Fortnite Trackers and Databases, how much do they help to improve your game?

Since Fortnite Battle Royale became really popular, several platforms started offering their tracking services for this game. We will look at the benefits of using a Fortnite Tracker, their uses and future potential. If you are a new player or a regular who knows a thing or two about the trackers, this article is for you!

Fortnite Tracker

What is Fortnite Tracker? If you have never heard of it, then let us explain. It is a website where you enter your username and get various details about your gameplay. It could be details such as: your K/D, events you completed, minutes lived, kills per match, win rate, total game count and more. In other words, it shows all your achievements, milestones and all the numbers which show how good you are. It is not managed by Epic Games, therefore, it takes a lot of dedication and resources to manage such platforms.

Websites such as, offer a V2 Fortnite Tracker which also shows statistics for Game Console, Nintendo Switch and mMobile players. Pretty useful! This tracker also has some additional tools and databases on their platform such as: Fortnite Challenges, Fortnite Upcoming Items, Current Fortnite Item, Weapon and Skin Database, Fortnite Global Player Stats, Fortnite Leaderboard, Player Stat Comparison Tool and more!

And besides that, you can also read Fortnite News in order to learn more about the updates and you can check out Fortnite Guides which will help you with your strategy! This is one of the most popular Fortnite Tracking pages in the world and their team has promised to keep adding more great tools and content, for as long as players continue showing their appreciation.


The main question is, how much does the Fortnite Tracker help you overall? We believe that it is beneficial for you to use additional resources and get latest information about the changes in the game. Only then you can think of becoming a professional Fortnite player. So make sure to keep improving and checking your stats constantly. Best of luck!

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