improve its insights and learn more about how the business processes work. You can get Audiobooks on Spotify, Audible, Scribble, or download audiobooks directly on your mobile or laptop and listen to them on any audio media player.

CMS Tool

Next, we have Content management systems like WordPress, Shopify, Drupal, Typepad, Wattpad, Medium, and various others you can use to manage your content marketing activities. Content management systems allow you to easily create and publish content on your website or on a hosted platform.

WordPress allows you to create your own website from scratch and launch your content marketing activities, while Medium and Wattpad offer you a sub-domain to create your own content marketing efforts. You can go with any of the two options depending on your requirements and needs.

If you want a content management system that requires continuous marketing, the best one would be the WordPress CMS tool. It is fast, simple, and free. Anyone with the right knowledge can use WordPress to scale their business.

Search Engine Marketing Tool

When we talk about scaling our business, we have to look at the audience. The best way to get more audience for your content is through search engines. And this is where search engine management and marketing tools come in handy.

We have a screaming frog for site optimization and management, and we have keyword marketing and management tools for website optimization. These SEO and SEM tools are a great way to manage your overall content. They can help you rank higher in search engines, find opportunities to rank better and see what type of content works best for your audience. 

Merge them with site analytics tools like Adobe Analytics or Google analytics, and you have a perfect combination for ranking websites higher in search engines.

Phone Marketing Tool

You need a marketing and tracking tool to see how your prospects behave with your marketing efforts. You can integrate a CRM with your call marketing tool so that everything is available at your fingertips.

Some of the best call marketing tools you can call your prospects are Hubspot, CallRail, and FreshCaller. All these tools offer analytics, tracking, comments, notes, and scheduling. You can easily create calendar notifications, meeting invites, track call experience, duration, feedback, and analysis to know what type of prospects are working best for you.

You can even track by geography and location and set up email and marketing funnels to manage your tasks easily.

Online ads management tools

Online ad management tools are necessary for all those that are looking to get sales through running ads. We have Google ads management software, Bing ads management tool, Facebook ads management tool, and a lot more. In fact, each social media or search engine offers its own ad management tool that you can easily use to test how your campaigns are performing. These ad management tools help you find prospects easily, convert them faster, and generate more sales for your business.

You can even use these ads management tools to see the working of your ads, audience behavior and find opportunities that click with your business. Ads management tools work best when you have an epic product. If your product is not that great, then these ads management tools won’t work for you. That’s why ads and content go hand in hand. You have to do regular tests to ensure your product works.


These are just some of the essential tools that any entrepreneur would need to start and scale their business. Entrepreneurs from any field and industry will need all of these tools to manage, market, and sell their products to their target market.

Have we missed any tools in the list above? Tell us about it through the comments below.

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