Every Successful Nonprofit Has These Characteristics

Nonprofits face a rising number of challenges nowadays. With the world economy uncertain in the age of COVID-19, donations are less frequent. Similarly, volunteers and staff are feeling demotivated by personal circumstances and the environment. Still, there are nonprofits that defy the odds and continue to succeed. Such nonprofits have some common characteristics that help them achieve success in the face of adversity. Here are some of them:

1. Strong Leadership

A strong leader is a driving force behind any nonprofit. Good leadership can help organize and motivate workers and even find ways to raise revenue. Interestingly, top nonprofit leaders are adept at finding balance. To avoid burnout, they adopt self-care strategies to recharge their batteries to have the energy to push their nonprofit ahead. They’re also not afraid to seek help from peers, mentors, staff, and other professionals.

2. Innovation

When usual strategies fail to bear fruit, successful nonprofits innovate by thinking outside the box in order to achieve their goals. They’re also not afraid to fail. While good nonprofits think fresh ideas through before adoption, they also take risks when necessary.

Generating ideas can be challenging, but savvy nonprofits manage to do so by looking within. Brainstorming meetings where everyone has a voice can be pretty helpful.

3. Fostering Relationships

Leading nonprofits double down on their critical relationships in adverse times. While they continue to try and engage new members, they don’t forget old donors, even if they’re not contributing. By fostering solid relationships with the proper communication protocols, they adopt a long-term strategy — old donors indeed return in favorable times.

4. Right Communication

The most admirable nonprofits have communications down to an art form. They realize that communications need to strike the right tone for donors to feel respected and loved. For example, a pushy communication strategy can be counterproductive and deplete the member base.

4. Top Technology

Innovative nonprofits use the best technology for management and productivity, like Sumac’s Constituent Management Software (CRM). Experts, charities, and nonprofit organizations find the CRM’s solution for membership management to be a real asset, saving time and improving workflow. Likewise, they utilize technology for fundraising, metrics dashboarding, collaboration, outreach, and blogging.

5. Social Media

Good nonprofit leaders know that social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok are where potential donors exist. That’s why they utilize these platforms to boost market reach, connect with existing donors, organize events, etc. Many social media platforms feature nonprofit tools to help organizations take their fundraising to the next level.

6. They Diversify

Great nonprofits stay one step ahead of the curve by diversifying their income streams. Is one revenue generation model drying up? No problem. Let’s focus on the other.

7. They Take Criticism Constructively

For some reason, many nonprofit leaders receive plenty of unsolicited advice. Perhaps it’s because donors, members, and volunteers all feel emotionally invested in the organization. But the best leaders take criticism and advice constructively.

These are seven characteristics of a successful nonprofit. An innovative nonprofit that employs technology and respects its donors and staff can defy expectations, continue to grow, and hit its mission statement.

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