Google Cloud Server [Cloud Technology That Can Assist You]

If you are looking for a provider that offers computing resources that can be setting up and maintaining applications on the internet, Google Cloud Server is the answer. Google Cloud specializes in affording a personal or company who wants to create and make a software then connect it to the software’s users. If you are still confused about the Google Cloud, imagine thousands of websites on the internet. Those websites are operating in a single network of data centers, and that is Google Cloud. Enroll in Google cloud training online today to learn more about Google cloud server.

Google keeps on track of what you use on the resources, such as running a website or application in Google Cloud Server. The data can be about the power that you consume, storage, database, network connectivity, and so on. Google is more beneficial for you as you will get charged based on the usage with a per-second charge while the other server will charge you per minute. Moreover, if you have a ‘busy’ and relatively high traffic on the website, you will get a discount as many customers visit your website on the internet.

What Is Google Cloud?

Google cloud is a complete and comprehensive cloud computing system working in a global infrastructure owned by Google to run its products such as YouTube and Google Search. Founded in 2008, the Google cloud offers you a powerful computing system, data analysis, and highly secured storage that can fulfill a personal or even big company’s needs.

Google Cloud is mostly known as the web hosting service provider, the distribution of applications around the world, managing warehouse data, machine learning, sharing gaming experience, automation, and others.

Using Google Cloud, you do not need to use a physical server anymore as you have already used the virtual machine on Google Cloud. Google Cloud is also less time-consuming as resources are already virtualized. If you want to add more power, increasing the storage, you can do it easily, and you only pay for what you use only. If you want to try the features that the Google Cloud offer, you can register now, and the new customers will get a $3,000 credit that can be used in any Google Cloud Service. The provision is quite simple. You need to add your credit card information on it to avoid that the user is a bot.

How to Set Up a Google Cloud Server?

As a Google user, you may already know that registering in any Google platform is relatively easy. If you still do not have a Google Cloud account, you may try it, and this is the step setting up your Google Cloud Server:

1.Register your account to Google Cloud

Before using any Google platform, you need to make your Google Mail (Gmail) first. The next thing is you need to sign in to Google Cloud using your Gmail. Go to the Google Cloud homepage, and you will find the blue button written “Get started for free” and click it.

As I stated before, you need to put your credit card information if you want to try the Google Cloud. Do not worry if Google wants to charge you more automatically because you can still use any Google platform before spending the free $3,000 bonus. Google will also remind you to confirm the manual charge if you do not realize in spending the $3,000 bonus and you need to verify it. You are considered to get the $3,000 bonus if you see the pop-up notification after registering your account and click “Got it” to go to the next step.

2.Creating aGoogle Cloud Server

On the Navigation menu on the left side, you will see “Compute Engine” to create a new Google Cloud, then click “VM Instances”. The main objective of choosing the compute engine is to make and utilize the virtual machine in Google’s infrastructure. In a few minutes, the Compute Engines are finished and ready. Wait until the blue-button written “Create” clickable, and you will see the configuration and settings.

In this setting, you need to make some considerations such as:


One thing you need to understand is that your name is permanent and cannot be changed in the future. Therefore, you need to decide your name carefully. Your name should be easy to remember and memorable with lowcase letter that can up to 62 letters, hyphens, or numbers.


Region is related to a place that you want to decide where your server should be. Consider these two things, for business objectives or learning objectives. If you want to use the platforms for your business or websites, choose the region that is closest to your customers. While if you want to use the platforms for learning objectives, choose the server which is closest to you.


Zone is where your data will be stored. No need tow orry about it, Google will do it for you and highly-secured for sure.

Machine configuration

You can choose the virtual machine that can help you to share the workload as same as a big memory machine. Decide how many GB and cores you will use and need. Do not worry if you want change it, because it is not permanent and you can change it later based on your need.

Boot disk

Similar with any server, you need to choose your Operating System (OS) to operate your server. Google will automatically choose Debian 9 for you. However, if you have another preferences, you can choose other OS such as SUSE Linux Enterprise, Debian 10 Buster, Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and others. Google also allows you to change your own customized image.


Before connecting your site from your Google Cloud server, make sure that you have already permit either HTTPS or HTPP traffic as those two is the provision in implementing the server on your web. If you have done it, then you will find the blue button written “Create” then you are ready to go!

Use Your Google Cloud Server

After seeing all those steps and creating your account, it is time for you to use the platforms. Choose the “SSH” option under the connect button as you need to connect it from the Google Cloud management console. After clicking it, you will see a full window with the functional terminal on it.

If you want to connect it from Linux, you only need to follow the instructions from Google that fully explain how to provide SSH key publicly to the instance and highly-secured connection using a tool from the third-party.

Once you are done utilizing the server, do not forget to select and click on the “Stop” icon on the toolbar at the top of the virtual machine instances page. If you want to restart the server, you will see the restart button next to the stop button.

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