4 High-Yield OSRS Thieving Methods

There comes a point in the skilling process where it inevitably slows down. Although the rates differ when you’re lower or higher leveled, it sometimes isn’t enough to keep the pace of your previous progress. This is especially true for those leveling from 90-99, as you need millions of XP to get there. In comparison, you only need about a thousand to get to level 10. With that in mind, here are some high XP per hour methods that may also give good OSRS gold yields.

4 High-Yield OSRS Thieving Methods


Pickpocketing Tzaar-Hur is one of the best AFK Thieving methods on this list. Like the Ardougne Knights, you can lure one into a safe spot where they will be stuck forever. At that point, you can just spam the pickpocket option until you need to bank.

You need a Fire Cape to access this part of the Tzaar City where they are, and Ice Gloves to keep your hands from getting burnt. Without the latter, you’ll get damaged by about 4 every time you pickpocket. To get the best gains from this method, you should be at least 90-99 Thieving and have done the hard Ardougne Diary Challenges. This process is quite challenging and there’s a high chance to fail. You’ll need all the help you can get. You can also bring along a Gem Bag for all the gems you can get.

Thieving XP yield: about 240k-260k per hour

OSRS gold selling gems profits: up to 600k per hour (buy Uncut Onyx with the Tokkul you get, then sell them)

Dorgesh-Kaan Rich Chests

WIth at least 78 Thieving and a Lockpick, you can loot the Dorgesh-Kaan Rich Chests. You need to do the Death to the Dorgeshuun quest first to do so. All you have to do is to pick an area with two chests, loot the chests then hop worlds. Repeat as much as you want.

There are two rooms with two chests next to each other. One is somewhere in the northwestern part of the second floor. There’s another on the northeastern part of the third floor. There might be some competition with these chests, so be prepared to keep hopping.

You’ll get some random loot, the most valuable being the uncut gems. The rest aren’t too valuable, but can still be sold for some OSRS gold.

Thieving XP yield: about 190k-240k per hour, depending on your efficiency

OSRS gold selling gems profits: up to 300k per hour with high efficiency

Knights of Ardougne

You may start with this method as soon as you reach level 55 Thieving. However, the best XP yields for this method comes around at level 80-90. You have the option to lure a knight yourself or find someone already splashing a knight for an easy time. There is a channel (thievinghost) and a world (378, unofficially) you can go to for help with this process. You don’t need to focus on your screen for this method, giving you a chance to multitask on some other activity.

Since all you get are coin pouches in this process, you don’t have to keep on banking. You can just open all of your pouches and continue pickpocketing.

You get 50 OSRS gold by pickpocketing these knights. If you start leveling through this method from 55 up to 99, you’ll be able to get about 15M gold, but it’ll take a long time.

Thieving XP yield: 80k per hour at level 55, 250k per hour at level 90+

OSRS gold yield: variable depending on equipment and success rate


After completing The Feud, as soon as you hit Thieving 44, you can use this method. However, it gives the best rates at 45-49, 65-91, and 99+. What you have to do is to lure a bandit to a safe spot, knock them out with a blackjack, and pickpocket them twice. Repeat the last two steps until you’re at the desired level.

Of course, you can still fail and the bandit turns aggressive. You can reset it through several ways, though the simplest is to just climb a ladder. With this, luring a bandit to a house with a ladder is quite convenient.

At any rate, this is one of the fastest ways you can level up Thieving, though you’ll need intense focus to keep up a steady rhythm. It can also be the most troublesome since you need to prepare many things and remember many tips. There’s keeping your inventory full to avoid getting stunned. You also have to remember to turn off auto-vial smashing to keep your full inventory. Then there’s knowing which places are great spots to lure guards in.

Thieving XP yield: up to 270k per hour at level 99+

OSRS gold yield: variable, depending on equipment and type of bandit you targeted


As for your Thieving equipment, a full set of Rogue equipment will always benefit you. Get it from the Rogue’s Den mini-game. It can’t be traded, so you can’t use your OSRS gold buying it. Nor should you buy OSRS gold to get it. You get double the loot you pickpocket if you wear it for any of these methods. The exception is when pickpocketing Tzaar-Hur, as you need the Ice Gloves to prevent lowering your HP. That lowers your chance to get twice the loot a little, but that’s alright.

The type of Blackjack you have also doesn’t matter for the process. The only differences are the attack boosts you get, which doesn’t matter if you’re only using it to knock out NPCs.

A Dragon Spear will be useful in getting Knights and Tzaar-Hur into their trap spots. The Dodgy Necklace will also help you prevent stuns, though you’re going to need many. They only last for 10 charges before crumbling to dust.

And that’s the end of this guide. With these methods, you’ll be able to get to 200M XP in Thieving, as well as enough coins to sell OSRS gold. Have fun skilling!

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