Tips for Tech Companies to Get More Followers on Instagram

If you are not consistently relevant, it is unlikely that you will survive. The services provided by tech companies frequently address real and global challenges. The leaders in their field do so by constantly innovating. Consumers are avid followers of those at the forefront of tech innovation.

Traditional methods of marketing have been outgrown by social media platforms, which allow you to more easily, directly, and inexpensively, tell your stories, past, present, and future. Instagram is undoubtedly one of the more popular networking services, with over 25 million businesses connected.

This online location supports a focus on storytelling with visuals. As tech advancements are very aptly explained in an image form, Instagram will serve your marketing objectives well.

Interact with your audience

Customers are thrilled to be able to talk to brands they love. Good riddance to the days where a brand only pushed their content, with little to no opportunity for the user to engage. Social media levels the playing field, which serves everyone.

Now, Sarah can immediately reply to an Insta post, telling her long-standing favorite sneaker brand what she thinks of their newest release. Her response earns her a discount on her next purchase. The brand better understands the needs of its target market.

Don’t think that the only followers are those interested in you. Start following other tech companies to see what you’re doing well and where you can improve. Take advantage of growth services like Growthsilo, which is the best Instagram growth service available and can help you grow your business in no time.

Using a growth service should be a part of your social media strategy without a doubt. Also, comment on your followers’ posts. Their family of followers will notice your activity and you’ll likely increase your audience. Be social on social media!

Optimize your profile

Stats tell us that Instagram users are 10 times more likely to connect with your brand, than on Facebook and Twitter. Given this opportunity, it is not enough to merely have a presence on Instagram. Making the most of this platform requires effort and some patience if you want to draw attention, most importantly, from the right people.

The bio in the profile can provide insight into important aspects of your business and it’s important to complete this well. Say yes to the contact button, so that you can be reached directly via email, SMS, etc. A user-friendly customer service process will make for happier customers. A URL link in your bio is an incredible tool, which helps you understand which visitors and conversions were referred from Instagram while making it convenient for people to find you.

Post consistently

Users will be confused and deterred by a profile that appears and just as quickly disappears. You won’t be top of mind for your product or service if you don’t consistently tell them why you are great. A content calendar is your friend here. Plan deliberately in advance your what, when, why, and how of each post.

The Instagram algorithm will also be a useful companion on this journey if you take advantage of its benefits, and post at specific times that will maximize reach. These change from time to time, so keep up.

Provide value

Your content calendar should include a variety of content. Being authentic and sharing some recent testimonials or celebrating business wins, will leave your followers feeling as though they’re a member of your family and they will stay connected. Unique selling points, those which set you apart, are valuable content too. A video that shows how your perhaps complex tool will make life easier for a customer can help convert followers into customers.  

Live stream

You can broadcast live via Instagram which is great because it is shown as a Story, which is displayed at the top of the feed. Live videos are assured prime real estate on the top of the page, in the first position of Stories which will likely draw increased attention.

A great example of when you can go live is from a tech trade show or after making a recent sale. It’s also important to answer questions in the chat. Before you go live, post a question sticker on your story, which alerts your followers and can help start a conversation. 

Final Words

Out of 500 million Instagram users daily, 50% follow at least 1 brand. This proves that Instagram is not something to ignore. It is possible to increase your following when done well. Go live, ensure diversity in your content, and post regularly – you will gain more followers in no time!

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