What are some good social media plugins for WordPress?

In today’s digital world social media is undeniably an integral part of our lives, our online and offline business. To have strong digital footprints as well as boost branding for your WordPress website you need to install social media plugins. These plugins will help the user connect their social media channels, post reviews, and share videos on various leading social channels. For error-free plugin integration, reliable WordPress web designers can help you along with installing the best plugins for your website.

Are you looking for the best-suited social media plugin for your WordPress website? If yes, end your search here! Check some of the best premium WordPress social media plugins for your site.

WordPress Social Media Plugins 


Spotlight is the plugin for those who want to integrate their Instagram live feed and post on the website, without writing any code. It is one of the best plugins to add live interactive Instagram previews on the website along with some astounding customizable features. It permits you to make 40 customizations including background colour, layout, padding, number of posts, and button styles.

Additionally, with the paid Spotlight PRO feature you can display tagged Instagram posts live on the site. Not to mention, you can filter and moderate any post on the channel. It is a highly customizable, responsive, and easy-to-use plugin to share posts, videos, and stories from Instagram to the site.


Monarch is a super-flexible social media plugin created by Elegant Theme in 2015 and it comes with 30 social media display channel options. One can easily arrange all the channels according to requirement. Additionally, you can display social channels on more than 5 locations such as on images (Videos), floating sidebar, above/below the content post, fly-in, and automatic pop-up. 

Furthermore, this plugin is perfect for those who want their visitor to leave a comment, helping businesses amplify the social media share button conversion rate. Monarch is paid and included as part of elegant theme membership only. Besides this, another powerful feature of Monarch is the image sharing option. Instead of installing another plugin for image sharing which might affect the website load time, Monarch can do the same job.

Revive Social

As the name suggests Revive Social helps you share your old high-traffic social media posts on the website like a breeze. To add, you can share a post, a page, or any Blogspot automatically with Revive Social. It also adds relevant hashtags to the post without leaving the website.

Moreover, when you keep on adding the new post to the website the old post which may have a good ranking and traffic is out of sight, thus reducing the number of clicks on it. But re-sharing the old posts not only bring higher organic traffic to the website but also breathe new life into the posts. 

The plugin seamlessly works with all the social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and so on.

Social Warfare

Social warfare is one of the fastest-growing WordPress plugins which comes along with free and premium options. It is fully responsive and offers tailor-made social sharing buttons for the website. Plus the in-post tweetable option helps the user to easily share the quote.

What makes Social Warfare stand among the other plugins are:

  • Social Proof– Social proof helps in boosting engagement but what if your post has negative or very less social proof? With Social Warfare you can set the limit of social proof before displaying the number on the website.
  • Pinterest Customize Images- Images on Pinterest are usually taller as compared to other social channels. So, when your post is shared on Pinterest this plugin lets you add a special image for that!
  • Recover Post Count – If you make changes in your website like shifting to a new domain or adding HTTPS all the data (count, clicks, traffic) is normally loose. But with premium social welfare, one can easily recover the data!
  • Automatic Link Shortening and Analytics- With this plugin, your URL shortening is automatically done (Bitly account). Plus, it will also set up your Google Analytics UTM to get detailed insight into how productive social sharing buttons are.

Social Stream for WordPress

Social Stream for WordPress is a fantastic, user-friendly social media plugin that helps in showcasing social media activities in an innovative and unique layout. It combines all the social media posts into one single wall. 

Furthermore, the smart caching of the content is displayed quickly without any loading time!


Throwing light on MashShare, it is a plugin that empowers you to add a particular type of social share buttons to your WordPress site. Additionally, you can also display the actual “share count” along with “virtual shares” with its assistance. To ensure these share counts won’t retard the speed of your website, the MashShare plugin uses smart caching.

Hence, if you are finally interested to make the maximum out of this plugin, the free version furnishes you with plenty of options. Plus, you also have the option of procuring the premium add-ons to accomplish chores in the shape of:

  •   Increased social networks
  •   To get additional social share button options
  •   For tracking Google Analytics Event
  •   And so on

The benefits of investing in MashShare don’t seem to get over; it also provides you with a neat add-on that lets you ask people to hit on the like button once the user has shared one of your posts. Perhaps, asking them to like cannot come at a better time than this.

It is also imperative to mention some other attributes related to this plugin: MashShare is DSGVO compliant. This essentially means that no IP or any personal data is sent to any third party.


Social media WordPress plugins are vital for new-age businesses to stay connected with the millennial generation. So, if you want to enhance your website look and feel, get connected with our expert WordPress web designers that can help enrich the WordPress website with required social media plugins. 

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