Is It Possible to Fax without a landline or Fax Machine?

What would be your reaction if we say that you can fax to anyone without even having a phone line or fax machine?  Yes, it is possible, and we are saying this in our full sanity! Fax is something we, especially the businesses, do thousands of times in a day. 

Looking for a fax machine or having a landline for this purpose seems very lackluster in today’s cord-cutting world. We like to do things on the move. We like to remain functional regardless of the facilities and location. 

To be very honest, this is the need of the hour as no one can afford to be restricted in a cut-throat world. You need to be as flexible as possible. This is why we are going to tell you about one tool that allows you to fax from anywhere.’ even if you don’t have a landline line. 

Scroll down to find out more about this ultra-modern way. 

CocoFax – Making Your Future-ready By All Means 

Designed with the world’s most advanced technology, CocoFax is an online fax solution that allows the end-users to send/receive fax from anywhere. One doesn’t have to own a landline connection or fax machine for fax-related jobs. 

This is why 200,000 individuals and businesses at a global level have used this tool. To your surprise, no user of CocoFax was displeased. And why they shouldn’t? The offering and services are so flawless that displeases have no place. 

It has been featured by media outlets like iMore, Windows Central, iLounge, Mac World, and many more for its impeccable and wonderful performance. Not only this, but CocoFax has also grabbed many awards until now. The list is extensive. 

The juice of all this is that if you have CocoFax by your side, you can fax from your computer, anytime, anywhere, and to anyone without any hassle. 

A lot of words have been said about its features; now let’s find out how it works and how its functions are different from any other online fax tool. Let’s unwrap all these things. 

How CocoFax Makes Fax Flexible?

CocoFax comes with a highly compatible and user-friendly interface that works over all kinds of devices and browsers. You don’t need to have a landline number or a fax machine to send/receive faxes. There is no hardware or software installation to use its services. Just open the website over any data-driven device and use its services. 

You can use your computer or any other data-driven device for this task. It comes with G-suite integration that allows you to import/export fax documents directly from Google Sheets, Drive, and other Google apps. 

CocoFax offers a free fax number that you can for fax. To get this number, no credit card or registration is required. You can send up to 10 faxed for 24 hours with the help of this free number. The tool offers a free-to-use mobile phone app that you can download on your phone and send/receive faxes at zero inconveniences. 

What Makes CocoFax Exceptional?

Indeed, CocoFax is not the only tool that allows an end-user to send/receive fax without having a landline number. Many tools offer some kind of assistance. Then, why CocoFax is recommended by us and many other reliable sources? Well, the reasons are stated below. 

Fax without any location restriction 

CocoFax is one and online tool that allows you to send a fax without any location restrictions. Using this tool, you can send a fax to 180 nations without any international charges. No matter which part of the world you and your receiver are, you can send/receive faxes easily. 

Email-to-Fax facility 

There is no need to bear the hassles of setting up the landline or fax machine to fax a document. With CocoFax, you can fax directly from your email account. It supports Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff, and other email addresses. The only thing that you need to use its services is the recipient’s fax number. 

Better fax management 

CocoFax offers great fax management facilities. You’ll get unlimited fax storage space that you can use to save all your faxes. You can preview the fax before sending them. 

Also, the faxes are searchable and can be sorted-out based upon the receipt, time, location, and any other crucial details. You also get an immediate delivery report for each fax so that you can know which fax has been received and which is not. 

Pocket-friendly deal 

With CocoFax, you can send international faxes at a dirt-cheap price. Only 15 cents are required to send an international fax if you go for its basic plan. The basic plan is also highly feature-rich and offers ample facilities. 

How Safe Is It To Use?

Well, you’re not the only one to be apprehensive about using an online fax solution. Most people think twice before using any such tool as there are many horror stories where people have lost their savings in a blink of an eye by using a faulty or malicious online tool. 

This is not going to happen when you’re using CocoFax as it is backed with the world’s best data security protocols. 

Every fax that you send or receive using this tool is encrypted with a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which safeguards your data even when the fax is in transit. So, no one can ever decode your private communication or extract information from faxes. 

To make the process a bit more secure, CocoFax allows you to add two-factor authentication on the shared fax documents. Also, no information is saved on the server. All these things ensure that online fax is safe by all means. 

The Crux 

Fax in one activity that we all need to do for business and personal reasons. As today’s world is highly mobile, fax shouldn’t be limited. It should be set-free from the need of having a landline number or fax machine for this job. 

With CocoFax, this is possible. 

This tool has made fax a one-tap-solution. No set-up, no installation, and no system maintenance are required. Just an active internet connection and a device are good enough to fax. Use it today and enjoy its endless benefits.

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