Apple itunes Error Code 9039 [Quick Fix]

The error code 9039 is not specific to one single kind of device. In this article, we take you through the different ways in which you can handle this error. We have tried and tested five different methods to solve the error. Try them one by one to see which one works for you.

What is Error 9039?

The error code 9039 is not specific to one single kind of device. The error code comes up when a user is shopping in the iTunes store. Regardless if you are looking for specific content or you could be trying to download a particular file or the store.

The process could be halted in the middle if you are out of your luck to encounter this error code. The error code 9039 is not specific to one single kind of device. It is seen in Mac devices as well as personal computers using Windows. Apple Music users or Homepod users are also seen to encounter the error code.

Apple does not have a specific solution for the error code. This means that there is no single solution that is sure to work for you. However, we do have some troubleshooting methods that you could try. They work for the majority of the users and could help you out, too. Make sure you try them before getting stressed out and punching your device on the face. That will only bring good to Apple or some other company. Here is the list of troubleshooting methods. Move on to the next method if the previous one doesn’t help you.

Solution 1: Update Your iTunes

This one is a standard piece of advice. It will help you out in a lot of other situations and error codes. Update your iTunes store if you are using an older version of it. There is a possibility that the error code is arising simply because of the incompatibility of the older version of the store with some aspect of the process. A lot of times the company resolves some bugs and puts the update out. It is also possible that an unsolved bug is causing the error to appear. It will, of course, be taken care of by updating the store.

Solution 2: Connect your device directly with the computer

Sometimes the connection between the device and the computer is not strong enough to carry on accurate functions. This could hinder the functions of the iTunes store. It could also result in the error of 9039 messages. It is advisable to connect your device directly to the computer. It ensures a strong connection and relaunching the store could result in seamless functioning this time.

Solution 3: Reboot All The Devices Currently in Use

As we have said before, the exact origin of the error 9039 bug is unidentified yet. This means that there is no telling with assurance about the whereabouts of the fault. It could be in the device you are using. It could be the store itself or simply a poor internet connection.

You might suddenly hit this error when trying to add and images or media files to your iTunes library.

You should then reboot all the devices you are currently using. This includes the computer and the wifi router. This will eliminate any starting bugs if there were any. If the devices encountered a problem in starting previously, it will be fixed this time. It is definitely worth a shot.

Solution 4: Try Signing Out And Then Signing in Again on Your iTunes

It is perfectly possible that the iTunes store confronted a big of some kind while launching. It could be hindering the process of accurate functioning. To eliminate any problem arising from this kind of source, try signing out of your iTunes Store and then signing in after rebooting. Here is how you can do that.

  • Open the ‘Account’ option and click on the ‘Sign out’ option. You will be signed out of your iTunes account.
  • Now, close the application. Turn off your computer. It is also better if you turn off the wifi router too. You can avoid that if you have already done that previously.
  • Turn the computer back on and connect with the wifi.
  • Now launch the iTunes app. You will be able to sign in to the store

Solution 5: Turn Off any Security Software if Active

3 Ways to Turn Off Mac Firewall - wikiHow

Security software is a must-have on every device. They keep your device safe from all the viruses and malware our device comes in contact with through emails, corrupt files, downloads, and apps. To do their job, they have to go through every file and function of the computer.

This can sometimes work against our intentions. This can hinder an ln application’s functioning. It could also be the reason you are seeing that 9039 messages on your device. Follow the steps given below.

  • Exit and shit off the iTunes store.
  • Open the security software that you have on your device.
  • Deactivate the software. You will be easily able to do so.
  • Now head back to the iTunes store and launch the application.

Try all of the methods given above. You are most likely to get help from one of the methods above if the message persists, you should contact Apple. It is their duty towards their customers to sort out any problem they are dealing with regarding the technology they have spent their hard-earned money on.

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