4 Reasons Why It’s Time for a Fresh SEO Assessment

Your business has been around for some time now and things are going well. Could they be better? For example, would it be possible to generate more online traffic and use it to boost you revenue? In the past, you had an SEO assessment done and it did help. Perhaps it’s time for a fresh one. You’ll learn that how is SEO done in Toronto is a little different these days, and what some updates could do to enhance your online presence. Here are four reasons why you should arrange for that new assessment today. 

Search Engine Algorithms Are Changing

While people hear about the major algorithm changes that search engines make from time to time, what is overlooked is the minor ones that go on constantly. In some cases, they may not affect your traffic at all. In other instances, they can lead to making some pages harder to find. It’s only after you notice a decrease in visitors that you know something has changed.

A new assessment will make it easier to know how your pages comply with the most recent algorithm changes. It could be that some minor tweaks to those pages will be all it takes to increase rankings and regain the lost traffic. 

You’re Still Using Older Methods

What you use now was once some of the best SEO practices around. Unfortunately, nothing about search engine optimization strategies remains the same forever. In fact, approaches that worked quite well way back when could be the reason your pages are more difficult for people to find in searches. That’s how much things can change over time. 

A professional can pinpoint what’s no longer working and needs to be replaced with an alternative strategy. It may be slight changes to some pages, major reworkings of others, and maybe even some adjustments in how the pages load. The suggestions that come out of the assessment could do a great deal to enhance your reputation and draw more consumers back to those pages. 

Integrating New Data Into Older Content Will Help

Content is something that must be part of any complete SEO checklist if you’re serious about getting the most traffic for your site. What you may not know is that older statistics, figures, and facts can harm your rankings. Even if the rest of the content on a page is considered evergreen, that outdated information will mean the major search engines consider the pages to be less valuable than others with more current data.

The solution is to update older data and possibly reworking the evergreen content to include keyword phrases that naturally fit into the flow and gain positive attention from the major search engines. You’ll be amazed at what a few changes to the content will do in terms of making it more helpful, relevant, and easier for interested parties to find. 

There are More Online Tools You Can Put to Good Use

You may not be making the best possible use of some resources that weren’t around when you first set up your online presence. Consider what adding tools like Google My Business and opening a channel on a video site could do for you. Depending on your target audience, setting up social media accounts on sites other than the most popular ones could also provide greater exposure. Someone who is well versed in SEO can help you decide what to add. 

Remember that in the world of SEO, there’s always something else to learn. Don’t assume all is well and that your traffic will return on its own. Arrange for an assessment and see what comes of it. The ideas that you receive could lead to changes that boost your bottom line by a significant margin. 

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