Fallout 4 Lookup Failed Error | How To Solve It Quickly

You must have heard about fallout game, which is an action role playing game developed by Bethesda Studios. The same is published by Softworks. Game is of 4th generation and is the main one in Fallout series. It was released worldwide on November 2015. Releasing corporation for fallout was Microsoft PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Its environment is set as post-apocalyptic encompassing the city of Boston plus the surroundings. The game makes the best use of local landmarks like Bunker Hill, fort independence, and old north bridge. 

Fallout 4 is quickly becoming one of the best and all-time favorite games of 2015, but even you have to admit: there are a lot of things about it that sort of suck. Like all open-world Bethesda games, it’s a big playground full of stuff to do, but a lot of the details need some work. Fortunately, an army of modders have been busy overhauling everything in the game. For every mod adding Red Sox underroos and a new set of night-time stars, there are a ton of mods offering real, practical changes to make Fallout 4 play a little better. This is our roundup of the best practical Fallout 4 mods (so far) that just make the game better and more fun to play.

Mod Manager

For every Bethesda RPG, there is a Mod Manager. These programs pop up early after a Bethesda game release, and the modding community works to play well with them. Using the mod manager, you can install, uninstall, and temporarily disable mods with a single click. If you’re modding to make the game more fun to play, you might as well install a program to make the mods easier and more fun to install.

Bethesda Menus – Item Sorting

Bethesda’s menus are always a real pain in the ass, and Fallout 4 follows in that fine tradition. Eventually, someone will come up with a beautiful, polished, intuitive interface that will fix Fallout 4’s nested menu maze from hell. Until that time, we can at least get better sorting. This mod adds a category prefix to any item, so all the drugs, ammo, bobbleheads, etc. will be sorted by kind. There’s no reason for a game to be next to a magazine just because they both start with the same letter.

If you’re groaning under the weight of 700 baseballs, 17 suits of leather armor, and 34 pistols, I have good news. A quick console command can tweak your carry weight long enough to get you back to the nearest shop. Press the ~ key (top left of the keyboard) and type the following: “player.modav carryweight 99999”. This sets your carry weight to several thousand tons, which should be enough to lug your teddy bear and plastic fork collection back to Sanctuary. Congratulations, you’re kind of like a modder now!

Long Power Lines

Fallout 4’s big new feature is the ability to rebuild the wasteland. Setting up settlements gives me the same satisfaction I got from Minecraft, with the added bonus of a wonderful retro-future aesthetic. Any electrical object needs a generator and a powerline, but Fallout 4’s powerlines are absurdly short. Longer Power Lines fixes that so you can build and power your settlements as you’d like.

Easy Lockpicking

Cracking your way into somewhere that you shouldn’t be is one of Fallout 4’s finest pleasures. Unfortunately, a locked door is an excuse to trot out Bethesda’s tired hacking and lockpicking mini games, which haven’t changed in any substantive way since Morrowind released in 2002. No longer. If your character is sufficiently leveled and skilled to crack or lock or hack a terminal, this mod does it for you. No more fiddling with bobby pins or playing “hacking” computers picking random words from a list.

The Power Armor in Fallout 4 is wonderful. It’s like a walking tank, and I’m loath to ever climb out of mine. The trouble is that Power Armor runs on fusion cores, a rare and expensive miniature nuclear battery. These fusion cores can power a generator for hundreds of years, but a jogging suit of power armor will suck it dry in about two minutes. That’s bullshit. This mod rebalances power cores so that any amazing feat of strength (punching, sprinting, and flying in a jetpack) will drain your power armor battery. Just walking around, though? You can do that for 200 more years.

Atom Bomb

OK, so this is not the most practical mod on the list. In fact, it’s completely useless. I love it, though, because weird and whimsical is what Fallout 4 is all about. This mod takes the miniature nuke model and swaps it with the model for your kidnapped baby, Sean. Sean is apparently made out of plutonium.

Solving a Lookup failed” message

Having a “Lookup failed” message in game is usually due to a mod that has changed your UI settings. To resolve this, proceed to the following steps:

  • Uninstall Fallout 4 mods by following the process below:
  • Open Fallout 4 and select Mods from the main menu.
  • Find the mod you wish to uninstall in your Library.
  • Select the mod you wish to uninstall and select Delete. If desired, you can simply disable the mod from this menu, too.
  • Note: User experience may vary when playing with mods. If you select to download and use mods, you do so at your own risk. Mods are “Game Mods” as described in our Terms of Service. Your download of a Game Mod is subject to our Terms of Service, including Section 2.D.
  • Once you have uninstalled your mods, verify the Integrity of your Game Files.

If the above-mentioned steps do not resolve your issue, please do a completely uninstall and reinstall of the game. Any saves you have that were used with the mod may be affected, so you may need to start a new game.

Search your PC for “Fallout 4” and delete everything it finds except your saves folder. Get rid of all the configs and caches and what not and just leave behind any folder called ‘saves’ or ‘saved games’.

Note: People think uninstalling a game cleans it from your system, but these days it does not, it just removes the actual game but leaves behind all of the configs, logs, preference files, cache files and a myriad of other nonsensical chuff in places like public/appdata/local/Fallout 4 or documents/Fallout 4 and more often than not the problem is due to an error that has popped up in a config file or a shader cache or whatnot.

When I am forced to reinstall something I remove every trace of it I can find except for saved games. That way when you reinstall it is a truly virgin install instead of a new install which just finds the damaged file and generates the same error or crash.


The game is perfectly and beautifully designed to meet user needs. At game beginning, players are given character progressions named as S.P.E.C.I.AL. System indicates seven areas like strength, perception, endurance, charisma, intelligence, agility, and luck. When player is successful to earn enough experience points, he is promoted to a new level. This unlocks his abilities and he can allocate more points to statics. These all benefits and perks can be upgraded to improve the protagonist’s efficiency and to further unlock abilities. There are about 275 perks available for the player to unlock. There is no level cap and the game does not end once the main story is complete. Content widely discusses fallout and the error solutions for the lookup failed. Moreover, it discusses mod faces used in the game and mentions how the community contributes in the game.

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