Get More Out of Your Google Smart Shopping Campaigns

Although Google Shopping Ads provide you with a wide range of features that make your eCommerce business easier, it is definitely not everything you can get. Interested in how to get even more out of your Google Shopping Campaigns? Keep reading! 

Google Shopping Ads are a trustworthy partner to anyone who is attempting to make online business. They offer an unique space where you can promote your products and get visible among your competitors. And, most of all, it is not even at the expense of difficult work! How amazing is that?

But let’s take it step by step. If you are a novice to Google Ads, here is a little intro to Shopping campaigns and how your business can easily benefit from them. And if you are familiar with this, keep reading anyway, because there is more to Shopping Ads than you have thought!

What are Google Shopping Ads?

Shopping Ads are one of eight ad types that you can create in Google Ads. It has a form of an imaginary catalog that shows offers related to the search queries. In comparison with classic text ads, the product name replaces the keyword. So, if somebody decides to search for Nike Air Max 95 SE, something like this will appear in Google Search:

They may take on different forms, depending on the device they are shown at:

These are the same products from different eCommerce stores. The customer sees the name of the product, its price and the name of the eshop where he gets after clicking the ad. This may be the reason why many people find this type of ads the most attractive – they can easily compare between the competitors.

Google Shopping Ads are built automatically by Google Ads, which uses data uploaded in Google Merchant. So if you want to create a shopping ad, you have to have an account in both of these and link them. Then you upload a list of your products with detailed information (usually referred to as a product feed) in Google Merchant, make some settings in Google Ads and that’s it!

The difference between Shopping Ads and Smart Shopping Ads

Google is doing a great job automatizing this type of ads, right? And now imagine getting even more out of it with Smart Shopping Ads! With Smart Shopping Ads the ads management is even easier and results are even better.

Smart Shopping Ads combine classic Shopping Ads and dynamic remarketing which stands for visibly better results. You do not have to be longer preoccupied about setting the right bids (offers for showing your ads) for your products, because automated bidding will take care of this. You just set the daily budget and Google will set the optimal bid values to maximize conversion values.

To break it down:

So you’re telling me that I should give (Smart) Shopping Ads a try?

Definitely. (Smart) Shopping Ads bring you plenty of benefits from which the outstanding is the automation of processes that helps you to reach wide and relevant audience, achieve the best performance results thanks to advanced machine learning and at the same time to save you plenty of time.

To demonstrate this with some numbers:

Smart Shopping Ads account for 40 to 60 % of all Google Ads purchases. They have potential to increase your conversion rate by up to 40 %. Using them you are able to target all Google networks, not just Google Search.

In case you prefer classic text ads, which is an ad type you can use for promoting your products as well, then I have some exciting news for you: When seeing both, a product text ad and a shopping ad at the same time, customers are 90 % more likely to make a purchase.

So yes, basically I am telling you that you definitely should give Shopping Ads a try to boost your business.

But, although Smart Shopping Ads offer a wide range of functions that can make your business promotion significantly easier, there is still something missing. Google Shopping Ads can undoubtedly boost your business, but third-party tools can help you to boost your shopping campaigns. Here is one of such:

Smart Shopping Ads feat.

As mentioned before, Smart Shopping Ads can increase the efficiency of your advertising. Some third-party tools, such as, give you even more features to optimize details of your campaigns and therefore may be helping in your business as well. 

Here are some of additional advantages that you can get using BlueWinston:

1.No need for Google Merchant product feed

Shopping Ads, as you could’ve read before, are created from a product feed (list of your products with detailed information) that you give to Google Merchant. To generate such feed, however, is not easy.

With you can use regular.XML feed that you use for price comparators. It does not have to have a structure required by Google Merchant. will help you to transform it.

2.Add additional tags to your product feed

The application allows you to add additional information that you otherwise cannot include in your product feed.

Set up custom information and labels for better filtering and management of your product feed and campaigns generally.

3.Get automated bidding estimations

Automated bids are one of the biggest advantages of Smart Shopping Ads. The machine learning tracks the performance of your ads as well as other promotions in the same environment and based on the analysis it sets up the best bids for your ads.

You can set up a goal you want the machine learning to focus on. Target return on ad spend (ROAS) is one of such goals. It helps you to get the most conversions or revenue with the target you set. allows you to calculate optimal Target ROAS for your business, so that you don’t waste any money. Moreover, thanks to the scripts your campaigns can automatically switch to your Target ROAS strategy to reach the highest profits at the lowest advertising costs.

4.Filter products by multiple categories

Although Google undoubtedly allows you to do A LOT, it lacks the possibility of advanced filtering of products. Apart from filtering products according to their manufacturer or category, in you can filter them by any other parameters or values. Even by the words or phrases in product titles.

5.Advertise products with interesting margin

To ensure a high return on investment (this is a metric in which you can observe how much you have invested in given product and how much have you actually gotten back) you can advertise only such products that have interesting margin

6.Advertising in one place

All these settings can be done directly in the application itself. You do not need to use Google Merchant, because the application is able to communicate with Google Ads via application programming interface (API).

This interface also accounts for extremely fast updates. The information about your products is constantly changing – mainly its availability or price. These have to be reflected in the ads as soon as possible.

If you already use shopping ads, try a CSS partner. Thanks to it, your advertising will achieve more impressions and thus you can increase the demand for your products.


Automatization in the first place focuses on the efficient automatization of all the necessary processes. Nowadays, automatization is inevitable due to the boom of eCommerce businesses. Marketers or business owners who refuse to automatize may not face a very bright future.

Google itself has done a great job automatizing almost all the necessary processes in the smart campaigns or smart bidding. But if you are looking for even more options, third-party tools such as may be quite interesting for you to try.

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