A Guide to Ranking a Website in Google [Canada]

There are numerous ways to build a website. Determining the right way for your business will depend on your goals, funds, technical savvy, and the time you want to invest. Building your site on Google is one option worth exploring.

By providing templates, Google makes it easy to start a new site. You open Google Sites, select “start a new site,” then select the template. Once you have your content added, you are ready to publish. While it is easy to create a website straight from Google, ranking the website high enough to help your business can be problematic.

Tips to Improve Website Ranking

Three major factors influence the ranking of your website.

  • The content on your website
  • The architecture and functionality of your website
  • The popularity of inbound and outbound links on your website

The content should be well-written and offer value to the intended audience. Well-written, high-value content is one of the best ways to improve your SERPs. The functionality of your website will depend on how well the site is designed and choosing the best web hosting in Canada.

Once you have successfully launched your website, it is pertinent to focus on boosting traffic to your site. When you familiarize yourself with successful trafficking capabilities, you will see traffic begin to grow. However, it is helpful to remember that the internet is trendy and constantly changing. Therefore, it is essential to monitor your links and webpage to ensure you are keeping up with the interests of the public. 

How Can I Increase Traffic To My Website?

Finding the right words will change everything. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great way to ensure that you can catch your targeted audience’s attention. You must get into the mindset of a consumer to ensure that you are choosing keywords that provide information that guide searches. 

Most people use just a few words to search Google, and the idea of keywords is to narrow down the specific terms the consumer will search. Your website will appear closer to the top of a Google search if your words are similar to those that the consumer is looking for.

Things To Consider When Using SEO Keywords

Driving traffic to your site is more than just choosing the right words.

  • Create content that is relevant to your site
  • Change your website content regularly
  • Utilize metadata descriptions
  • Place links within your text
  • Alt tags allow your page to be found by search engines

The Importance Of Having An Accessible Website For People On The Go

Why do I need to go mobile?

Most people are always on the go. When you create a mobile-friendly website, you can expand your target audience. While you are targeting a larger audience, you can find the time to look into the pages of your website that are not performing very well. When you can narrow down the pages that are not benefiting your site, you can alter the context to something a bit more eye-catching.

A Few More Important Factors To Consider That Will Help Make Your Website Noticeable On Google

Tips to help you appear closer to the top on Google searches

  • Consider the speed of your website
  • Monitor your website for error messages and repair quickly
  • Create groups of content that will allow you to link multiple topics that are related
  • Understand the Analytics of Google searches
  • Lagging or buffering of your website will push people away from your site
  • Find a host that can meet most or all of your needs for your website

Important Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing A Web Host For

Your Website

Tips to help you find the most qualified web host

  • What type of support options does the company offer?
  • Which type of server does the company use?
  • Is the control panel that is offered by the company customizable to suit your needs?
  • Are the email features suitable for your website needs?
  • Is there a reliable support team available to you at all times?

The questions listed above are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself when looking for a quality web hosting site. Finding the right web hosting in Canada can be a   challenge depending on the needs of your site. E-commerce in Canada is growing rapidly, with little signs of slowing. The explosive growth has vendors scrambling to find the best hosting sites available.

There are a lot of competing web hosting companies in Canada. It is important to compare what each company offers to ensure that you are working with the best online host site available. Choosing a hosting site based solely on costs may leave you disappointed and frustrated with the quality of service provided.

Final Words

Ranking on Google is essential to seeing a return on investment (ROI) in your website. Take your time and make sure the content you publish is of the highest quality. Take the time to establish good links, both inbound and outbound. Then, find the right web hosting service for your site. If you continue to improve your site and add new content regularly, you will eventually see an improvement in your Google ranking.

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