Five Ideas That Go Way Beyond Sampling for Your Next Brand Activation

Sampling campaigns and giveaways have long been at the heart of brand activations. From brand ambassadors giving out free samples outside of storefronts to swag at sponsored events, sampling is a time-honoured tradition when it comes to brand activations, but it’s not the only tactic at your disposal.

With the rise of experiential marketing, the explosion of pop-up commerce, and the development of new technologies like Augmented Reality and portable digital billboards, experiential marketers have plenty of tools to innovate. These are just five ideas that go beyond sampling campaigns.

#1 Pop-Up Shops

Pop-up shops have become one of the most popular brand activation ideas around, and they’re flexible enough that they can be used by businesses of all sizes, from multinational brands to start-up restaurants that don’t even have their first location open up yet.

You can operate a pop-up shop pretty anywhere that you can image (and get the permits). Some great pop-up shop ideas include:

  • Holiday-themed pop-ups at Christmas markets.
  • Partnering with food trucks.
  • Operating a mobile pop-up shop at the beach or in busy public places.
  • Introducing your brand to a new market with a limited-time pop-up.

If you’re planning a pop-up, make sure you reach out to local outlets like blogs and social media influencers.

#2 Immersive Brand Installations and Art Displays

Not every activation needs brand ambassadors involved. Thanks to weather-rated portable digital billboards that operate outside, immersive brand installations and art displays can be placed anywhere, especially in high-traffic public areas.

These brand installations can be interactive or art displays intended to evoke emotions and connect with consumers on a deeper level. This is a great opportunity to align your brand’s values by connecting with a story or theme through art.

#3 Gamification Activations

Gamification activations are the perfect way to get your audiences deeply engaged with your brand. Gamified marketing can take many shapes. Turning brand loyalty into a game can drive higher sales with your most active and loyal consumers by offering rewards and unlocking benefits for frequent users.

But gamification marketing can also be used to great effect in brand activations. Bring gamification experiences to life with the help of portable digital billboards. You can rent digital billboards and displays that offer touch, gesture, and motion control and choose from a library of classic games or custom solutions.

#4 Workshops and Product Demos

Introducing a brand new product to consumers or the B2B sector can be a challenge. There’s a hurdle to overcome when you want to make sure new consumers and businesses understand the value of new products and how to use them.

Workshops and product demos are great activations for B2B customers and for your high-value, loyal consumers who are always looking out for new product launches by your brand.

#5 Influencer Meet-Ups and Brand Ambassadors

Working with influencers is a great way to expand your brand, but the relationship doesn’t have to be limited to social media. If you’ve already been working with social media influencers, inviting them to do in-person activations can generate instant interest in your event.

Make your next brand activation a great one. Try these five ideas to drive more engagement.