Failed to Detect Location 12 [ Pokemon Go & Android]

Failed to Detect Location 12 fixFailed to Detect Location 12 is most common among Pokemon Go users. You may also get the failed to detect error on android. In either case, in this guide we will go into 5 ways to fix this annoying error. To verify which location you are in the given moment and make sure that is working, you can use WhereAmI application, which will detect your position in real-time.

What is Unable to Detect Location 12 Error?

Failed to detect location 12  in Pokemon GO is GPS Stick issue. In order to address the issue, you want to check if the GPS signal is weak or perhaps mobile data is OFF. Most users report that the error undoubtedly relates to GPS signals or location settings. Let’s dig into how to fix “unable to detect location 12” in Pokemon Go. Let us discuss several ways to solve the same.

Solution # 1: Setting Mock Locations

It would help if you first try setting mock locations.  This allows you to set locations to somewhere else and can work with ease. If the location is not found, follow the steps below

Enable Dev Mode

For this, you should go to settings and then check if there is an option of About Phone. You will see the option Software Info. Tap it and click the build number. Tapping the same 6-8 times will initiate developer mode on your device


You need to have the latest updated Android device with the latest security updates. Also, you need to know the make, model number, and build number of your Android device before starting the spoofing process. 

You should have a rooted device for this purpose. The best recommendation for the same is KingRoot, which helps you in the same, and you can check reviews for the same too online. After rooted, you can install FakeGPS on your device from PlayStore and follow the steps on the screen. Please reboot the device after doing all the process. 

Please Note: One most important aspect we would like to add here about FakeGPS is that it is a GPS spoofing method where we do GPS hacking using Android’s Mock feature. You get some new location by using some advanced tips here.

Enable MockLocation

In this step, you will enable MockLocation Application. This can be done when you go to Settings and can find developer Options. After that, select the option Select mock location app. From the next screen, choose the application you just installed in the last step, i.e., FakeGPS

Launch FakeGPS GO

The application we previously installed, i.e., FAKEGPS, you can run it now and set whatever location you want. After you are done, click the Play button.

Launch Pokemon Go

Start Pokemon Go and enjoy playing it.

Solution # 2: Turn on Location Services 

We are all aware of the fact that the Pokemon game doesn’t restrict you to one place, i.e., you need to move from one to another location. You need to turn on the location on your device for a perfect run in the game. Many users disable location services, so save their battery usages, or the same turn off automatically sometimes if the device is on battery saving mode. So, you can turn on the location using the following steps.

    1. Go to settings and scroll through Passwords and security
    2. Choose location option from the menu
  • See if there is a toggle switch and is turned on. Just tap it and enable device location

Possibility 3: Reboot Device and Enable GPS 

This is the method, which is modestly proven beneficial in this regard. It has solved numerous technical glitches against various errors. You can follow steps below for the same

  1. Press lock or power key on your device for some seconds. This will show you a menu where you can choose the Reboot or Restart option. 
  2. The device will reboot within a few seconds
  3. You hopefully won’t see any glitches or faults now
  4. After the restart, keep in mind that you need to enable GPS again and retry playing Pokemon Go and check if the error unable to detect location 12 has gone

Possibility 4: Clear Application Defaults 

If the error persists, you better need to check the last savior, i.e., resetting application to default. This will reset all data, and nothing will remain saved, including login details too. Moreover, there will be no cache stored, and cookies also will be cleared. Cached data, stored passwords, files, activities, cookies, and related stuff overload the device, hence, resulting in high space consumption.

It might be possible you play the game frequently and don’t find much time to clear storage regularly, and the result is; Pokemon Go stops finding location just due to corrupted caches. Let us walk you through the steps to solve the same.

  1. Just look for Manage Apps option in Settings on your device. Tap it and proceed
  2. From apps, search for  Pokemon Go application and open it now
  3. Tap storage option and click Clear Data
  4. Now, select Clear Cache at the same time
  5. The same will reset the data from your application. You will now need to log in again to play the game

Possibility 5: Change GPS Location using iMyFone AnyTo

If you are not getting rid of the error “unable to detect location 12” in Pokemon Go, you can fix the same using one more fix. You can do this by using iMyFone AnyTo to change location to anywhere. Let’s see how this is done.

Download iMyFonw AnyTo

You should turn on your computer this time and install the software iMyFone AnyTo. Just download and open the same on your computer. Click Get Started button on the screen and now connect your device to the computer using the USB cable

Choose Destination

The previous step will take you to the map. Here, it would be best if you chose Teleport Mode. This will be the third icon from the upper right corner. Now select the location on a map within the installed application by just dragging it and rooming the map. After selecting the location, you will see a sidebar showing selected location information. Now, click Move option

Location Change has been Done

After clicking the Move option in the previous step, you will notice that GPS location has been changed. You can now quickly find GPS location on Pokemon and can see the same has changed to a new location as well. This is how you change the location when the error arises.

Summing it all up, the process we have told above is quite simple and is the most effective one for the error “unable to detect location 12” for  Pokemon Go, especially. In most of the cases, the mentioned possibilities have worked out, but still, there is a space, and you better need to check what suits you best.

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