How to Fix Origin Error Code 9.0

Origin Error Code 9.0Origin error code 9.0 is an error code that occurs when you try to install or update Origin and the process is halted.

Origin is an online gaming distribution platform which you can use to find and buy your favorite and latest games. You download and install origin and then you make a purchase for the game you wish to play, and all is done! Origin is developed by Electronic Sports and is quite famous among users and gamers.

But, like everything else known to humans, it’s not perfect and users face some issues with it which they are not sure how to tackle. Some even took to the internet to express their frustration and blamed the developer for not looking into their complaints. Although it should be mentioned that the authenticity of these comments can be questioned, and it is not a wise decision to defame the developer on its basis.

But the problem stands. It is true that a lot of users have faced and are facing this issue of error code 9.0. The error is seen while someone is installing or updating the platform.

The install is halted and a message appears informing about the error. Also, the developers seem to have no answer to the problem, too. So what can you do if you are facing the error? Let us look deep into the problem and explore some ways you can use to troubleshoot and get rid of the error.

What Is The Source Of The Error Code 9.0?

We know that the error is seen when we try to install or update the platform. The exact cause of the error 9.0 cannot be pinned because the developers have been silent about it and have not been able to fix it. It is speculated that an unsupportive or corrupt .NET framework could be hindering the installation process. This results in the error 9.0 message. It could also be the case that the antivirus on the device, that is there to track harmful files and websites, could be causing problems and not letting the installation process of origin complete.

Solutions For Fixing Error Code 9.0

We discussed that the developers have not yet identified the basic cause for the error 9.0 problem. A little more demotivating news is that the status is the same when it comes to finding solutions for the error. But this does not mean that there is nothing that you can do to fix the problem by yourself. Although there is no sure shot that can be taken from the user end, there are some troubleshooting tips and tricks you can follow. These often get the results and we hope they do the same for you, too.

Solution #1 Restart the PC

Solution #2 Update the .NET Framework of the PC

Like all the other online platforms, Origin keeps updating its features on the basis of user recommendation. The user can enjoy those features once he updates to the latest version of the Origin. However, it is a possibility that the new origin software is not compatible with the .NET Framework of your PC.

This will hinder the installation process which will result in error 9.0. So, all you have to do is make sure that the .NET Framework is updated to it’s latest version and is compatible with the origin client. This will most likely take care of the problem.

Solution #3 Turn off the Antivirus temporarily

Antivirus does a pretty important job for the PC. It keeps the unwanted viruses and malware at the bay and keeps the device healthy. But it can also sometimes hinder some functions that you intentionally want to perform on the computer. One of these can be the installation of Origin.

While the exact reasons are unknown, it is seen that switching the antivirus off often does the trick. If it works for you, cheers. You can turn the antivirus again after the update is complete. If it does not, there are still a bunch of tricks you can try, and you should turn it on anyway.

Solution #4 Clear origin cache

The cache that is stored by Origin is likely to have some corrupted files in it if the other methods are not working. It is advisable that the cache is cleared and the process of installation is repeated. This also is seen to work often. Move on to the next step if even this does not work.

Solution #5 Try installing the platform in clean boot

When a computer starts or is working, there are numerous other third parties and apps that are running rather than the ones that are appearing on the screen. This does not mean that all of them are junk and must be stopped. They often are doing meaningful stuff back there preparing a better user experience for you.

But, this definitely does take a lot of the device’s memory and space. This can result in lagging. Also, it is possible that some of the programs or files out there are corrupted and halting the installation process. Performing a clean boot will shut down all those files and let the device refresh and focus entirely on the intended task. Therefore, you should try to install Origin in a clean boot.


Origin is a distribution platform from where you can buy your favorite games. Origin error code 9.0 is an error code that occurs when you try to install or update Origin and the process is halted. The developers do not have rock-solid information about the cause or the solution for the error code. Although, there are other tips and tricks that you can do to troubleshoot.

Often these tricks can do the job. The first step should be restarting the computer. In case this does not help, move on to disabling the antivirus. You should also try to update the .NET Framework which is compatible with the origin client. Clearing the Origin cache and installing Origin in a clean boot can also help.

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