7 Good Language Translation and Dictionary Apps

The massive expanse of the internet has connected us all, but the language barrier continues to be a concern. However, with advanced technology, certain apps have made it easier for people to understand and communicate in languages other than their own.

With modern technology, you can get error-free language translations within a few seconds. Whether you are a student or an employee, using these translation and dictionary apps can help you come out of your comfort zone and read, write, and speak in any language confidently. 


These apps also provide users with the flexibility of access from anywhere and anytime. What is even more delightful – you can avail the translation and other services of most of these apps free of charge.

So, one need not worry about getting into difficult situations wherein it becomes frightening to communicate in a language you are not familiar with. Here are the seven best language translation and dictionary apps that are bound to improve your language learning experience. 

Best Translation Solutions For Any Occasion

Google Translate

Google Translate is among the most popular translation apps – it’s highly reliable and accurate. This app is user-friendly and gets updated from time to time. Google Translate supports over one hundred and three languages and provides offline services as well.

Users can translate in nearly 53 languages with no internet connection. This offline feature comes in handy when you are traveling and have no Wi-Fi or any other Internet service. Powered by Google, it is available for both iOS and Android. Its word lens feature takes the cake, as it can seamlessly translate any sign or text into the preferred language by just letting the user point camera at it. 

Microsoft Translate

Offering to bridge communication gaps, Microsoft Translate is one of the trusted apps to translate any piece of information. It is versatile, for it allows the users to dictate what they want translated, type it in, or choose the easiest option – take the picture of anything containing the target text. The app is also available to use on smartwatches. Both Android and iOS customers can benefit from this readily accessible application, which can translate in over 60 languages. It also gives its users the option of downloading languages, at zero cost, for offline translation. 

Apps are great, but you can’t complete a big translation project by simply relying on digital aid. To get anything translated hassle-free, one of the best options is the top 10 translation website by TranslationReport. They can even help you if you’re on a strict deadline.


Available for iOS and Android, vocabulary.com is exceptional when it comes to the definitions of any word. It is extremely easy to understand even for beginners. English language enthusiasts can use this app to improve their vocabulary and effortlessly learn advanced words. It provides a detailed explanation of every definition and how to use the word in a sentence. The app can be customized according to the needs of the user. Vocabulary.com also lets users take vocabulary-based questions to keep them engaged and make the learning experience enjoyable. 


TextGrabber is an easy-to-use translating app that allows you to point your device’s camera at any piece of text to get an immediate translation in the language of your choice. An app like this is especially useful for various people including students studying abroad, tourists, and more.

Have you ever seen a street sign or a menu card in a foreign language and wished you could read it?

Your wish is now granted. TextGrabber is also extremely useful in situations where you have to read information off of important documents like instruction manuals and court-issued licenses or certificates. The app works offline and supports 60+ languages. When your device is connected online, full-text translation is possible in 100+ languages. It is a one-of-a-kind tool that helps travelers settle into their new destinations.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary Pro

There are so many tools available online for students to improve their reading and writing skills. Students use dictionaries and premium writing softwares to assist with completing papers for school. Anyone who has learned English is aware of Merriam-Webster dictionaries.

America’s best and most respected dictionary is now available on your iOS device. You can use this app to look up words and build your vocabulary. There is an inbuilt Word Of The Day game as well as Weekly Challenge Quizzes that teach you something new every day. You can learn the etymology of a word and other interesting facts. All this is in your pocket and more for just $9.99.


For tourists and travelers, one of the most important things that they feel like they are missing out on is a local experience. Travelers often have very little time to delve deep into the culture of the country they are visiting.

However, it is always best to blend in with the crowd and behave like a local while visiting a new destination. You can prevent yourself from being overcharged, and people will automatically treat you better if they see you behaving like the rest of the people in town.

One critical aspect of being an almost-local in a new city is to understand and be aware of the lingo that exists in the local language. TripLingo digs deep into the cultural nuances of different countries and helps tourists understand local customs, slang, and etiquette. It is your personalized tour guide that comes with important facts about the place and phrases used by locals. You can be a local on foreign land with TripLingo. 

Urban Dictionary

Speaking of slang, in today’s internet-led world, it can be difficult to find all the words you see on Twitter in a dictionary. Whether it is short forms of words, novelty terms, or social media jokes, you will find everything you need on Urban Dictionary.

People use different words in different contexts and if you want to be a part of the conversation, Urban Dictionary is for you. The app is free to use for iOS and Android users. It is created and maintained by users. Installing the app is a great way to understand popular culture and internet lingo in the English-speaking world. 


Among the various apps we have listed in this article, each one serves a specific purpose. Dictionary and translation apps are found all across the internet, which can make it difficult to decide which one to install and use.

This comprehensive guide intends to assist you and make your app-hunt a little easier. Go on, find your best fit, and have a great language learning experience.

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