Gift under $500 you can get on Black Friday

People spend months researching the best gift to give. And after all that research, you find that the gift is way out of your budget range. What do you do then? Do you give up on the gift or stretch your finances to get it?

Finding yourself in that position can be discouraging. This is why it is important to start your gift hunt with a price range in mind. Once you have that set, note down the prices of each gift item you favor before making your final decision. That way, when you’ve compiled a list of gifts, it becomes easier to narrow them down and get the one that is best suited to what you wanted.

We can all admit that gift-giving can be exhausting, it always seems like you are searching gifts for the man who has everythingand that doesn’t help you at all, it only confuses you overall. It doesn’t end at the research; there is the actual purchase, then shipping the gift if needed; you must remember to wrap it too.

There is also the secrecy of it all, especially if you are gifting a surprise gift to a family member or friend. However, gift-giving is also equally rewarding. At the end of it all, you get to revel in the recipient’s excitement and appreciation for the gift you got them.

Rules on gift-giving

There are many unspoken rules of gift-giving. However, we are going to speak some of those rules to help you through your gift-giving.

How much should you spend on a gift?

There is no set amount on how much money you should spend on a gift. As a matter of fact, some gifts cost very little but end up being the most meaningful gifts ever. Therefore, do not be pressed on emptying your bank account to buy a gift.

Another common question that goes with the pricing is whether it matters who the gift is for. For instance, should you spend more on a loved one’s gift compared to a colleague’s gift?

Again, it is more about the gift itself than how much the gift cost. Therefore, gift-giving should not be about buying the most expensive gift. Even if you’re on a budget, you can still get incredible gifts for family and friends.

Should you give what you get?

This is a no-no in gift-giving. This renders the exercise pointless if you are just going to gift what you got. Giving good gifts means that you understand the recipient and their needs.

Therefore, get them something they would appreciate. It is also important to remember that you should not give something that costs exactly the same as the gift you received (unless by pure coincidence). This just turns gift-giving into a competition.

Does the size of the gift matter?

The size of the gift you give has very little to do with it being a good gift. Whether the gift you get is small or big, what matters is the functionality and the recipient’s need for it. Therefore, don’t go thinking that the larger the gift, the more meaningful it is. That is a myth.

Gift exchange ideas

If we’re honest, gift exchange can be very plain. You just give someone their gift, they open it and the moment ends, just like that. If you are looking to add a little spice to things, you can use many creative gift exchange ideas to up your ante. These include:

Make your exchange more surprising

For your friends and loved ones, there is a bunch of games and ideas that you can use to make gift exchange more fun. Some of the ways to do this are through a rotating gift box where you mail gifts for your family and friends in order.

The first member to receive takes out their gift, puts in theirs for the rest of the group, and mails it off again. You can also play hot potato with your gift-giving by introducing a gag gift.

This is to be passed on every year by whoever receives it. Secret Santa and holiday trivia are popular among colleagues, so you can opt for those. Gift-giving doesn’t need to be boring.

Simplify gift-giving

We have complicated gift-giving to the extent that it feels like a burden to some people. In fact, some people give gifts out of obligation. This is the wrong way to give gifts.

Instead of putting a monetary value on the gifts we receive, trying to outdo each other and all other complications attached to gift-giving, it is important to simplify the process. To do this, you can ask for a wish list from your recipient; this way, you avoid buying them a gift they hate. You can also join in with family and friends to buy a joint gift.

Make gift giving cost-effective.

Gifts should never spill over to becoming a money issue, but they often do. This makes it difficult and has often left many people in debt from buying gifts. The other option being the guilt of getting cheap gifts.

It is important to remove the monetary tag from gift-giving for both the giver and the recipient. This will help people like giving gifts, and recipients will appreciate the gifts they receive more.

Gifts under $500

Money is a chief struggle when it comes to selecting gifts. However, you can get premium gifts painlessly during seasonal deals. You just need to hold out and wait for the perfect sale, say, for instance, Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

We have prepared a list of incredible gift items you should consider from Flexispot. These are great investments and incredibly functional, especially in the world today. Have a look:

The Sit2Go fitness chair

First things first, the Sit2Go fitness chair fits within your budget. The chair is designed to enable you to beat sedentarism by combining a workspace with a bike. You can work out while getting your work done. 

The chair features a comfortable seat that will make you forget what you thought was a comfortable office chair. The bike feature is also always at your feet so you can have your exercise at work. Experts at Flexispot explain that the chair is built to help users make healthy strides from their chair.

Comhar All-in-one Standing desk with a glass top

Marvel at all 48-inches of the Comhar multifunctional desk. You get programmable height presets, an embedded drawer, and USB charging with this desk. It is built for durability and stability to ensure that it can hold the weight of your work equipment. The standing desk’s ideal for multiple users, especially with the programmable height settings, which enable users to save their preferred height settings. At the single touch of a button, the standing desk seamlessly switches from sitting to standing and back.

The USB charging ports come in Type A (2 ports) and Type C (1 port). These are embedded in the desk, ensuring that you don’t have to deal with a tangled mess of wires and cords. The Comhar All-in-one standing desk also features a pullout drawer that increases your storage space. The table is also easy to use for the entire family, especially with its wide height adjustment range. The Comhar desk also fits snuggly in a corner and doesn’t take up too much space. We cannot forget to mention the tempered glass top that adds a touch of elegance to the desk. This also enhances safety with its rounded edges.

The Comhar standing desk also has an anti-collision function that stops the desk from colliding with things in its way during height adjustment. This prevents accidents and damage to the table.

Kana Pro Bamboo standing desk

If you’re looking for elegance to go with functionality, the Kana Bamboo standing desks combine them effortlessly. The standing desk is uniquely designed and offers an aesthetic boost to your space. It is built from sustainable bamboo, features oval legs, and so many other features.

First, the bamboo desktop is unique and exudes the natural elegance of bamboo. It also makes the desk quite durable. The dual-motor lifting system makes the desk structure stable even at maximum capacity and at the highest height setting. You can also switch through heights without needing to clear the desk surface. It has a total load capacity of 274lbs.

The Kana Bamboo standing desk also has an anti-collision feature to prevent damage to the desk or accidents. The child lock system also prevents accidents and enhances the overall safety of the desk. The Kana Bamboo’s cable management system ensures you don’t have unorganized cords running around. The optional socket-outlet is also available; it has 2 USB ports, a type A and a type C.

The bottom line

If you’re looking for ideal gifts this season, you might as well splurge on an ergonomic gift. Given the shift in the work environments, having the right equipment will help people adjust to their workstations, improve their productivity and enhance their health.

It is a win all around, and with the incredible prices on this equipment, you are in for a treat. Flexispot is spoiling all its customers with unmatched deals this season. Don’t miss out!


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