Gmail Keeps Reloading In Chrome [4 Ways To Fix It]

Explorer and Microsoft Edge. If you use Google Chrome, make sure you are running thGmail is one of the services that you use least in contrast to other applications that are installed on your devices, but when it fails, you will realize that you need it more than you think.

This is because it is simply one of the most important since surely your email account is used for work, recovery of accounts from other services, etc. So when you see that your Gmail keeps reloading, you will be in trouble. But do not worry, here we will tell you the reasons behind the problem Gmail keeps reloading are and how to solve it quickly and easily.

Is the Gmail service down?

Before believing that it could be a problem with you, it is advisable first to check if the Gmail service is active. Doing it is very simple, just click on this link to go to the status control dashboard of Google applications.

If there is any interruption or drop in Google services, this site will inform you. In the dashboard, you will see all the services offered by Google and a list of dates prior to today (you can go back up to two months). So if you have problems with a Google service like Gmail, this is the first site you should visit.

The reason behind Gmail keeps reloading error

When Gmail keeps reloading continuously, it’s likely due to one of the following issues:

  • Your browser does not work with Gmail.
  • One of your browser extensions or plug-ins does not work with Gmail.
  • You need to clear the cache & cookies on your browser.

If you ask yourself why my Gmail keeps reloading and wondering how to fix the problem so you can get your email back, here are some tips to fix the problem that will help you get to the bottom of the problem. We will start with the most common ones. If those steps don’t work or you’ve already tried them, don’t worry. We have more advanced troubleshooting tips for you to try after that.

Ways to Fix Gmail keeps reloading problem

Solution – 1: Check the browser compatibility

The following browsers work with Gmail: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internete latest version. And, If you use a Chromebook, make sure that the operating system is updated to be compatible with Gmail. Whichever browser you use, make sure you have cookies and javascript enabled.


Solution – 2 Check the extensions and plug-ins on your browser 

If you used to work with plug-ins or extensions, some of them may clash with Gmail and trigger it to keep reloading. Momentarily turn off all your plug-ins or extensions individually and retry to reload Gmail to check if this solves the problem.

If you want to bump and try to use your browser without extensions to check if that makes a difference, open a new window using your browser’s incognito or private browsing mode. You can always go back to your regular browser window, where your extensions and plug-ins will work the same as before.


Solution – 3: Clear cache and cookies of your browser

Once this is done, try to reload Gmail again to check if it resolves the problem. Please note, however, that once you have cleared your cache and cookies, you will lose the browsing history of your device and the customization you enjoyed on some of your favorite websites.

What to do if still Gmail keeps reloading

If you’ve tried all the troubleshooting tips above and Gmail still doesn’t load, that’s fine. There are some other things you should try. Here are six advanced Gmail troubleshooting steps that can solve your Gmail keeps reloading problem.


Solution – 4: Try logging in from another device or browser 

If you have access to a different browser that you think is compatible or it’s easy for you to access a different mobile device or computer, simply try to log in your Gmail account from there and check if it solves the problem.


Fix – 5: Temporarily try to disable your antivirus program

Sometimes program like parental control tool or antivirus software that continually runs on your computer may lead conflicts with other apps like Gmail. Try temporarily disabling these programs one by one if they are installed on your device.

Activate them again once you have finished testing. In the case you use anti-malware, firewall, or anti-spyware software, you should make sure that it does not block Gmail as a dangerous site.


Fix – 6: Check if the internet connection is okay

A very slow and unstable connection may lead the Gmail loading slowly, and consequently, it keeps reloading. Make sure that your internet connection is okay by browsing to other sites or using other applications that depend on the internet. You can also do a speed test of your internet to see if everything is fine. If there seems to be a problem, contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for help.


Fix – 7: Adjust the privacy settings of your browser

If the settings of your browser’s privacy are high, there will be a little chance that this factor is causing Gmail to keep reloading. If that’s the case, be sure to manually add to the list of allowed sites so that your browser will enable you to connect to Gmail.


Fix – 8: Reinstall your browser and try again

If Gmail keeps reloading and your browser is also crashing, you may try reinstalling it to check if it resolves the issue. Although not common, the browser program can get corrupted and affect your ability to access applications like Gmail.

Finally, these are the solution to Gmail keeps reloading problem; as you see, they are very easy to execute and you can do it yourself. However, if you have any other type of problem, you can leave a comment and we will try to help you.

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