Fix Opera VPN Not Working Problem [Quickly]

The “VPN is temporarily unavailable. Opera is resolving the problem” error prompt means that the browser has failed to connect to the VPN. Being one of the best browsers in the industry, Opera offers several exceptional features and capabilities, including an inbuilt VPN.

This feature allows you to connect to a choice of three Virtual Private Network (VPN) locations automatically and free of charge. Not only does this allow you to browse the internet anonymously, but also allows you to access the geo-restricted content on such platforms as Netflix, and Disney Plus.

Despite being so essential, you may find that the VPN feature on your Opera browser is not connecting. Get to know what causes this VPN problem on Opera as well as how to troubleshoot and fix it. 

What Causes Opera VPN Not to Work?   

Whether you are using the Opera browser on Windows, macOS, or a mobile device, you are likely to encounter this problem every once in a while. The inability to connect to the VPN servers by the Opera browser can be caused by several things, including: 

Corrupted/Incomplete Installation 

If the browser was not installed correctly or some of its modules are missing/corrupted, some of the browser features may fail to work. In this case, reinstalling the browser with the correct installation modules will fix the problem. 

Connection Issue 

The VPN may fail to connect because your device is not connected to the internet. A problem on your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) side may lead to an outage. Before trying out the more advanced solutions for the problem, you should first check to see whether you are connected. 

Just try accessing the internet using a different browser or any other application that requires an internet connection. If the other App fails to connect to the internet, you need to troubleshoot your connection and repair it accordingly. 

Software Conflict 

Some programs, such as Windows Firewall and some Antivirus Apps have been proven to conflict with the Opera inbuilt VPN feature. When this happens, the antivirus program will prevent the VPN from connecting successfully. 

To resolve this software conflict you need to either disable the antivirus program temporarily or whitelist Opera in the Antivirus program. Similarly, some of the extensions you add to your Opera browser may end up conflicting with the VPN. 

Did you start experiencing the VPN connection problems after installing an extension? If so, disabling the browser extension(s), and then resetting the browser may fix the problem. 

Opera VPN Server Problem 

The inbuilt Opera VPN feature offers a choice of three VPN locations: Asia, Europe, and America. You may have a problem connecting to any of the server locations because it is offline, overcrowded, or undergoing maintenance. 

As such, changing your choice of VPN location may fix the Opera VPN connection problem. 

How to Fix the Opera VPN Temporarily Unavailable Error

When the Opera VPN feature fails to connect, the VPN icon within the browser toolbar will turn yellow. You will then get the following error message, “VPN is temporarily unavailable. Opera is resolving the problem”. As you have learned, this problem may be triggered by different things, all of which require a unique solution. 

Discussed below are some of the procedures and steps you can apply to troubleshoot and fix this problem: 

Method 1: Toggle the VPN On and Off 

This solution is likely to work in cases where the VPN is connecting, but your IP address remains unchanged. In such a case, toggling the Opera VPN feature Off and then back on several times can fix the problem. 

The correct procedure, in this case, will depend on the operating system you are using on your PC, as illustrated below: 

Step One: Open Opera Settings 

To begin with, you need to launch the Opera browser on your PC. On Windows, you can launch the browser from the Start menu. To launch the Opera browser on macOS, you need to navigate to the Applications folder and choose it from there. 

Once you have opened the Opera browser, you need to navigate to the Settings menu as follows: 

Open Opera Settings on Windows 10 and Linux

Click on the red ‘O’ icon—positioned towards the top-left corner of the Opera window. Next, select Settings from the context menu that appears. 

Open Opera Settings on macOS (Opera VPN not working on Mac Fix)

For macOS, you need to click on the Opera menu—located on the top of the screen and then proceed to select the Preferences option. 

Step Two: Enable the VPN

Before you can toggle the VPN On/Off, you need to ensure that it is enabled. In this regard, you need to click on the Advanced tab to display more items on the Settings menu. Now scroll down until you find the ‘VPN’ header. 

