Top 2 GameCube ROMS to Enjoy In 2021

Looking for the perfect GameCube iso to play this year, then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to break down the top game ROMS according to the genre. Before we jump into the games, you need to download the ROMS from trusted sites. 

Most ROMs can contain harmful malware. So be cautious when downloading these ROMS. Now let’s get down to business. Here are the top 5 to play in 2021:

Metroid Prime

First on the list is Metroid Prime, an Action and shooter genre. This game will discover action missions that require you to complete before engaging in the next mission. The missions are straightforward but tactical. 

You need to watch the tutorial and follow the instruction before starting a mission. The game offers a tutorial and an assessment level where you get to train and perfect your moves before getting into the real action. 

The file source is 1 GB in. ISO format. It has over 200 thousand downloads with a rating of 4.7 out of 5 in the gaming world. If you are in for action and fun, Metroid Prime is the game you need to consider playing. 

Metroid Prime not only gives you the privilege to choose your character, but it also gives you the access to buy new weapons to use in the missions. Apart from exclusive weapons, the game also offers a daily mission to earn diamonds that you can later convert into coins to purchase weapons. 

The best thing about Metroid Prime is that you can game both online and offline. Online, you will be able to challenge random opponents, while offline, you only challenge the system. More so, once you are done with a certain level, you get a reward and weapon upgrade at some point. 

Metroid Prime is a fun and enjoyable game to play. So, head to the official page and download the game and challenge your friends. 

Paper Mario (The Thousand-Year Door)

The next game is Paper Mario (The Thousand-Year Door); this game is a role-playing genre. In this game, you have to choose what to do as you are the main character. Unlike other GameCube ROMS, Paper Mario comes with a sophisticated game system where you get to control all your settings. 

Additionally, the game offers high-end resolution and great visual and audio. Apart from the complicated initial setup, Paper Mario is the perfect role-playing ROM you can ever experience. Currently, Paper Mario has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 from 100,000 users who selected and downloaded the ROM. 

Additionally, most users say that the game offers a texting option. You can communicate both verbally or by texting on the platform while gaming.  The feature is only limited to a few ROMS. This aspect makes Paper Mario more fun and unique. 

However, the source file is above 1 GB. It means you need to have more than 2 GB of memory card space and RAM more than 2 GB for the game to run smoothly. If you like role-playing genre games, then Paper Mario is the game to download. Please feel free to test your skills by challenging your friends and family members. 

Remember, in this kind of game, and you need to be selective of your role and the mission ahead. Otherwise, you will end up failing all the missions. Make sure to go through the tutorial and test your skills before proceeding with the missions. 

Final Verdict

In conclusion, gaming is an entertaining thing. You get an extraordinary life experience and learn more about one or two things about controlling your life. Sometimes gaming not only helps relax, but it also attributes to a real-life decision. 

For those playing Metroid Prime, you get some ideas on handling life issues with more caution as the game involves critical thinking and ways to complete your mission successfully. 

Lastly, beware of phishing websites; these websites can steal your information and other crucial information which should not be visible. You can also use a virus scan on the downloaded ROM to ensure it is safe to install and play. 

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