Google Fax Review & Tutorials [2021 Edition]

Sending a fax through a traditional fax machine can take a toll on your time and patience. But, it’s 2021 and we have shifted to a much better, economical and time-saving way to send faxes. If you are a fax enthusiast, you would be aware of fax machines less way with Google fax service.

Google Fax is the best and the most cost-efficient way of sending and receiving a fax. It is so simple, you would wonder why are people still using the fax machine? Without investing in the bank-breaking fax machine, you can send and receive faxes in a  jiffy. 

Google Fax Free – CocoFax

CocoFax is the most efficient virtual fax provider there is to exist. The platform has all the benefits derived from the traditional and modern fax machines. It eliminates the dependency upon the fax infrastructure. 

You need no fax machine, no stationery cost and no variable cost associated with a fax machine. CocoFax allows its users a sense of flexibility and dynamism. The application does not narrow down procedures. There are many ways in which you can use CocoFax’s features remotely.

Google Fax Tutorial

What you do need is a CocoFax subscription. However, at times, people are not sure if they really want to make a long term commitment in the form of a subscription. The basic 3-day or 7-day trials offered by most online faxing apps are just not enough.

This is where CocoFax comes in handy as it offers a 30-day free trial. Unlike other online faxing apps that claim free services but actually include huge hidden costs, CocoFax is honest. There will be no marketing gimmicks, just performance and trial to rely upon.

30 Day Free Trial

You can opt for the 30 day trial period. It can be a good enough time to understand the functioning of the application. You can also gauge your compatibility with its interface. Thus, making an informed choice. If you are not satisfied, you can relinquish the subscription within the trial.

Google Fax Tutorial

Superb Ways to Fax through Google Fax Free

There are many ways in which you can fax through Google Fax Free’s CocoFax. Whether it be Gmail, Google Voice, Google Drive, you can fax from anywhere.  Below are the core features of Google Fax Free that make it stand out:

Fax Through Gmail

You attain the potential of sending out faxes through your Gmail. Other than Gmail, you can use your email IDs for professional or personal use. You can send faxes from your yahoo mail account, outlook, etc. 

Under this process, you just need to add as a suffix to the recipient fax number. There are no further requirements. The document that you need to send out as fax can be attached in docx, xls, xlsx, png and jpg formats.

However, despite the mode of the document that you attach to your mail, delivery is in pdf format only. One must note that there is no need to enter the body of the email and subject. It will only appear in the fax document as a cover letter or footnote. 

You can send your fax, just like to send your email. Under this process, by adding, you will ensure that CocoFax acts as a translator device. It makes two fundamentally different modes of digital and analog telephonic modes interact with each other. 

Fax Through CocoFax Dashboard

You can use the CocoFax dashboard to send and receive faxes. When you opt for a subscription, you can also access the web dashboard of this application. The dashboard acts as a database of all faxes sent and received. It also has the entire details of a fax sent and received.

Fax without Phone Line


CocoFax dashboard essentially keeps a log of each fax sent and received. You can attain all details about the volume and type of faxes sent out. The web dashboard acts like a very convenient way to send and receive faxes.  

Fax Through Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft office 365 is another immensely popular mode of sending out fax online through CocoFax. In addition to using Outlook email service by Microsoft Office, you can also use Word documents to send out faxes. 

Microsoft Office Word document is a very popular mode of sharing data and is an attachable document type for CocoFax. It can also serve as an active source of sending a fax. You can browse for CocoFax and add it as an add-on to the word document. 

After doing this, you will be able to add CocoFax as a ribbon to the Microsoft Word document. When a word document needs to be sent as a fax, you can click on the ribbon and it will lead you to the CocoFax dashboard. Upon reconfirmation, your fax will be sent immediately.

Fax Through Google Drive

CocoFax makes it possible to fax through Google Drive, the most commonly used digital storage and document editor. Google Drive serves as a database for a plethora of relevant documents. 

What if you can send a fax directly from Google Drive itself? Yes, this can be possible through CocoFax. This application allows sending faxes directly through Google Drive. You do not need to send the document or sub transfer it to another source. Faxing from Google Drive makes it easier.

Fax from Google Drive

Fax Through Smartphone

Smartphones are extremely resourceful these days and have a lot of features and functions.  It includes a lot of features and functions. While you can do a lot of things from your smartphone, you can also send out faxes from it. 

Through CocoFax, you can use the application, dashboard and email application to send faxes. Thus, it helps in making fax a very convenient way to send out documents through smartphones. 


You can send faxes and so much more from Google Fax free service. It is a very valued resource recognized by individuals and businesses. CocoFax allows the kind of interface and flexibility that other apps lack. The trial period is a good way to assess your compatibility with it. 

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