Handy Tips to Fix Your Slow Family Internet

The Internet has become the need of the hour today for every individual. The number of applications and uses of the internet have gripped our society, making it the most powerful communication tool in the history of mankind. The influence of the internet can be observed through stats as well, according to which, almost 4.66 billion people are active users of the internet; this makes up almost half of the world’s population. This is a very big number considering the fact that in the early stages, the internet was a technology restricted to only a few high-profile organizations including governmental departments, armed forces, and corporate firms. The Internet has been through a long journey and faced constant testaments of time to come to the point at which it stands today. While other competing forces like telephones have almost become obsolete, the internet is still going strong with no signs of stopping.

Internet in the Modern Era

Looking at our world today, we see a hint of internet everywhere. No matter the object, this is the age of the Internet of Things. The IoT is a concept that tells that the internet has manifested itself into gadgets and basically tangible objects, transcending to a new level from just an insignificant intangible service. This is exactly what we are witnessing today. The concept of “smart devices” is the manifestation of the phenomenon of the Internet of Things.

Devices like smartphones, smart watches, smart TVs, smart home automation, and monitoring systems become practically worthless without the internet. It won’t be wrong to say that the “smartness” of these devices comes through the internet. Apart from that, the whole foundation of AI, Neural Networks, and Machine Learning is based on the internet and without it, none of these technological marvels would exist.

We have already established the fact that the internet is not only a technological revolution in itself, but has also acted as a catalyst in the creation of many new concepts. All this has happened because the world has easy access to fast and cheap internet. However, it wasn’t the case always as the internet was considered a luxury back in the day and was very costly for an average person to afford. Moreover, the speeds were extremely slow. However, with time, the network technology has grown immensely with many stakeholders investing billions of dollars in infrastructure that eventually made the internet cost-effective, and over time, through the evolution of technology, we’ve achieved blazing-fast speeds as well.

Now, there is immense saturation in the internet service industry. That’s why many providers occasionally reduce costs and offer a discount in a bid to attract consumers. Keeping in view of this trend, there are offers like Spectrum deals that deliver amazing discounts on high-speed internet.

Why High-Speed Internet Has Become a Necessity?

The importance of the internet is already evident in front of us but the current landscape demands a high-speed stable internet connection for day-to-day tasks and there are a couple of crucial reasons behind that. Gone are those days when a 56Kbps connection was something out of a dream world. The current modern trend has evolved a lot from those early days and now data is discussed in GBs and TBs, even something so casual like images is in MBs. People have adapted to do heavy-duty workings on the internet and with the ongoing pandemic, this trend has skyrocketed even further. Since the activities like work from home, online classes, streaming, and online gaming take a huge chunk of data, that is why to perform all these tasks adequately, a fast internet connection is required.

It is important to note that very crucial things like people’s jobs and educations have become dependent on the internet now. Video conferencing is the go-to tool for online classes and in work from home scenarios. On the other hand, professional gaming is a thing now, which is entirely based on the internet and even a small speed bump or connection issue can change the tide of the game. Similarly, streaming is also at a peak during lockdowns, which is also a bandwidth-consuming activity. All these are high data consuming activities and nowadays, all of these activities are done simultaneously, because most family members are present in the house due to outside restrictions and all users use the same connection for all of these different activities, which might hamper the overall speed of the internet.

Tips to Improve Slow Internet

Since most people face slow internet issues due to various reasons, the best possible solution to this is to upgrade your existing internet plan in order to improve the speed. However, this is also a fact that many people are going through a financial crisis as well due to the current situations and global recession. In wake of this, we have formulated this article so we can guide people on how they can somewhat improve their home internet speed without spending too much. Here are a few handy tips that anyone can apply.

Updating Firmware

This is the most cost-effective solution on this list. Sometimes, outdated operating systems are the reason why your internet is acting weird. Resetting and installing a new and updated firmware always helps because not only does it clear up space occupied by unnecessary files but also new software comes with improvements like speed optimizations and bug fixes. So, make sure to always keep your device’s software updated whether they are computers, smartphones, modems, or Wi-Fi routers.

Switching to Cables

This might sound odd to some as most people are used to the wireless internet lifestyle. However, switching back to cables can give an immense boost to internet speed. This tip is especially for those who spend most of their time doing video conferencing, streaming, or online gaming as the most common problem they encounter is either lag or buffering. Also, in scenarios when the majority of users are wirelessly connected to the internet, the bandwidth isn’t divided properly. It’s a problem that can be solved by using the internet through Ethernet cables.

Replacing Equipment

This solution might cost you a bit but keep in mind that this is a one-time cost as reliable equipment lasts long and doesn’t need changing that often. This fix is also for people who can’t switch to cables, as outdated modems and Wi-Fi routers may cause speed throttle, or the signals may become weak and increasingly prone to interferences. This is something that can be fixed by replacing your Wi-Fi router to get better connectivity and extended coverage thus positively impacting the speed.


Internet connectivity is an important need of today, and that too, a fast internet, due to the user trends and high-end activities performed over the web. Plus with most families using a single connection for all of their internet needs simultaneously may cause speed problems. Since high-speed internet is so crucial, we have developed this list of some easy-to-adopt practices that can be applied to increase the internet speed without spending too much.

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