How Can Parents Monitor Instagram?

Technology has transformed the lives of everyone, including kids. Most children above 13 years have access to Instagram and the internet on the whole. Unhindered access can be dangerous for your innocent ones.

If you have concerns about your child’s doings on the internet, you should take appropriate actions. We have compiled a list of apps you can use to view your child’s instagram

Why Should You Monitor Instagram?

There are several reasons why we advise parents to monitor their children’s Instagram accounts. Some of the reasons are:

To curtail social media addiction – children are becoming increasingly addicted to the internet. Regulating the time children spend online is important so that they don’t neglect their other activities.

Improper use of the internet and Instagram access. Unregulated access to Instagram could evolve into unruly behaviors like bullying. By monitoring your child’s Instagram, you can discover if they are a bully or being bullied.

Monitoring your child’s account is important. Some of their friends may be pressuring them to use drugs or engage in other illegal activities.

It helps you keep inappropriate content from them. You can block inappropriate content and help keep your child safe from online sexual predators.

How Can I Choose an Instagram Spy App to Monitor My Kids?

Spying software allows you to keep an eye on your child’s activities on Instagram. With the high rate of inappropriate content and undesirable influence on Instagram, you must monitor your child’s account.

Here are some things to bear in mind while selecting a spy software

Price of Subscription – some spy apps are more expensive than others. You should choose one within your budget.

Spy App Features – some apps come with added features that may come at an increased price. What is most important is choosing the app that has the features you need.

Installation – choose a spy app that is easy to install.

Device Compatibility – select an app that is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. Doing this affords you a bit of flexibility.

What are Some Apps Parents Can Use to Monitor Instagram?

There are a lot of inappropriate content and risk your teen is exposed to us each day. To reduce your child’s exposure to these risks, parents must employ the use of spy apps. There are a number of these spy software you can use to monitor your child’s Instagram use.

 Some of this software may allow you to restrict your child’s Instagram use. Our favorite four apps for monitor Instagram are:

iKey Monitor

This spying software is reliable and comes with a free trial. The app gives you control over what your child has access to. The app is compatible with Android OS and iOS.


  • It can be installed in the desired device secretly
  • The app is user-friendly and allows you to place restrictions on pages and sites you don’t want your kid accessing.
  • It takes screenshots of Instagram photos, videos, and pages your child tries to access.
  • With iKey app, you can see key logs and strokes as your child types.


The subscription fee is 50 dollars per month.


Spyic monitoring app is one of our best Instagram hidden spying apps. It is designed to allow you to monitor your teenager’s Instagram easily. Read this post. 


  • Spyic comes with an inbuilt location tracker. The tracker allows you to keep tabs on where your kid is at all times.
  • It allows you to extract and ‘s messages regardless of if they were deleted. Checking their messages helps you identify when predators are trying to move in on them; it also tells you the kind of friends they keep.
  • The spyic app allows you access to your child’s call log. 
  • You can see photos stored on your child’s device easily. You can even download some of them.

Cost of Spyic Subscription

Spyic has three subscription plans. The basic, premium, and family subscription plans. These plans cost 30, 50, and 70 dollars, respectively.


The Flexispy app provides you with advanced spy features that can be used even without rooting the phone. These features allow you full access to your child’s Instagram account remotely. The keylogger is the focal point of this app.


  • It works better than many other spy apps. The key logger allows you to see keystrokes as your child enters them.
  • The app allows you to secretly record audio and video or events in your child’s immediate surroundings.  
  • The app works well on both Android OS and iOS.
  • The Flexispy extreme plan allows you to spy in different other ways.  

Subscription plans

As with Spyic, Flexispy offers you three subscription plans. The Lite plan costs (29.95 dollars), the premium plan (69 dollars), and the extreme plan (200 dollars).


FamiGuard soy app helps you do a whole lot more than just spying. It offers you parental control options to regulate your child’s surfing hours and limit what they access.


  • The parental control setting allows you to set rules for your teenagers. You get to control what they have access to and limit the hours they spend online. With the app, you can block your child’s access to certain pages.
  • The app gives you daily reports. These reports contain information on the activities of your children on the app.
  • The app comes with an inbuilt GPS to allow you to monitor your child’s whereabouts. It also lets you set a safe zone for your kids.  


It is important to monitor your child’s Instagram account to ensure their safety at all points. Spy apps provide a way for you to do this secretly. Some of the best spy apps for monitoring Instagram include iKey, Spyic, Flexispy, and FamiGuard. You can access these apps’ features by paying for a subscription plan.

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