Click on the ‘Enable VPN’ field under this header. This operation should add a checkmark to the box, indicating that the VPN feature is now enabled. 

Step Three: Toggle the VPN On/Off

Having enabled the VPN feature, you should now see a blue VPN badge towards the far-left side of the address bar on your browser. You need to click on this button to display a pop-up window. Click on the switch at the top of this window to enable/disable the VPN. 

Method 2: How to Fix Opera VPN not working for Netflix Problem 

The inbuilt VPN on the Opera browser may be used to access the geo-restricted content on streaming platforms like Netflix. However, some uses have been unable to access the geo-restricted content on Netflix while using this VPN feature. 

In most cases, users have reported getting a Netflix error code 071111-5059. If you are facing a similar problem, changing the server location in the Opera VPN may fix the problem. Again, the right procedure for doing this will depend on the device you are using, as discussed below: 

How to Change VPN Location on PC 

Provided that the VPN is enabled, you should see a blue VPN icon on the far-left side of the address bar on your Opera browser. Whether on Windows 10 or macOS, this is the button you should use to change server location. 

To do this, click on the blue VPN icon, and then select ‘Virtual Location’ from the context menu. Expand the drop-down menu and select a different location to change your VPN location. Most users have reported that changing to Europe or Asia locations clears the Netflix error code 071111-5059.

How to Change VPN Location on Android 

If you are having a hard time connecting to Netflix through the Opera VPN on your Android device, you should consider changing the location. This solution is also effective in cases where the VPN takes too long trying to connect to a particular server. 

Launch the Opera App, and tap on the red ‘O’ icon or the three-line menu icon depending on the Android version you are running. Select Settings, and tap on the VPN to toggle it on. Now tap on the VPN field again to reveal its options. 

Navigate to the ‘ Virtual location’ and select a different location from the drop-down menu. 

Method 3: Clear Cache and Cookies in Opera (Opera VPN not working Windows 10 Fix)

Open the Opera browser on your desktop,  and then press the Ctrl + Shift + Del keys combination on your keyboard. This will open the Opera ‘Clear Browsing Data’ settings. Ensure that the checkboxes adjacent to ‘Site data’, and ‘Cookies’ options are checked.

Next, you need to choose ‘the beginning of time’ from the drop-down menu and then click on the ‘Clear data’ button. Once done, restart the browser and try connecting the VPN once again. 

Method 4: How to Fix Opera VPN, not Working Android (Disable Private Tabs Selection)

By default, the VPN feature on Opera for Android is configured to only work on private tabs. As such, your IP address on normal Opera tabs will not change, even when the VPN is connected. If you would rather use the VPN on normal tabs as well, you need to disable this setting.

To do this, tap on the Opera icon in your browser, and select Settings. Open the VPN settings and toggle to feature On. Once the VPN has connected, uncheck the box adjacent to the ‘Use VPN for private tabs only’ option. 

Method 5: Disable Opera Extensions

Some of the add-on programs you integrate into your Opera browser may interfere with the functioning of the inbuilt VPN. To check whether this is the problem, you first need to disable all Opera extensions. To do this, open the Opera browser and click on the blue VPN icon on the top-left of the URL bar. 

Now you need to navigate to Extensions > Extensions (Ctrl + Shift + E). This will display a list of all the extensions you have. Select each extension, and then click on the ‘Disable’ button. Once you have disabled all extensions, restart the browser and try connecting the VPN once again. 

Final Verdict 

The Opera inbuilt VPN is a great feature of this browser. The free feature has been proven to be highly effective, and reliable. However, there are cases where it fails to work altogether. This may be brought about by different things, ranging from server problems to corrupted cookies. 

As you have learned throughout this guide, different methods may be used to fix this problem. On rare occasions, you may need to disable Windows Firewall or antivirus program temporarily. In other cases, users have had to reinstall the Opera browser to fix the connection problem. 

All in all, this guide will help you troubleshoot and fix the Opera VPN not working problem in Windows 10, macOS, and Android devices.

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