4 Reasons Why You Should Convert Word To PDF Using GogoPDF App

When you need to start working on a file from scratch, the way to do it is to rely on word processors, like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. But if you have been dealing with Word and PDF files for quite some time, then you will know the pros and cons of both file formats. Today, let’s talk about the pros of converting your Word files into PDF. Some of the tips that we mention here might save you some time in the future. So without further ado, here is why and how you can convert your Word files into PDF using GogoPDF. 

What is GogoPDF? 

Before we go over the reasons why opt for the PDF format, let’s dive deeper into GogoPDF. GogoPDF is a powerful web-based tool that you can use for anything PDF related. We are not exaggerating! GogoPDF can convert Word to PDF, compressing files, split PDF, merge files, password-protect, view, optimize, and more! Since it is web-based, it means that you do not have to download any software to utilize all the awesome features of GogoPDF. On top of that, GogoPDF is also free! As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can use this tool without any problem. Here is how you can use GogoPDF’s convert Word to PDF tool. 


How To Convert Word To PDF?

Unlike other PDF converter software, GogoPDF is convenient and easy to use. Just follow these steps: 

  1. Go to the GogoPDF website and wait for the page to load.
  2. You will be presented with a few useful PDF-related features, look for the Word to PDF converter on the top part of the screen. 
  3. Next, select the files that you want to convert from Word to PDF. 
  4. Once uploaded, GogoPDF will start the conversion process. Wait a few seconds for this. 
  5. Download the converted file. That is all you have to do! 


Why Convert Word To PDF?

You may be wondering, why to bother converting Word to PDF when it seems like not much will change, take note of the following: 


PDF files are mobile-friendly

Now that everything online can be accessed with just a few clicks, PDF files are also one of them. When you try to download a Word file using your phone, chances are, you will not be able to access the Word file if you don’t have any supporting application. Oftentimes, you need to pay for these apps. If you are someone who does not access files daily, then paying for such an app may seem absurd. 

Here is a hack for you: you can access GogoPDF using any device, even your mobile phone. So you can still make use of that Word file you have downloaded. Go to GogoPDF, upload the Word file from your downloads folder, convert to PDF, then download the new PDF file. Voila! You now can access the PDF file using your phone. 

PDF can keep the format of your file

This is one of the biggest pros of using the PDF format. Have you ever tried accessing a Word file using another device, but all the elements of the file seem disarranged? Well, that is because when it comes to Word processors, you need to have that same processor for all your devices so you can properly see your Word file. But what if you need to send the file? Then there is a high chance that the receiver of the file will get a file that is not organized. 


You can password-protect a PDF file

For business transactions, you might need to protect your files further. Encrypting your PDF files with a password is another unique feature of the PDF format. This is advisable, especially for confidential files. When password-protecting your file, make sure to send the password to the other collaborators so they can access it. Bonus tip: GogoPDF can also protect your PDF file. Check out their Protect PDF feature on the site. 


You can’t alter a PDF file

When you turn a Word PDF into a PDF file, there is a high chance that nobody can alter any element of the file unless they do it manually. So if you are sending a presentation, a book report, a portfolio, or any contract, it is best to send them in PDF format. 


Check out GogoPDF

Now that you know the pros and the practical uses of converting Word to PDF, you can start editing them using GogoPDF. Bookmark this awesome free tool that will instantly become your favorite when it comes to managing files. 

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