Furniture With LED Strip Lights | What You Should Know?

In our age, technologies are developing at a rapid pace and what once belonged only to high-precision sciences is becoming part of our everyday life. And everyday things, combining with modern technologies, acquire new forms, properties, and functions. LED lighting is increasingly used in both exteriors and interiors and often plays a major role in interior design.

LED lighting today is not only additional lighting for walls or ceilings, now  LEDs are used in combination with the furniture, which allows you to turn the most ordinary bedside table into a modern art object or add functionality to your cabinet.

DIY furniture lighting with LED strip

A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor device that converts electric current into light radiation. The LED consists of a semiconductor crystal on a substrate and a case with contact leads and an optical system.

Benefits of LED furniture lighting

  • luminaires based on LEDs have a long service life, about 25 years
  • compact size and mechanical strength minimize the risk of damage to luminaires during transportation, installation
  • low power consumption, which saves energy and money
  • LED – low voltage device, no risk of electric shock
  • LEDs have an improved light output, they almost do not heat up
  • the richness of colors that can be received through the RGB matrix.

There is a wide range of special furniture lamps, which you can buy at reasonable prices. Let’s take a closer look at how and where exactly they are used.


Types of luminaires by installation method

All furniture lamps can be divided into two types according to the installation method: recessed and surface-mounted.

  • Recessed lamps for lighting furniture can be installed in the visor, the protruding cornice on the cabinets, as well as any horizontal surfaces (the bottoms of the wall cabinets and shelves). This type of lighting for furniture requires preliminary design – for installation, you will need to provide a place for a tie-in, make a hidden “inside out” with wires and switches. But the recessed lamp for illumination also looks more organic, as an integral part of the furniture.
  • Surface-mounted lighting kits for furniture allow mount lighting into already installed furniture. The surface-mounted luminaire can be fixed in any convenient place, and the wires can be led to a switch or outlet. There are also wireless models powered by a built-in power supply.

A set of lighting fixtures for furniture includes several lamps of the same type, a power source with a distribution block, and a network wire. Optionally, it can be supplemented with components that significantly expand the functionality and light control:

  • Switches of various types (touch, mechanical, etc.);
  • Sensors (infrared, soft-touch, etc.);
  • Dimmers;
  • Transformers;
  • Extension cords, connectors, splitters, etc .;
  • Fasteners and accessories.

A special place is occupied by the lighting of furniture with LED strip. Thin flexible tape can be monochrome (glow in one color) or universal, glowing red, blue, white, etc. color and switching from one to another according to the mode set with the remote control.

The flexibility of the LED strip, the ability to cut pieces to the desired length and build up to any size allows you to install the lighting for furniture with your own hands without any restrictions.

Surface-mounted furniture lamps

Surface-mounted furniture luminaires are one of the easiest ways to organize LED furniture lighting. They are compact (20x14mm, and 30, 60 and 100cm lengths), so they can be installed in almost any type of furniture. The luminaires are easily connected to each other and form a single glow line. In addition, there are two types of screens for your choice: matte and transparent.

A transparent screen is preferable if you need to organize bright lighting, for example, above the writing table in the office or nursery or above the kitchen working area. To find furniture that will be perfectly combined with the surface-mounted lamps you can go to nfoutlet.

But in this case, it should be borne in mind that such a lamp should not be at eye level, because bright light can interfere with productive and comfortable work. A matte screen is used if it is necessary to obtain soft diffused lighting, to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

Recessed luminaires

Recessed luminaires also play an important role in lighting furniture. They are used to illuminate open or glazed cabinets and shelves. Such lighting, firstly, looks very nice, and secondly, it is very functional. How comfortable it is to approach, for example, a well-lit bookshelf and choose a book of your choice.

In addition, these recessed luminaires can play the role of emergency lighting, because their energy consumption is negligible, and the light emitted by them is rather localized so as not to interfere with good rest, but intense enough to illuminate the contents of the shelves.

Sensor luminaires

But what about closed shelves, cabinets, drawers? And here we offer several original solutions.

1.Furniture lamp with a magnetic sensor.

A compact wireless luminaire for installation in cabinets with magnetically operated doors. The light turns on automatically when the door is opened if the distance to the magnet is more than 2.5 cm. It is mounted on the cabinet door.

2.Furniture lamp with a vibration sensor.

Wireless light that reacts to vibration. Automatically turns on when it senses a gentle vibration. Particularly suitable for drawers.

3.Furniture lamp with IR motion sensor.

Wireless luminaire, also suitable for installation in various cabinets and drawers. Reacts to movement. Detection distance 6 cm.

You can easily organize LED lighting of furniture with your own hands because LED equipment is easy to install.

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