Evaluating LMS Reviews: Things To Look For

Among the myriads of Learning Management Systems available in the market, how do you choose the LMS most suitable for your needs? Every LMS has some common, as well as some distinctive features exclusive to them. In the end, it falls upon the user to identify the features needed by him/her and make the judgment based on that.

The most effective way of choosing an LMS suitable for your needs is by making a side-by-side comparison of their features, and by reading the reviews posted by thousands of people who have been using Learning Management Systems for a long time.

The best way to know the true colors of any product in the virtual world is by reading what the online community, who has been using the product for a long time, has to say about it.

The reviews posted online on sites such as eLearning Industry are valuable resources for people who are ready to spend a chunk of money in purchasing a subscription, or pay for a pricing model for a Learning Management System.

For example, a well-known name in the eLearning industry is the LMS Litmos. The Litmos reviews have been a great help for people who chose to adopt an LMS for their learning process.

Picking a particular example to explain the motive in a more precise way, let us consider Litmos reviews. The various features, their credibility, and various other things can be evaluated based on the reviews. A few things to look forward to while choosing an LMS are:



It is crucial to consider how user-friendly an eLearning platform is. A learning management system with myriads of features can be quite complex to understand. However, if the list of features is short but the accessibility to those features is easy, there might be a rush towards this LMS rather than the one loaded with features.

The amount of time taken to set up an online learning path, an intuitive user interface, and easy searchability are some of the key features that contribute to the easy usability of the learning management system.



All learning management systems have some kind of reporting tool feature pre-loaded in them. However, the credibility and usability of the reporting features are what can create alterations in the decision for people who are looking forward to getting an LMS for eLearning.

The reviews posted by different users on the internet are proof of how well an LMS performs and how good its features are.



Reliability concerning a learning management system relates to the ease of access to online learning content. If the LMS responds quickly to the user, if the e-content is downloadable, if the reporting and analytical functions perform with accuracy, then a learning management system can be considered reliable.



An LMS may have a myriad of features and yet not the ones that you desire. On the other hand, some other LMS may have a small list of features but the list contains features that are required by you and have smooth functionality.

Reviews regarding the feature list and its functionality can be found on the internet and can be used to evaluate a learning management system’s use for the user.


Customer Service

As far as online platforms are concerned, there can be any issues at any point in time. The issues might be something related to the understanding of the user, or maybe a technical glitch, but it can pose annoyance to the user. Hence, it is important to have access to customer support.

Any problems that come up during the session would need immediate assistance and sorting. How reliable is the customer support of an LMS is a matter of concern. Reviews can be quite helpful in getting a clear understanding of the overall picture of the LMS customer support.

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