How To Fix A Roku Remote Blinking Green

Roku is a manufacturer that makes TVs and streaming devices. They come with their own remotes that flash green when they are pairing. But what can you do when the remote starts blinking the green light and does not stop?

A Roku remote with a blinking green light could be stuck in pairing mode, it could be malfunctioning, or experiencing battery problems. You can fix this by removing the batteries, replacing them, or performing a reset on the remote or it may be time to replace the old, worn-out remote. 

Electronics, sometimes the Roku remote will freeze up in the middle of an operation and it needs a little bump to get it working properly again. There could be one of several reasons why it’s stuck blinking the green light. Keep reading as we go over these reasons and how to fix them.

Troubleshooting Roku Remote Blinking Green

Start By Removing The Batteries

It could be that the Roku remote is stuck in pairing mode. Most of the time, when the remote freezes up while blinking the green light, this is the problem. The easiest fix is to remove the batteries for 30 seconds. 

Go ahead and open up the battery cover on the Roku remote and remove the batteries. Leave them out and unplug the TV. Leave the TV turned on while you unplug it and wait a full 30 seconds. 

After at least 30 seconds have passed, plug the TV back in and wait for the TV home screen to load. When you see that, put the batteries back into the Roku remote. Now press and hold the PAIR button on the remote. It should soon connect to the TV.

If this doesn’t work, follow the steps above again just in case. If the Roku remote continues to be stuck in what appears to be “pairing” mode, move on to the next fix.

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Check For Interference

Most of us have several devices that either use the internet, WiFi, or send out Bluetooth signals. Sometimes, there can be so much going on that interference gets in the way. There are wireless home theater devices, headphones, computers, routers, and much more all sending out signals.

If the Roku remote is trying to pair with your TV or Roku device among all the other devices, it could be getting lost in the interference. Try turning off most of these devices, to see if that helps. 

You can also move your Roku remote and device to another, less congested area and see if that lets the remote finally pair with the device.

Check Your Internet Connection

Since Roku works completely through an internet connection, if the internet is down, it stands to reason that the remote won’t work. Check your router to make sure it’s working. If you have a bad connection, check the wires to make sure nothing has come loose. You can also wait a few minutes to see if it comes back on, if it doesn’t you may need to contact your internet provider.

You can check the internet status on your Roku device if you’re able to access the settings. This can be done via the Roku Mobile app, which can give you a temporary option to control your Roku until you get the remote working.

From the Google Play Store, the App Store or Apple Store search for the Roku Mobile App and download it to your phone. Once it is downloaded, sign in and search for nearby Roku devices.

When you see your device, connect to it, and tap the REMOTE tab. Now you can use your phone as a Roku remote.

Using your phone as a remote, go into the Roku device and select the SETTINGS tab. Then tap on NETWORK, and then tap ABOUT. In this menu you can see the internet Signal Strength, Download Speed, and Status, to see if you are still CONNECTED to the internet.

Try Pairing Via The Mobile App

Maybe pairing the remote from the TV or the Roku menu will help kick the remote into gear. The first thing to do is remove the batteries from the remote, and leave them out until later.

On your smartphone, open up the Roku Mobile App, tap on SETTINGS, then scroll down until you see REMOTES & DEVICES, tap this section and then tap PAIR NEW DEVICE. Finally, tap REMOTE.

You should now see the word “Searching” on the TV. When you see this, place the batteries back into your remote.

After the batteries are back in, press and hold the PAIRING button on the remote, this should be in the battery compartment. Hold the button down for 5 seconds. The remote and device should pair together now.

If you can’t locate a PAIRING button on the remote, you have a model that doesn’t have this button. Just take the batteries out (if you haven’t already) for 5 to 10 seconds, then put them back in. The remote should start to pair on its own now.

Check All The Proper Connections

Assuming you still have a strong internet connection, and you removed the batteries for 30 seconds, but the remote is still not working, check the wires and connections next. Make sure all the HDMI cables are connected and are not loose. 

If you have a Roku Stick, make sure it has not come loose while you’re checking cables and wires.

Perform A Soft Reset On The Roku Device

Maybe your Roku device is not allowing the remote to pair and it needs to be reset. Start by taking the batteries out of the remote again. Now you need to block the power to your Roku device.

If you have a Roku stick, simply remove it from the TV, but if you have a separate Roku device, you need to unplug it from the wall socket. Again, wait for a full 30 seconds before following through with the next steps.

When the time has elapsed, first put the batteries back into the remote, then plug in, or attach the Roku stick back to the TV.

Replace The Batteries

So far we have just been removing the batteries and putting them back in. It may be time to go ahead and replace them if nothing else has worked so far. Pop out the old batteries, and put in new, never used batteries and see if that is the problem.

Time For A Factory Reset

If you’ve attempted every step up until now and nothing has worked, it may be time for a factory reset. This is a little bit more drastic step as it will reset the device back to the settings it had the day it left the manufacturing facility.

Sometimes the remote and your Roku device lose the connection and have trouble finding it again. A factory reset on your device should get things back in sync. 

To perform a factory reset, you need to find the reset button on the device. This can be an oblong button or a tiny pinhole. The reset button can be found on the back or the bottom of your Roku device.

Now that you have found it, you need to press it and hold it down for at least 10 seconds. Once the reset has begun you’ll see an LED light or status indicator light blink rapidly. When you see that, you can release the button.

You will have to set up your Roku device again, but this should get the remote to pair properly this time. 

Factory Reset From The Mobile App

If you downloaded the Roku Mobile App, you can attempt a factory reset using the app. First, tap the HOME button, then go into SETTINGS.

From there go into the SYSTEM menu, and then tap ADVANCED SYSTEM SETTINGS. Finally, tap the FACTORY RESET button and follow the on-screen instructions.

If Nothing Else Works

When all the above steps fail to get the remote to work, you may have to purchase a new remote. Roku remotes aren’t that expensive, but just make sure it is the correct remote for your device. 


Roku remotes will sometimes get stuck with a blinking green light. When this happens, try detaching the batteries for 30 seconds, or replacing them altogether. You can also download the Roku Mobile App and use your smartphone to access your Roku.

As a last resort, you can purchase a new remote. Just make sure it will work with your model as there are many different Roku devices out there now.